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Creamy courgette spaghetti with olive and basil tapenade

Sheesh that’s a long title, certainly for a lunch! I’ve been wanting to try the carrot and potato ‘cheese’ sauce that’s been doing the rounds on the internets for the last year or so. 354 more words


Black Olive Tapenade Pull Apart Bread

I made this recipe a few months ago, and it has taken me forever to finally type the recipe.  I love tapenade and making it at home is so easy. 525 more words


Quick & Easy: Tortilla Series Part 3: Eggplant Tapenade.

Eggplant / Aubergine is a versatile plant. You can make soup with it. It’s one of my faves especially when I want something filling and meat free. 111 more words


Review: Tapenade Costa del Mezze

The summer is coming, the white wine is coming out of the fridge and good mood from wherever it’s been hiding in the cold months, and the perfect thing to have with them both is good tapenade on your toast. 188 more words


Mediterranean Friday - tapas.

To be transformed into Mediteriena Saturdays in future. Travelling funfair made a stop in our town, so I will be bit busy tomorrow. Friday it is for now. 329 more words

Olive and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich


olive pesto/tapenade

cream cheese

2 slices white bread


1. Spread cream cheese on white bread.

2. Top with olive pesto.

3. Enjoy!


Hummus 2 ways: Pesto and Tapenade

Hello! You have to make this! Last Monday I have created a hummus to die for. Probably somebody else thought of it already, but I had never heard of it before and I am absolutely in love. 171 more words