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Calm quietude

The highest perfection is like imperfection (because it assumes fluid form according to circumstances)
And its use is never impaired.
The greatest abundance seems meager, 73 more words

Chinese Philosophy

The Way...

That which cannot be seen is called invisible.
That which cannot be heard is called inaudible.
That which cannot be held is called intangible.
These three cannot be defined; 239 more words

Returning to Tao: The eternal cycle

Reversion is the action of Tao.
Gentleness is the function of Tao.
The things of this world come from Being,
And Being (comes) from Non-being. 22 more words

Chinese Philosophy

The Weapon of Heaven

Heaven aids and protects through compassion~ Lao Tzu (The Tao Te Ching)

My father once told me to never fear truth even when I encountered in philosophies and religions other than my own for truth only has one source, Jesus Christ. 1,572 more words

Foolish Philosophies

Reflections in Water

Reflections in Water

To yield is to be preserved whole.

To be bent is to become straight.

To be empty is to be full . . 162 more words


Knowing Oneself

Every line of this chapter of the Tao Te Ching was written and translated using the male pronoun. I have alternated the use of the female and male pronouns so that all readers can feel as if the text is speaking to them. 88 more words

Chinese Philosophy

Keeping to the female

S/he who is aware of the Male
But keeps to the Female
Becomes the ravine of the world (the receptive, passive)Being the ravine of the world, 126 more words

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