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The Way of Water

The Way of Water

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Highest good is like water.

Because water excels in benefiting the myriad creatures without contending with them and settles where none would like to be, it comes close to the way. 452 more words


Santiago Cathedral - Chapter 15

We attend the Pilgrim’s Mass at Santiago Cathedral.

After the mass is complete, the officials swing the Botafumeiro (incence burner) from the central nave. The largest Botafumeiro in the world remains idle but the regular-sized one is used for everyday services. 457 more words


Museo of Pilgrimage and Santiago - Chapter 16

We visit the Cathedral Museum ( Museo Cathedral de Santiago).

It is time to think about the history of the St. James story that led to building his Cathedral in Santiago. 1,107 more words


XXVII - "To value the teacher"

One who excels in travelling leaves no wheel tracks;

One who excels in speech makes no slips;

One who excels in reckoning uses no counting rods; 233 more words

Philosophy And Politics

uncut jade


Tao Te Ching Verse 15  (excerpt)

Pure in heart, like uncut jade,
he cleared the muddy water
by leaving it alone.




Exploring Consciousness

Santiago Cathedral - Chapter 14

The image above shows the Santiago Cathedral before it was covered with scaffolding. During each of my three visits (2011, 2014, and now  2017), the cathedral has been “under repair” and this time, the main masterpiece, the Pórtico de la Gloria, is covered over — not available to tourists. 681 more words


Principle and Action 18-21

Chapter 18

The Way was lost
“Benevolence and righteousness” were put in its place
By skill and cunning (having lost original simplicity)
Great hypocrisy ensued… 973 more words

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