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Low Announces two shows in Anchorage

The Monolith Agency will host Sub Pop band Low in Anchorage for two nights at the Tap Root, January 15 &16.
Tickets are $20 each, or $35 for a two night package. Get them at taprootalaska.com.

Weed or not? Good sketching, either way!

So I have been posting mostly finished drawings lately, but I want to remind folks where it usually starts – sketching!

With a recent move to a new house and summertime activities with kids at home, my drawing time has been limited. 315 more words


Thursday 9th July - to Pangong

The wifi was back to its usual state this morning so no luck sending my email or posting another blog. Everyone seemed on good form at breakfast and we left for Pangong at 9, after a brief talk from John about the geology we’d see on the way and from me about health and safety stuff related to the altitude at Chang La. 611 more words

Mother Trees

Taking a walk through the woods, you may have noticed odd looking bases of trees. What you are actually looking at are stumps of previously logged or fallen trees that become the nursery or the ‘mother’ for a new tree. 158 more words


Do not touch another person's tap root

We had a tree that was transplanted and it died. We dug it up from its pot yesterday to discover that it was dead/dead. I can revive a lot of plants, trees, shrubs. 508 more words

What are Weeds, really?

Going to seed

Most people foraged during the Depression — it’s just since the (Second World) war that people stopped. I once saw a lady walking along a vacant lot gathering wild greens. 277 more words

Types of Roots

Roots are helpful for the plants as they provide support to the stems as well as absorb water and minerals from the soil. Roots also store food materials. 577 more words