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OW - Vs Medium AI - Numbani With SnowPrincess

Hanging out with SnowPrincess again on the last free play weekend.



OW - Vs Medium AI - Oasis With SnowPrincess

For our next map, we headed out to Oasis for some more Overwatch practice with Snowprincess.

Yeah, we kind of dominated this one.



OW - Comp - Season 8 Another Ranked Run

With as well as the last one went, may as well see if I can continue to claw upwards.

We start off well with the strong communication. 28 more words


OW - Season 8 Placement 4

Hopefully this is the last match without sound for a while!

We’ll continue this catchup weekend with taking the group to Gibraltar.

It wasn’t a super great opening, but squishing a Mercy against the wall is always satisfying. 204 more words


OW - QP - Dorado Attack

Ride that payload train!

It’s strange watching pre-nerf Mercy insta rez people.

I couldn’t help start laughing in the recording at one point due to all the salt. 10 more words


OW - Quick Play - Temple of Anubis Attack

Don’t mind me, I’ll just stand here and get killed by Symmetra turrets. At least Mei noticed so I could protect their front while she took them out. 45 more words


Tanking Argus

My yesterday’s small raiding was covering up the un-killed yet bosses with Melaris, the Demon Hunter. And while she went in Havoc, as planned, something snapped when she entered Seat and got straight to Argus. 382 more words

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