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May 22 - 28: On Maimanes and mining ministers

The ongoing concerns around Zambia‘s democratic integrity forced their way into South African headlines last week when Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane was refused entry to the country to attend the treason trial of his Zambian counterpart. 874 more words


Where the world began: Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Spectacular new safari camps in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania are changing the way we experience this prehistoric phenomenon.
Photos by Tom Parker

Dawn at Entamanu and the world seemed newborn. 43 more words



I was looking through old pictures of mine, and I remembered – Tanzania is possibly the most gorgeous place on the planet.

My parents, sister, and I went a couple years ago, and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. 13 more words


A Baptists Thinks Angels Speak Swahili

When you lived three days out from Nairobi or Dar es Salam, you better know two things about a car: #1 change a tire and #2 put gas/diesel in the back port. 106 more words


House of Peace

My first, and thus far only, experience on the continent of Africa is as a graduate student doing research with a think tank in Dar es Salaam.  1,083 more words



Here are a few quick stories.  I’m sorry this blog has not at all been what I expected, but I still want to keep you up to date better than I have been. 893 more words

Something About Africa

Across the border and onto the train


Apologies for the tardy post, but since we said goodbye to Malawi, time has raced by. After crossing the border into Tanzania, we spent five days waiting for a train in a city called Mbeya and did very little there other than play Yahtzee, drink coffee, and get depressed at our prospects (while this doesn’t sound like the kind of experience where time races by, it did, strangely). 566 more words