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avocado & orange salad

Life has been a whirlwind these last few months! I got engaged (wow I’m so excited about this I have to tell the Internet), we went on a few trips and have had several guests, and overall my house looks like a bomb went off in it and time is just flying by. 412 more words


Tangy Moroccan Meatballs

As a newbie blogger, I like to think I’m following all of the blogging etiquette rules out there. (Although honestly, I have no idea… I could be committing some blogger faux pas with every post for all I know… someone give us a heads up!) But one thing I do know – because it’s common sense for one – is that you don’t just copy and paste someone else’s content and share it verbatim as your own. 663 more words


Lemon Tart (II)

Goes to show how much I love lemon tarts, when I have a (II) for a recipe. Just wanted to make the tart shell recipe even simpler (only 3 ingredients!), and also wanted to avoid measuring eggs, so I modified the old one. 268 more words


a quick vinaigrette 101

Vinaigrettes are a stoner’s best friend. At their core, they’re just oil and vinegar shaken up until they get along. Like life itself, you can start with a simple, two-ingredient base and build on it until you get something freakishly distant from its ancestor but wonderful all the same. 203 more words



Strawberry Chutney

I love strawberries, and I love chutneys too.
In an attempt to make something “Out-Of-The-Box” using strawberries, I tried making chutney out of them and I am so happy that it came out to be super tasty and pleasantly different. 275 more words


Wicked Twisted Mustard

Once upon a time there was a huge store called Spags.

It had everything from Milamo cookies to a lug wrench.

Well it closed.

It was a very sad day. 134 more words