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Losing to Win: Why tanking will not become a trend in MLB

The east coast media’s latest obsession, is the dangers of teams “tanking” seasons and the resulting doom that will fall upon baseball, due to this harmful behavior. 1,216 more words

Stl Cardinals

Katsueki – the Sanguinary Champion

I could write pages and pages about my RP thought process. Katsueki is my actual blood death knight on live, and she’s one of my favourite characters. 1,015 more words

Death Knight

Enchants and Gems

Protection Warriors have a pretty wide variety of choices when it comes to their enchants and gems.  It really all depends on what stats you’re prioritizing. 306 more words

World Of Warcraft

Possible Tanking Fix #1

Fine the owner of a franchise 1 million dollars for any loses by 40 or more points. Each 10 points increases the fine by $250,000. Best part – half of the penalty money goes to the other teams’ players to split evenly, the other half to the local charities of the winning team. 8 more words

Tank Prevention


One important thing to remember about talents is that the vast majority of them are subjective.  When picking talents the first thing you should keep in mind is your personal playstyle and what fits for you (unless you’re trying to do frontline progression stuff, but even then a lot of it comes down to how you play and what you’re good at).   1,853 more words

World Of Warcraft

Stat Priority

Prot Warriors have roughly two distinct play styles in terms of what kind of gear you want to use.  This choice is the distinction between Critical Strike and Mastery.   358 more words


Rotation and Cooldowns

As I’ve mentioned before, the Protection Warrior rotation is all about using several abilities to build rage, and then spending that rage on abilities.  The main decision you’ll be making as a tank, is whether to spend your rage on defensive or offensive abilities.   625 more words