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Will I Get There? - #tanka

I tread a new path
Every step is uncertain
Will I stay on track?
If the goal is in your heart
You must be my chaperon… 30 more words


Two Tanka

04 Jan 2018 – Two Tanka

First lazy snowflakes

drifting sideways as they fall,

death-dealing feathers

filling eyes and moaning names

of every soul they’ve come for. 26 more words


‘Mystery’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge #Haiku #Tanka

‘Mystery’ @baffled # HaikuChallenge #Haiku #Tanka

“It’s a mystery!”

Sang Toyah Wilcox, back then;

What happened to her?

(It’s a mystery to me

But, I’m sure somebody knows.)


When the World Was Young - #tanka #haibun

When the World Was Young

I click ‘play’ on the screen, but it is more than music that pours out.  I am being drawn to a different time.  212 more words


new love

(tragic tanka)

I’m with my new love
an Australian shiraz
we get on so well
but it may not last for long
she has that empty feeling



Rudolph refuses
leading the sleigh on Yule Eve
good luck in that fog

he says to other reindeer
you just like my nose, not me



My Tanka Prose was published in Haibun Today’s December 2017 Journal. Many thanks to the editor, Janet Lynn Davis.

I love the way Haibun and Tanka Prose allow the combination of prose and poetry. 15 more words