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Don’t let your own biases blind you. Seeing things from a fresh perspective is critical to avoiding mistakes. It’s applicable throughout life.

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Happy Diwali to everyone!!

To all my friends who aren’t brown, please don’t get puzzled with the post heading. Diwali is a festival known to our religion (Hinduism) in a land called “INDIA”. 91 more words

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Why Black & White??

BW because, this pic is bit more dumb than the amount of muscle soreness I had. & My 69% OK looks definitely deserve a BW pic at this stage. 182 more words

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iPhone XS.. Read it.. 🤣

Son: Apple launched iPhone XS base variant for a grand again, just before a day. In India it’s gonna cost 100K+ in Rupees.

Dad: price doesn’t matter. 59 more words

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That's Tap..

Some suckers & sweethearts were asking about, how am i looking now & how’s my health!! See it here in my eyes, same baddie carrying the baggage of all sins. 6 more words

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Yes, health-wise i am little shattered. Recovering. Will power in me is at it’s peak. Whatever i wanted to be & i was talking myself, now i am walking the talk. 452 more words

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Google I/O 2018.. Next is awesome & predictable..

OK. Time to hail Google.

This 23 minutes & 14 minutes Google I/O coverage by CNet & The Verge is just on point about what’s coming next. 39 more words

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