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XXIX - "Whoever lays hold of it will lose it"

Whoever takes the empire and wishes to do anything to it I see will have no respite. The empire is a sacred vessel and nothing should be done to it. 79 more words

Philosophy And Politics

XVIII - "The greatest cutting does not sever"

Know the male

But keep to the role of the female

And be a ravine to the empire.

If you are a ravine to the empire, 176 more words

Philosophy And Politics

Be truly whole

Wholeness is acquired from within. It cannot be attained through someone else. Neither can one remain whole when giving in an unhealthy way, as in obsessive love, in that too much of one’s self is surrendered. 201 more words


Potter and Space

The potter knows she plays with clay but works with space,
For the use of the bowl is its empty space.
It is the same with the room, 159 more words

Middle Ground

Brevity of Thought

By Angela Slezak

Classical Chinese texts can be quite difficult for the non-native speaker to learn. There is no punctuation and it lacks many of the connecting words we’re used to in English – and, then, but, if, as a result of, etc. 626 more words

Idea Wave Columbus

An Eastern Approach to Letting Go By Christopher Chase

You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself.

393 more words

D&D in the DOC

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Dungeons & Dragons in the Department of Corrections

Excerpt:  A psychologist named Frode Stenseng at the University of Oslo differentiates between two types of escapism: “self-suppression escapism” and “self-expansion escapism.” The former is an avoidance tactic while the latter actively seeks new skills and strengthens character.  728 more words