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Dancin' Shoes

Something I’ve learned about getting older is it gets harder and harder to live the way you did when you were young. Gone are the days when you could eat McDonalds regularly and not have your body get angry about it later. 709 more words

Dream Big

Last night I dreamed I starred in a local repertory production of “Anything Goes.”  And I was marvelous.

Today, I’m looking up beginner tap dance classes. 8 more words


Feeling Very Old

I’ve feeling very old at the moment, though come to think of it, youth (relatively speaking) is gradually creeping back.

I barely made it through tap class this afternoon. 489 more words


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

There’s really no other way to describe my less than enthused attitude than laziness. On the days that I don’t work or don’t work a full twelve hours, I have adequate time to squeeze in some fitness. 488 more words


Tappity Tap Taperoo


I know I talk about ballet a lot on here, but I truly love my tap classes as well. I love how difficult it is, even though it seems deceptively simple. 275 more words

Move It Move It

Workin' for the Weekend

Yay! Class was much better on Thursday. Not perfect, but much better. Tried to do a couple of doubles during pirouettes, but I was seized by an irrational fear that someone would see me. 270 more words

Move It Move It

Trying new recipes, running on the beach and tap class

This week has been pretty normal. Here is how I handled dinners on busy nights, ran on the beach and my tap class experience :) 524 more words