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Tantalizing Thursday: What's On My Face #1


What’s on my face today?

Since I’m heading out, I decided to blog about the make up I put on my face. Excuse my awkward face but the photo above also includes the products I have used today. 778 more words


Tantalizing Thursday

1. Outfits Based on Disney Characters

2. The Avengers Skirt

3. Jennifer Morrison’s Braid

4. Puppies

5. Jim vs. Dwight

6. Pretty/Unpretty

7. Aviators

8. Nail Art… 7 more words


Tantalizing Thursday

1. Carnival Rides

2. Robert Downey Jr’s Charm

3. Owls

4. Cute Finger Tattoos

5. Mindy Kaling’s Book

6. Jeffery Campbell Boots

7. John Krasinski’s Adorableness… 10 more words


Tantalizing Thursday

1. Old Record Players

2. Designer Cupcakes

3. Carrie Underwood’s New Album Art

4. Whatever This Place Is…

5. Flying Lanterns

6. Tim Burton & Johnny Depp Bromance… 14 more words


Tantalizing Thursday

1. Now That I’ve Found You

2. Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna

3. Joe’s Tweet

4. Cute Babies

5. Emma’s Red Leather Jacket

6. Yogurtland… 14 more words


Tantalizing Thursday

1. Plush Eeyores

2. This Music Video for Call Me Maybe

3. Perks of Being a Wallflower

4. Old Family Photos

5. Thinking Spencer is Somehow Involved with -A… 18 more words


Tantalizing Thursday: Week Five

Welcome to the Week 5 of Tantalizing Thursday! I am sooo excited to read your take on this weeks writing prompt.  Every week I will be posting either a photo or a phrase on Monday.  51 more words

Tantalizing Thursday