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Beekeeping Cooperative


Two weeks ago, I got to go along with ZACCA (Zanzibar Civil Society Alliance on Climate Change) to visit one of the three cooperatives they work with. 174 more words

While In Tanzania


Time flies! I moved back to the US almost five months ago and have not been on Kabati La Kanga until now. But two very exciting things have recently happened to get me back. 187 more words


Mugabe is gone: what do Tanzanians say?

Last night Robert Mugabe finally gave his resignation to the Speaker of the Zimbabwe Parliament, and impeachment proceedings against him were stopped. This morning, I asked some local friends from our street what they thought about it. 299 more words

Written By Tamie

Tunes for Tanzania

Dear all,

Please allow me to share with you my biggest fundraiser yet to benefit the education and wellbeing of the Tanzanian children I’ll be visiting in the new year. 1,498 more words

Corruption matters

Travelling through Africa does not go without dealing with corruption, be it about small or big issues. Traffic officers, police men and their female counterparts are the most obvious people involved in those matters. 1,179 more words