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tao te ching * forty-three

‘Teaching without words…… that is the Master’s way.’

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tao, the gods and love

i don’t know why suddenly, after such a long time, the girl who used to write in another blog some years ago found me. she showed up in my world for two days now.  407 more words


Day 17

This quote sticks out today (I might get the exact wording wrong, but it’s from the Tao Te Ching):

In Wisdom, I know I am nothing…

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Tao Te Ching

My roommate suggested I read Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. He describes it as Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul but ancient and Chinese. The version he suggested is the one translated by fantasy and sci-fi author Ursula K. 240 more words

Lao Tzu

Taoism, Ego Death, and Ayahuasca

Taoists believe that the experience of ego death is evil.

Bliss, love, divine experiences, and visions of angels are carrier waves for sinister psychological forces. 246 more words

tao te ching * forty-two

‘ When male and female combine, all things achieve harmony.’

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It is very tempting once we have put our plans into operation to return to them incessantly and make changes or amendments unnecessarily.

However, meddling with something once it has started can have disastrous or unforeseen consequences. 337 more words