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Taoist Tantra Positions

Swallows with Hearts United, or Flying Dragon
White Tiger Pounces
Monkey’s Attack, or Roc Soars over Sea
Clinging Crickets
Turtle Rising, or Twisting Dragon
Phoenix Soaring… 33 more words

Beautiful sex, beautiful life

I’ve been bursting to write to share my recent tantra experience, but I wanted to let my life settle back fully into it’s regular routine so I could judge how much of an impact it has actually made on me. 1,215 more words


Something Jas Would Say...

My friends and lovers have told me on occasion that I remind them of Olivia Pope; not sure why?? But, thanks! Not to mention my secret (well not so secret anymore) fascination and slight addiction of politics; especially in the United States. 124 more words

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On The Topic of Reviews: It's Just Not My Style

As you may or may not know, I do not actively engage in the review culture. It is a personal decision of mine for quite a few reasons, but one mainly being I truly believe that what happens between two mature adults behind closed doors should stay private and should be approached as a cherished memory shared between, and I’ll say it again, two consenting adults. 515 more words

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Taoist Tantra - the First Review

This book is a pleasure to read and a pleasure to put into practice. It is a helpful guide to exploring Taoist Tantra, whether for the first time or as a way of deepening your practice, with storytelling to draw you in. 169 more words

Better Sex

D.I.Y. Tantra (Where is Now? Haiku #5)

I’ve been practicing
Tantric sex. I can fuck for
9 hours… with myself.



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There’s nothing more that irks me when I hear someone say: “she’s a slag.” The word itself sounds abrupt, harsh to the ear and immediately conjures up a mental image of the disgusted face that you pull when you’ve accidentally stepped in dog excrement. 908 more words