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There are many books on how to do magick, but not so many with stories about actually doing it and what happens.
NakedTantra lays bare the inner states of the two brave souls involved in this extended magical work. 2,412 more words

Kundalini development through getting help from Corona (Covid-19); The incident of the Tabligi Jamaat Markaj in the Nizamuddin-Masjid, New Delhi; A Spiritual-Psychological Analysis

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चण्डिका दण्डक स्तोत्रम्-Chandika Dandak Stotram


ॐ नमः श्रीचण्डिकायै

ऊं ऊं ऊं उग्रचण्डं च चकितचकितं चंचला दुर्गनेत्रं

हूँ हूँ हूंकाररूपं प्रहसितवदनं खङ्गपाशान् धरन्तम्।

दं दं दं दण्डपाणिं डमरुडिमिडिमां डण्डमानं भ्रमन्तं 218 more words


बुद्धकपालतन्त्र- Buddha Kapal Tantra


9  अथातः संप्रवक्ष्यामि चर्यापटलं सुदुर्लभम्।

येन योगी कुरुते सर्व चर्या अत्यन्तवराङ्गना॥१॥

अष्टसिद्धिसमायुक्ता पश्चाच् चर्यां समारभेत्।

यद् यत् सत्त्वाः सिद्ध्यर्थिनो तां तां दापयेत् सदा॥२॥

करे कपालं गृहीत्वा चर्या भ्रमते व्रती। नग्नो मुक्तशिखो भूत्वा यत्र तत्र यदा तदा। एवं चर्या सदा कर्तव्यम्॥३॥ 1,939 more words

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Inductive Reasoning

(3.11) Inductive reasoning is a process of the objective mind in which we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that gives rise to them all. 214 more words

Vegan Final Exam

“We are still here,

In the Vegan,

Existential moment,

And so there is no need,

To comment on our past classes,

At this our 18th and last class. 576 more words