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The Taoist View of the Universe - Alan Watts

“Taoists view the universe as the same as, or inseparable from, themselves so that Lao-tzu could say, “Without leaving my house, I know the whole universe.” This implies that the art of life is more like navigation than warfare, for what is important is to understand the winds, the tides, the currents, the seasons, and the principles of growth and decay, so that one’s actions may use them and not fight them.” … 1,190 more words

Alan Watts

Laozi and Quantum Physics -- Shantena Augusto Sabbadini

Published on Jul 30, 2015

Theoretical Physicist Sabbadini presents the quandary of Quantum
Mechanics, and draws illumination from Tao Te Ching.

Ancient and primitive cultures conceived the whole cosmos as alive and sentient. 124 more words


Excerpt from Tao Te Ching


Heaven and earth are enduring. The reason why heaven and earth can be enduring is that they do not give themselves life. Hence they are able to be long-lived.

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Penang II

People pray to the Goddess of Mercy — a Buddhist deity.

Lao tsu, writer of the Tao te Ching — Taoist text, says:

“The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth. 346 more words


Wise Words

The term “Mindfulness”, which has become very popular recently, should not be confused with “thinking”. It’s more and it’s less –  Less mind-chatter, but more connection with intuition (or the… 23 more words


Older Than God

The Tao is like a well: used, but never used up.

It is like the eternal void: filled with eternal possibilities.

It is hidden, but always present. 104 more words


Yin Yang

The concept of Yin and Yang originates in ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics, which describes two primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe. 585 more words