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Big, drunk and furry—Everything you need to know about tanuki (plus a song about their balls!)

See this tanuki? Aren’t his balls cute? Welcome to Japan, where raccoon-dog genitals are universally admired. 1,200 more words


ARC Review: The Night Parade by Kathryn Tanquary

Middle grade supernatural Japanese culture and folklore-inspired! Yeesh, that was a mouthful. But can I just say how much I adored the fact that there was a kitsune and a tanuki and a tengu in this book? 968 more words


Raccoon Dogs

Good evening, Kathy. It’s Thursday.

Today, while playing a card game with the teenagers, we started talking about Hayao Miyazaki films. We all agreed on our favorites, including Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Nausicaa of the Winds, and My Neighbor Totoro.   227 more words

Real Life

Tanuki teamwork! Japanese raccoon dogs’ cuddly communal nap is too cute to miss 【Photos】

During these crisp, cool days of autumn, the leaves are changing color to vibrant reds and yellows. Along with that change in the scenery comes a shift in fashion, as people step out in sweaters, coats, and other cold-weather attire. 224 more words


Super Weekend Part 3: Carry that weight… and the get free drinks and food

Photos are taking a bit to come out from the event staff, but I’ve got a few. I’ll either make another post and edit this one to add more pictures when they’re available. 1,090 more words


Camping at Tanuki Lake (田貫湖)

Silver Week is another long national holiday for Japan beside Golden Week. I got days off from September 21st-23rd which makes it 5 days including weekends. 1,716 more words


The Origin of the Super Mario Bros. Tanooki Suit

It’s a raccoon! It’s a dog! No, it’s a raccoon dog!
The raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides), also called tanuki, is a very strange little canine that sports a black bandit mask, a wonderfully fluffy coat, and short, stubby legs. 920 more words