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Coconut Chicken Lime Bites


So as promised I am posting a recipe from my meal plan. and this one is Gluten free and Paleo Friendly!!!!!  Which, I am a proud supporter of Vegan, Paleo, Vegetarian, and gluten free diet choices and I love making, creating, and finding recipes that cater to those who make those choices, but alas at the end of the day a BLT on Sourdough bread with sharp cheddar is the greatest food in the world. 170 more words


Chic peas Masala (Fusion style)

Hi Guys,

I am putting up this recipe due to popular demand from my Instagram followers. Chic peas is widely used in Indian and mediterranean cuisine. 299 more words


Mexican Cactus Tacos

Yes, cactus tacos! If you have never tried cooking cactus, you will be amazed at how delicious it is when cooked properly. I admit it, I was not a fan of cacti when I was a child but now it is a special treat that I only have once in a great while. 45 more words


Mackerel with tangy gambooge

Seafood and gambooge harmonize well with each other. Even if you’re not a big fan of piquant and biting flavor, the hint of gambooge in the dish will buy you for sure. 531 more words


All in One Salad with a Tangy Cream Cheese Salad Dressing

This salad is Perfect for Summer, or any time of the year, and complements any type of Entertaining.

At the Moment, We in South Africa… 504 more words


Tamarind Rice ! 

This is something my mom used to cook for me. I picked the liking from there, but have added few other things as per my taste. 291 more words


Paneer ke raang!

Tandoori paneer.  
Hope  everyone is doing well and must have welcomed winter! :)  So I am back and today I would like to share a very simple but very tangy recipe, as the name suggests ‘tandoori paneer,’full of flavour of tandoori spices and then grilled to that smokey effect.  295 more words

Bell Pepper