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Employment is a good option........at list for now

So I sent out my CV to a few companies around town well I desperately need to make some money I also need this for my start up but this does not mean I will stop with my start up dreams this will actually push me more towards my dream someone told me do whatever it takes to reach your dreams as long as its legal and ethical of course, so yeah it’s time for me to be employed once again and save up. 267 more words

Bald to Beautiful

I first became interested in henna when I lived in Zanzibar. Weddings and other celebrations involved lavish henna application to hands, arms, legs and feet.  138 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Strange Hands in a Strange Land

Her small  hands are covered in freckles, and a dusting of dry skin fills in the deep cracks edged in her nimble hands. Without the dead covering her hands would look like the sharp dunes of the Thar Desert. 589 more words


TANZANIA, Hope International School

We welcome the drawing to represent the young people of Tanzania in the 2016 Schools’ International Peace Quilt project.

This design is the winner from the schools contest and was created by Rylee Helbling, 7th Grader at Hope International School. 169 more words



Cholera – Iraq

WHO received notification from the National IHR Focal Point of Iraq of additional laboratory-confirmed cases of cholera.

As of 22 November, a total of 2,810 laboratory-confirmed cases of Vibrio cholerae 01 Inaba had been confirmed at the Central Public Health Laboratory in Baghdad, and only 2 deaths related to cholera were reported. 72 more words


Warrnambool Bookworms Fundraising for Kids

 Warrnambool book-lovers are quietly adding to a fundraiser champion’s tally to help the School of St Jude provide free education to children from the village of Meshonon, on the outskirts of Arusha city in Northern Tanzania.  957 more words