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…but first, a yell from the kitchen!
‘What’s wrong?’ I called down the stairs.
‘They’re back,’ Dad 100 said.
I knew straight away. The pitter patter of tiny feet! 956 more words

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Return to the Tao - Verse 16: Returning

I’ve recently returned to reading the Tao Te Ching. There truly are few works as simple and profound as this terse yet tremendous tome. I thought the best way to write about it again would be to return to the section I wrote about first last time. 1,043 more words


Starting in Wuji- complete emptiness

At the beginning of each TaiChi class, we do a short standing meditation. Our instructor says, “Starting in Wuji- complete emptiness.” Physically this means that our tongue is off the palate, our sacrum is slightly tucked in, our chin is slightly tucked in, our knees are slightly bent, our arms are at our sides and slightly away from our body leaving the armpits open, and that, well, we are completely “empty.” 343 more words


Sharing The Void: Boundlessness In Allana Clarke's 'Notes On Belonging To Boundaries'

Our experience of bodies resides along a spectrum of envy and repulsion. René Girard observed that tragedies and comedies alike are driven by mimetic desire, a contagious wanting that drives all social relations. 1,112 more words



“There is nothing permanent except change.” 

– Heraclitus

Tomorrow I’ll be moving from sunny Long Beach, California to even sunnier Sevilla, Spain. As my departure date nears, the most common question I hear is, “Are you excited?” 795 more words