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Tanner Morrow Makes "History" in Advancing to State

By Amanda Crutchfield

Advancing to regionals in any field a great accomplishment, but to advance to state is something to be very proud of. Tanner Morrow, a sophomore, recently competed in the social studies written test for the Logan County Academic Team. 278 more words


STUDY: Teen Tan Ban Could Save 6,700 Lives a Year

A new study says banning teenagers from indoor tanning could be a life-saver.

Doctors say it could prevent 6,700 deaths a year from melanoma.

That’s the deadliest form of skin cancer. 56 more words


Tanner Post 5- Micro-Credit and Mali

Micro-finance is a very popular discussion in many emerging countires as its innovation allows impoverished people to take out loans to develop a business and begin their own personal savings. 943 more words


Tanner Post 4- Mali's Cheetah's and Low-Hanging Fruit

As explained in my previous post, a “cheetah” is a person or organization driven to energize their country and push forward in a more positive, efficient direction. 1,026 more words


Tanner Post #3 Africa's Nutritional Needs

Part 1:

In the beginning of Steven Radelet’s, Emerging Africa, there is a significant focus on the seventeen countries in Africa beginning to make sufficient progress in developing into stabilized countries. 1,137 more words


omg, michelle, michelle tanner, tanner Gif For Fun

omg, michelle, michelle tanner, tanner Gif for Fun at your Time


Please read all of this from top to bottom.                              This is my first blog post, and first publication of my thoughts.                              I'm Tanner Pregler.                                                                             I assure you that the picture (both literal and figurative) that Google associates to my name, and the digital footprint, that I myself am often ashamed of. This is my atempt at redemption, an attempt at displaying the me, that you would know if you knew me, rather than the me that you would assume I was. Yes I have had to struggle with a less than perfect life, trying to cope with losing the chance to truly enjoy a childhood. I was introduced to raging alcoholic, and addictive tendencys, at the age of nine, technically much earlier, but became emotionally, and cognitively, aware that there was some sort of reason that they were hurting themselves so, and that they insisted that that do the same thing every day, without fail. I have been an addict, since I was ten. And as a result I have a record that implies such. 

But then again growing up around highly massacistic, addiction fueled behavior, has given me many gifts.

  • One. There is no way that I could see both my step dad, live and die, for , alcohol benzodiazapines and money, and not know that each of the substances are deadly, but I knew that they were deadly, but could never know just what someone will do for money, and that makes any and everyone’s intent, motive, or what they are capable of.
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And Intent.