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Yet Another Tanking Day

Yesterday I proceeded with my tanking. It was the third tanking night in my life, and it was Destructor’s Rise this time.

As I recall from my epic ring tome collecting being dps, it was the most complex wing save Archimonde. 361 more words

Hellfire Citadel

First Steps in Tanking

I think I have found myself a new fun in WoW, and it’s TANKING.

I’ve never tanked properly. I was completely lost at starting tanking experience with paladin and warrior. 308 more words


Don't Shoot the Messenger


I get it MCW.  Professional athletes have their pride and they have their egos.  Who wouldn’t grasp to their personal integrity when the job they are compensated very handsomely for is questioned repeatedly over and over with the same drone-like questions day after blasted day by the same columnists, reporters and correspondents?  1,193 more words


State of the Fuzzbutt

Wow. It’s been like 6 weeks since my last post. I knew the blog had gotten away from me a bit, but… Damn, sorry guys. 610 more words

Mogu'shan Vaults gear for Blood DKs

Now that Mogu’shan Vaults has been live for a couple weeks, and everything is out on LFR, I figured now was as good a time as any to put together the next gear list for t14 raiding. 736 more words

Hits and Misses of Cataclysm 5-mans

A guildie of mine was talking about bosses in 5-mans that were “pugbreakers”, and it kinda got me thinking about the various pugbreakers and cock-blocks throughout Cataclysm (especially early on in the pre-nerfed heroic 5-mans). 1,494 more words

Runeforging, and other things.

The other day, four Blizzard developers did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), similar to their twitter Q&As from a couple years ago. This allowed them to pick and choose through (what was undoubtedly) a mass influx of questions ranging from all topics. 730 more words