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Taoist Qi Gong For Stretching The Mind, Heart & Root Chakra

The appealing aspect of Qi Gong is that it can be done at the most inopportune moments! In fact, I like to think of it as “Emergency Energy Work” because usually, I’m practicing while stressed, tired, confused, “off”, out of my element, and it immediately jolts me back into alignment with my highest purpose & most authentic self.  349 more words

The Three Dantians: An Introduction. Article By Robert James Coons

A Complete Guide to the Dantian Elixir Fields: Daoist Breathing Meditation Practices to Rejuvenate the Body and Mind with Qi Energy

BY ROBERT JAMES COONS… 887 more words

Must-Know FUNDAMENTAL For Energy Work

Posture is what makes or breaks us, literally. Bones, ligaments and tendons, muscles, fascia, nerves, organs- are all connected to create us and us (body) is what gets… 618 more words

Each New Moon begins a new Animal month - How To Keep Track

Use this information to move backwards and forwards in time so that you can better understand the specific Animal months and the Elements associated.

The Element is the Animal’s Earthly Branch; the Element adds depth and additional attributes to each Animal’s characteristics. 136 more words

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