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Don't cry! It's not your wedding.

I said this to at least 2 crying guest girls before my wedding. I don’t remember why they cried, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. Another damned wedding dream in which everyone’s so happy, except for me. 994 more words


Pom Poko

Hail our Irradiated Japanese Gods. When a movie costs children’s souls you know it’s a good time. Marking the end of Ghibli’s Golden Era (I would argue), Tanuki take the stage in an attempt to explain to kids what the human parasite is. 91 more words


Rainy Weekend and Garden Thieves!

I hope you had a good weekend, despite the cold, wet weather!  I didn’t do a whole lot this weekend.  I mostly hung around with the pupster and went for a bike ride.  125 more words


Get Pickled: Where to Eat Fermented Foods in Portland Right Now

Recently, some scientists discovered a potential link between eating fermented foods and decreased social anxiety. This seems like a real win-win situation for everyone. Here’s where to get your pickle fix in PDX right now: 251 more words

Bathtub Blogs

I am writing to you from the bathtub. Is this abnormal? I have an excuse, I am two glasses down on a bottle of my red wine,and my wine packs a punch.I am kind of thirsty though… I spilled too much Epsom salts into the bath and my eyeballs are burning. 509 more words


Racoon Azuki Buns

I was reading about Tanuki Racoon Dog a few days ago, was fascinated by how this folklore mammal has been deified in Japan as a governing deity of all things in nature (including fertility, protection, purity, trust, etc) and til this day , I still see them in some of the temples in Japan. 434 more words

Little Bentos

Tanuki woodcuts

I made these woodblock prints while in college. Originally, I designed it to be a triptych, with the middle print a composite of the two other images, but it didn’t work out. 59 more words

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