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New to Tantric Sex? Here are 3 Tips for Your Sexual Enlightenment

Many of us aim to satisfy our partner when we’re making love. We want to bring our lover and ourselves, to climax. What if we let go of expectations and manipulations and really enjoyed each moment? 276 more words

Tea Interval 2

Once again, I’m a bit too busy writing articles on tea – today I’m writing about Kava tea and Kombucha tea – but I just wanted to take a brief moment to share a beautiful quote from Thomas Cleary’s Translation of the Taoist text ‘The Secret of the Golden Flower': 123 more words


Tea Interval

Hey guys. Very sorry that I haven’t done much over the last few days – I’ve been very busy writing articles about tea for an employer.It’s been marvelous fun, and I’ve learned many interesting facts that have only bolstered my love for this holy beverage that is so central to my life. 147 more words


Tantric Sex For Beginners!

If you’re like most Americans, chances are good that you have preconceived notions about tantric sex. Many dismiss it as the domain of new-age hippies who wax poetic about chakras and life force. 468 more words

Ooh...Ohh...Orgasmic Spirituality.

Let’s define the ooooh…oh…mmmh…

According to orgasm experts, an orgasm can be likened to the crescendo climax and sudden stillness achieved by an orchestra of human emotions, an explosion of tensions much like sneezing. 509 more words

Massage: Why I Prefer Outcalls.

Well, hello there :-)

I enjoy catering to a specific niche, and that would be traveling, professional gentlemen visiting Toronto on business, pleasure or a little of both.

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VIP Ebony Escort


What better way to mark April Fool’s Day than by commemorating one of the wittiest and most daring of practical jokes, one perpetrated by Aleister Crowley in those brilliant years before drugs and/or self-delusion fogged his mind. 1,368 more words

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