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Last week, Buffalo Sabres fans got an earful for showing a little too much enthusiasm for their team’s loss to the Arizona Coyotes, which presumably improved their chances of getting the top pick in this summer’s draft. 146 more words


INBOX: The Lows and Highs of the Timberwolves' Stank-Tank and Rick Adelman vs. Flip Saunders

The Lows and Highs of the Wolves’ Stank-Tank

Andy G: You and I are in complete agreement on the initial question of whether the Timberwolves are (and have been) tanking, this year. 1,859 more words

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Everyone Calm Down........ Tanking Is Nothing New To Buffalo!

The year was 1968; the Bills were the worst team in football after winning back to back AFL championships in 1964 and 1965 and losing to the Chiefs in the 1966 championship game. 759 more words

Buffalo Bills

Are the Minnesota Timberwolves Tanking?

With a 16-55 record and the season nearing a close, the word “tanking” is thrown around the league quite a bit. Are the Wolves losing on purpose? 226 more words

Minnesota Timberwolves

National Post View: Tanking the national game

Recently the National Post‘s Scott Stinson argued that something needs to be done about “tanking” in North American professional sports — specifically in the National Hockey League. 791 more words

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Saunders flips over 'tanking' accusation from Jazz broadcasters

VIDEO: Wolves defeat Jazz with limited roster

“Tanking” has become a buzzword in the NBA, and a regrettable one at that. It’s a too-widely embraced, wink-wink term for teams that sorta-kinda allegedly do as much as they can to lose games – or as little as they can to win them – without stepping over a line of integrity that would drop the league to the level of professional wrestling. 675 more words

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Adam Silver Discusses Fixing The Schedule And Increasing The Age Limit

The NBA continues to soar in terms of popularity, but that does not mean it’s a perfect product. Back-to-back games, 4-games-in-5-nights and nonsensical travel schedules continue to wear down players and can cause fans to miss their favorite players. 860 more words