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R-6 looked up from the burnt-out husk of the car where it had been searching for viable parts, and looked over at the small Delivery Drone that had been its companion for 1,279 days now. 455 more words



Fabuland, one of LEGO’s frankly weirder themes, was not known for brutal war machines piloted by bloodthirsty critters. It was more about popping to the post office to say ‘hello’ to cheery Mr. 96 more words


Muzeum Susch Aims to Elevate the Visibility of Women Artists

A Ferrariā€™s purr away from the mink-clad glitz of St. Moritz and the swagger of Davos, something of a cultural revolution is afoot. Sitting in the heart of the Engadin region in Switzerland, the… 1,061 more words


Review: The Saudi-Iranian War

The Saudi-Iranian War

As my first Command LIVE scenario was a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, when I saw Ted Halstead’s The Saudi-Iranian War, 424 more words


1/144 Zvezda Flammpanzer

First time painting a tank and it’s a 1/144 from Zvezda. Very fun weekend build if you don’t mind injection points on the tracks to clean up. 49 more words

Sexton and Love Give Cavs Hope for Future

Photo Credit: HoopsHype

After an astonishingly bad start to the 2018-2019 season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have become…respectable? While the Cavs are still a dismal 17-53 for the season, there is a reason to be hopeful for next year and beyond about a return to contention for the Cavaliers. 300 more words