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Tanuki - The Confusing Canine

Sometimes confused with a raccoon or badger, this small mammal is actually related to 66 more words


35mm Memories: Okinawa, Japan

I just received a couple of film photos I took while travelling in Okinawa, Japan for the first time.  Unfortunately, my camera broke while on the trip, so This is all I got, but fun times in Okinawa regardless!  Happy Viewing!

Những gia đình ấn tượng trong manga - anime

Không biết nên khởi đầu như nào nữa, nhưng chung quy là mình xem anime và đọc manga thì mình thích không khí gia đình lắm, gia đình càng đáng yêu, càng nhí nhố mình càng thích, mà gia đình bình yên, dịu dàng mình cũng rất ưng. 1,301 more words



In Kyoto ‘Tanuki’ is a thick cornstarch broth style of udon or soba.

This is Tanuki soba at Tagoto soba restaurant on Shinkyogoku street.

This restaurant has continued over 100 years, since the Meiji era–over 3 generations. 68 more words


Taste of Itoigawa; Yotsukado Bakery

At the recommendation of my host Igarashi-san, we popped into Yotsukado (Four corner’s) Bakery, just across the corner from the main shopping area. The signs are a bit modest, and at first glance I would have never guessed it was a bakery. 212 more words


Pom Poko (1994)

The Japanese animation empire Studio Ghibli (most closely associated with the brilliant work of Hayao Miyazaki) is an intimidating force from the outside looking in. I’m familiar with the bigger works like… 1,116 more words

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