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An elderly woman practices faking an orgasm as news breaks of the latest govt proposal.

With fuel prices seemingly spiraling out of control and a growing number of elderly people struggling to meet the cost of heating their homes, the Home Office has issued guidelines on how Britain’s growing population of pensioners can cheaply and effectively guard against the ravages of hypothermia this coming winter. 429 more words


You're Fucking All Wrong

Tantra is said to be the exploration of sexual energy. It is the practice that sexual acts can connect you and your partner to the highest power. 718 more words


Mastering the Art of Tantric for the Lonely and Confused

 art by mike shinoda

Happy autumn daze, my precious kittens, fleeting fuckboys, and annoying mosquitoes! I will miss scratching all of your bites when I’m holed inside hibernating in the winter. 2,060 more words

Handy Hints

Tantric sex - a valid path to transcendence?

With the darkness slowly dissipating I thought I’ll try my hand for Ravished for life and venture into the controversial.

Well not really controversial.  Since I am neither a sexologist nor a scholar on comparative religion this should obviously be taken with the necessary reservations in place. 4,234 more words

Ravished For Life

Anyone can have sex... but few have GREAT sex

Anyone can have sex. Most people can have good sex. But few people ever had or will have GREAT sex. Few ever experience mind blowing, paralyzing sex… activating the entire body, at the highest vibration, where two energetically merge and become one. 165 more words

Relationships - Love

IE Audio 15 : The Sting

An early shot. Written when I was working for my brother (Nibs) as his pub blogger and trying my darndest to subvert the medium whilst still staying within the brief. 24 more words

Doug Thorp

Edging (the edge of your glory!!)

What on earth is edging you ask?

When we do our live show Justin is often asked how he is able to cum on demand and Jody how he can last so long… … 441 more words

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