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Max and the Raccoon-Dog

Apropos of nothing, let’s talk about raccoon-dogs.

To start, here is a photo of Max sitting on our hearth next to a picture of himself and two statues of the famous Japanese raccoon-dogs known as… 832 more words


The Eccentric Family 2 Episode 6


I don’t know how the Nidaime fits in yet but I do know that if we wanted to start seeing some of the plot threads of this fairly meandering show come together, episode 6 was a good turning point. 225 more words

Giant Flowers

I bought some flowers with the intention of creating flower boxes, but I misread the listing (I thought the unit of measurement was centimeters, it was actually inches.) So, the villagers now have giant flowers! 18 more words


The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 4


This is another of those rambling episodes where lots happens but it is difficult to know what if anything will be important later (though someone those final few minutes must be because I did not see that twist to the final game of shogi). 207 more words

Don’t try to be a profit prophet

(Toranu tanuki no kawa zan’you; “Calculating the pelt of an uncaught tanuki”)


Making over-optimistic calculations. Building unreliable assumptions into your plans for the future. 295 more words


The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 3


Yasaburo loves trouble. This we learned during season 1 of The Eccentric Family. However, in this episode he seems to be inviting it from every direction imaginable. 249 more words

The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 2


It’s weird in that this episode felt incredibly slow paced at times and yet when thinking back it covered a lot of content. We had the non-duel between the tengu, where  Akadama was only spared falling completely to the ground because Yasaburo caught him. 290 more words