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Beating the Heat Proveçal-Style

It’s cold food time in this household, kittens. Heat waves make me cranky and tired and our BBQ is out of commission so the name of the game is no-cook or low-cook meals. 442 more words


O is for Olive Tapenade

The olive. Growing up my only exposure to olives was on pizza and a bowl full of them on the holiday table, both applications of which I despised. 625 more words

Sauces & Sides

Clear out the Cauliflower

There was one bag of cauliflower left after I made my gratin the other day, and I like a good tapenade (but I’ve never made one before).   497 more words

Lamb Burgers

In celebration of the long Fourth of July weekend, Kevin and I decided (albeit at the last minute) to make some good ol’ fashioned American hamburgers. 785 more words


Olive Tapenade with Preserved Lemon (GF, Vegan)

So I was trying to think of snacks to make for a Moroccan-inspired dinner. Tapenade has always been a bit of a hit and miss thing for me – basically I have never enjoyed the ones with anchovies in them… but I figured I would give it a go. 134 more words


the AtoZ challenge- T

tapenade pasta, for one

also known as the perfect cure for one-too-many drinks the night before pasta. you know, in case you ever find yourself in such a predicament. 303 more words