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The Eccentric Family Season 2 Series Review: How Much Trouble Can One Tanuki Get Into?


As I went to write this, it occurred to me that I have yet to actually review season 1 of this show so I really must bump that up my priority list given reviewing season 2 without season 1 just seems odd. 930 more words

The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 12


Pretty sure I’d given up expecting a Nidaime/Benten face off and yet that’s what we get this week after Benten ‘allows’ Yasaburo to crash the flying bus straight into Nidaime’s home. 457 more words

2007: Japan trip, day three

On our third day of our first trip to Japan, we did the Arashiyama walking tour. We explored the Japanese countryside on foot, seeing the bamboo forest, lots of mossy-roofed houses, and beautiful nature. 84 more words


Monday Morning Reset [06/26].

A strange but lovely thing happened this morning: I slept in to my alarm. For the past week or so, I’ve been waking up well before my alarm clock, a strange phenomena that has me going to bed a little bit earlier each night, which makes my body naturally awaken after a certain amount of time, even if that means earlier than I’d like. 692 more words


The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 11


It is all happening this episode with all of the many little plots coming together fantastically for what looks like a great ending next week (or whenever I get to see it). 233 more words

The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 10


This show continues to charm with its pleasant character interactions and exchanges even while it drops some pretty big bomb shells in this episode. Things have been heating up for a while and a lot of the plot threads have started to come together but now we get the big revelation for this season and it is definitely matching up with the expectations season 1 gave us. 288 more words

The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 9


This show continues to demonstrate it really understands the bonds between its characters and it is that spiderweb of relationships and the stain that gets put on certain strands that makes this episode great. 290 more words