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Banana & Mango salsa

Fruit is predominantly seen as something sweet or deserty. Personally I love adding fruit to savory dishes to make them tangy and delicious. Take this simple recipe for instance. 98 more words

Lemon Rice

Rice is something which is loved by many and at the same time is ignored by lot of people. Personally I am also not that fond of eating rice but noticed that in my surroundings the ratio of people preferring rice is more even my family is fond of it, if my mother fails to cook rice or lentils any day then it becomes a mess for everyone as they feel deprived of food and their hunger remains unsatisfied, so my mom was like thank God to nature we have got ‘RICE’, it releases me from burden of cooking all day long and helps keep my family stay full, that was the moment we realised that we should celebrate Pongol everyday and thank nature for its great offerings. 215 more words


Tangy Lemon Pickle

Handmade pickles are always the demanding pickles and reasons are very simple – we can trust the ingredients, we can trust the hygiene quality and moreover we all in love with that taste. 276 more words


Almond and Orange Cake

This new year’s eve, we were going to visit a friend in the neighborhood. As always happens, it strikes you at the last minute that you must take something after all it’s New year’s eve!   226 more words


Pickled Onions

Every since I was a little kid, I’ve loved pickled things. In fact, my Easter basket request often consisted of pickles, pepperoncini’s and potato chips instead of the usual chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs. 230 more words


Shimla Mirchi Salan / Bell Pepper tangy curry

I wanted to prepare a gravy dish that would go well with roti/chapati and even with rice/biryani as a side dish as I had some left over chicken biryani. 318 more words


American Chop-Suey

Happy New Year, fellow foodies. Let’s start this year with one of my favorite dishes. If you haven’t’ tried it, I urge to give it a try to this wonderfully tangy and sweet dish. 359 more words