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Some tanuki in line on a random street in Tokyo.

What I really “regret” (I try not to use that word, ever) about my trip to Japan, besides not having staying there for a few years, is that I didn’t took any of my analogue cameras with me… at the time it seemed wiser to travel only with the digital one and my Fuji 210, but now… I kind of miss the analogue photos I didn’t take… *sigh* Anyways, when I come back (because of course I’m going to come back), I’ll take an analogue camera with me. 115 more words


Female Japanese tanuki racoon dogs get a chance to shine in new lineup of gacha capsule toys

Male raccoon dog statues are often displayed with their large, uh, family jewels outside Japanese eateries, but soon female tanuki will shine with a different set of… 226 more words


For The Ages - Characters

This is a small section to just touch on some of the characters who will appear in this short story series, and while some main ones, for now, have been hidden, most of the main cast is present and detailed below. 534 more words


Getting Lost with Mushrooms

No sooner had Link chopped down a single bush to enter the Mysterious Woods than he is accosted by the prophetic Owl. It seems the omnipotent bird has more to say to our displaced hero on the matter of leaving this paradise prison: 842 more words

Legend Of Zelda

Tanuki - The Confusing Canine

Sometimes confused with a raccoon or badger, this small mammal is actually related to wolves, foxes and domestic dogs. Seen as a magical trickster in Japanese folklore, the Tanuki is the only member of the canid family that hibernates in winter and is sometimes referred to as Raccoon Dogs for their physical appearance. 27 more words


35mm Memories: Okinawa, Japan

I just received a couple of film photos I took while travelling in Okinawa, Japan for the first time.  Unfortunately, my camera broke while on the trip, so This is all I got, but fun times in Okinawa regardless!  Happy Viewing!