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Values and Opposites

When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises.

The Daode Jing explains well a truth of judgment, that opposites rely on each other to exist.

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Daode Jing


I want to live like water.

Relinquishing control and releasing struggle.

Allowing my thoughts and actions to move smoothly in accordance with the nature of all things. 53 more words


Daily Tao. #12

Sight obscures.

Noise deafens.


Desire messes with your heart.

The world messes with your mind.


A Master watches the world

but keeps focused on what’s real.

Translation by Ron Hogan

Daily Tao

True Feminine Power

The spirit that never dies
Is called the mysterious feminine.
Although she becomes the whole universe,
Her immaculate purity is never lost.
Although she assumes countless forms, 61 more words



This morning, the seventh day, I opened both eyes –the right, cautiously —¬†and felt again the miracle of binocular vision. Not what it was, and not yet comfortable, but still: two functioning eyes. 956 more words

Daily Tao. #11

A wheel has spokes,

but it rotates around a hollow center.


A pot is made out of clay or glass,

but you keep things in the space inside. 26 more words

Daily Tao

Accordance & Harmony

One who lives in accordance with nature moves in harmony with the present moment.
{Tao Te Ching}