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Philadelphia 76’ers:  Its (Let's Not) Go Time!

For the Philadelphia 76’ers, training camp will be a time of adjustment. They’ll have so many new talented faces. Like Joel Embid, who if available for the draft this year would be in the conversation to go #1. 691 more words

2015 NBA Draft

The 76ers Will Be Scary

Most teams came into last night’s NBA draft lottery looking for the first or second overall pick; the 76ers were hoping for the third. And that is what they received. 170 more words

Fixing Tanking the Right Way

FiveThirtyEight hosted a contest to see who could find a solution to the tanking problem in the NBA. The problem is simple: teams are incentivized to perform badly during the regular season in hopes of getting a better draft pick. 324 more words

Slate's Tanking Reform Idea is Garbage

On Wednesday, Seth Stevenson submitted his idea for NBA lottery reform. It’s completely ridiculous and I have no idea how serious he is about it. Hopefully, it’s a joke that I’m just taking seriously, because it’s a disaster. 1,162 more words


Stopping a Tank: Fixing the NBA Draft

 – By Rachel Joyce

Did you know the NBA Draft Lottery was put into place to prevent teams from tanking? Prior to 1984, the NBA draft order was decided much like most leagues, the worst record gets the number one pick. 815 more words



In most sports, the draft is the easiest and most efficient way to build a franchise for the future. We have seen teams like the 2012 Washington Redskins go from one of the worst teams in the NFL to a playoff team in one year after drafting QB Robert Griffin III. 603 more words


Titanic Heralds

Completing something and earning a reward always carries a strong sense of satisfaction.   But when you complete something, and it was hard, and it took time, and it took effort, that satisfaction is greatly increased.  1,278 more words

World Of Warcraft