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December 11 National Day of Tango!

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Tango National Day is celebrated on December 11 each year in Argentina.

It was established with the aim of highlighting the importance of tango in Argentina and culture in honor of the birthday of tango singer Carlos Gardel (1890 or 1887) and of an orchestra conductor Julio de Caro (1899) 84 more words

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You are now a Tango DJ

I can now rejoice in the glorious and glamorous description of Tango DJ.

My debut milonga set at the Belfast Tango Cafe was a nerve wracking affair with a few bumps along the road. 203 more words


Tango Classes with Diego Converti and Graciela Gamba

The last three months have been pivotal in my “Tango Story.”

While still struggling with this dance and trying to decide on whether to continue with the struggle or give up entirely, the unmissable Monday classes with Diego and Graciela have kept me coming back to Tango and may represent a vital chapter in that story. 177 more words


The Tango

With one arm resting snugly across the hollow on my lower back, and the other firmly gripping my dominant hand, I am seductively velcroed to you… 838 more words


we are tango! The most intimate tango show in Buenos Aires ...

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Is the most intimate tango show in Buenos Aires, It is the only exclusive show for 20 people, so everybody is in the front row. 187 more words


A place with more than two centuries of history “A stage where the echoes from other centuries do not disappear...

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#With two centuries of history…

In the year 1969, Edmundo Leonel Rivero turned it into a “Temple of Tango”, and from that moment onwards, … 280 more words


The biggest stage, a place built in 1910 with Italian materials only, luxurious and amazing: Sabor a tango.

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occupies the former Palazzo Rossini, the historic Societá Italia Unita premises, which was built entirely with materials shipped from Italy in 1878. 345 more words