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Hope, Heart and Heat: New Mosaic Fellow's First Impressions

By Alex Bailey

I listened intently as my Building a Caring Community (BCC) colleagues Mori, Godson, Deo, and Johnson heatedly expressed their resentment about separate bathroom facilities for children who have disabilities. 716 more words


NOSTALGIA 60's STYLE - An African-Scottish Childhood - book review

A humorous, moving and life-affirming memoir of an ex-pat Scottish girl growing up in 1960s Africa. The daughter of a tea planter and agricultural adviser, Lucy was constantly on the move as her father’s work took the family to remote parts of Kenya and Tanzania at a time of political change and unrest. 101 more words


Africa/Tanzania 2016 Day 11

Today we were on our own. Our tour has officially ended but our flight doesn’t leave until 8:50pm. We asked Thomas if this was a normal time for people to be leaving, as it seems the airline is on a looped circuit between Amsterdam, Arusha, and Dar es Salaam and he assured us it was. 237 more words

Cross-cultural questions on gender-based violence: Hierarchy

A well-known egalitarian scholar once told me that the reason¬†Africans read hierarchical gender roles in the Bible is because they don’t have the theological scholarship that we do, so we need to go and educate them. 544 more words

Written By Tamie

Taking Home The Rarest Gem: The Tanzanite

Rare, exquisite and precious, The Tanzanite Stone makes for a perfect memento to celebrate for a lifetime. Buying a Tanzanite is a pride. Here is a special TIP guide to better your understanding about this exclusive stone from Tanzania. 305 more words


What's in a Health Clinic? UCU's new heights of global belonging - Corey Wright

Last month, on September 20th, the Sinya community celebrated the official opening of its Rural Health Clinic. Hearing about the event brought a lot of pride for me, knowing that UCU students were so integral to the project. 1,054 more words

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