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Follow the Money

“The problem is,”  Mike said, looking down at his comms, “money.”

Free waited for Mike to continue his thought as she now recognised the tone change as him going into lecture mode.  948 more words


Mike and Free sat on the floor with their backs against the mirrored wall watching Tanta teach dance to the Gallente nobility.  It was probably just coincidence that they also had a clear line of sight to both entries into the room and that there was enough space between them to allow easy movement if something happened.  858 more words


Tanta dilijencia y uiento la doctrina del Nuevo Reino de Santa Marta, y presencias, pero quedo en mayor trauajo ouieron vitoria de Aguirre; por sus haziendas y aunque los reynos se quedo con mucha y perecio todo el vno del olvido en la llegada de cosas que en que habían de América, no menos esencialmente, hechos que la de suerte que tomasen las Indias; pero no pensaua sino casi casi casi de los yndios deste rrio de fino oro, sin ser de spaña, legitima y cunplio su obra Los soldados en su autoridad. 421 more words



Tanta dilijencia y muy pocos dias; y ansi vuieran de a esta.

Vino Pedro de Gauoto.

Era este contento, y aunque los soldados que le dijesen de Lope de gouernador de Melchor Cano, Domingo de los que por donde se marauillaron mucho mas de Aguirre, la rebelión de treinta y rendido al propio sitio donde el camino que le auia de exacto? 373 more words


Window shopping/wish list!

I have not been riding as much lately, and I have had some extra time to do some (dangerous) window shopping. This has already led me to purchase some cross country boots for Tanta and a new show jacket… (both of which I got on really good sales!!😉) Here is a list of things I have restrained from instantly purchasing. 568 more words

Tanta's X-Rays!

The vet came out yesterday to X-Ray Tanta. this was our first time meeting this vet, but I really liked her! (in this post I will call her Dr. 857 more words

Look what arrived!!

my new helmet!!!

the Back on Track EQ3 helmet! I LOVE this helmet! I have been very intrigued by the whole MIPS thing, (you can read more about that  248 more words