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Tanuki - Cheating or Design Technique?

Wikipedia defines Tanuki Bonsai as a technique where a living tree is joined to an
interesting piece of deadwood to create a composite in the… 664 more words

Ponsuke Nori Wheat Crackers - Bonchi

Im a little hesitant about todays treat, and that because its savoury. I’ve found that Japan’s savoury items are a little hit and miss to the western pallette. 230 more words


Raccoon Dogs. For Real.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all–in my line of work, I can say that and mean it–along comes a new species of animal. New to me, anyway. 104 more words


Family Time

Before I get to the main point of this post, I have a tiny announcement (aka shameless plug): My dad recently started a blog! He’s a little funny (wonder why I’m a little funny?), so his blog is, too. 545 more words

Idiocy Sometimes Leads to Fun?


I discovered that the Tanuki is a real animal.

I realize this sounds, well…idiotic. However, when I saw my first Tanuki statue and I asked my friends what it was they simply said it was a “tanuki.” … 609 more words


Big, drunk and furry—Everything you need to know about tanuki (plus a song about their balls!)

See this tanuki? Aren’t his balls cute? Welcome to Japan, where raccoon-dog genitals are universally admired. 1,200 more words