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Haukke Manor Tanking Guide


Once used by Seedseers as a place for spiritual reflection and meditation, Haukke Manor was long frowned upon by the people of Gridania as a symbol of excess.

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Final Fantasy

Should the Reds Tank?

Last night the Reds defeated the Tigers 12-5 to snap a nine game losing streak and supplant our status as currently the fourth worst team in all of Major League Baseball record wise. 472 more words


The Ancient Art of Tanking

After twenty years in the pagan community, I have learned that each one of us holds a special place. For some, they become teachers sharing knowledge of their craft with a new generation of students. 381 more words


[ This Week in Tanking ] The Rites of Passage

I actually spent some time in the last week casually leveling up my Machinist in Final Fantasy XIV so I’ve spent more time with it than my tanks which, I must say, is a nice change of pace. 1,908 more words

Final Fantasy Xiv

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak Tanking Guide


Named after a man-eating creature from Padjali folklore, the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak was built on the site of a natural cave system beneath Silent Arbor.

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Did Gael Monfils tank his match in Cincinnati?

After losing a match in which he served balls as quickly as an out-of-control pitching machine, turned his back on his opponent during a rally and tried so many circus shots you’d have sworn both Ringling brothers were in the crowd, Gael Monfils was accused of tanking his opening rounder in Cincinnati to the struggling Jerzy Janowicz. 232 more words


What is Tanking? / Let's Tank

There isn’t a formal definition of “tanking” that I’m aware of.  The most obvious type of tanking goes on in  the NBA when teams deliberately play their worst players in order to lose games and obtain a higher draft pick.   747 more words

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