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Adventures In The Graveyard

As my regular readers know, one of many hobbies is cemetery photography.
A day, or night, spent among the dead, armed with my camera, is a great outing for me. 191 more words


Poor Frank Raw: An Introduction

Why Frank Raw is described on his headstone as Poor Frank Raw, we don’t know. All that we know is he was Parish Clerk and gravestone cutter at Selby Abbey in Yorkshire and was buried on 31 March 1706: 104 more words


Graveyard Dust and Cemetery Dirt . . .

Often times when you hear the words graveyard dust or cemetery dirt, it conjures up images of people sneaking into a cemetery in the dark of night and doing dastardly deeds in order to sell their soul to the devil for untold power, talent or riches. 1,261 more words


Morbid Meals - Irish Wake Cake

One of the traditions of attending an Irish wake is to take something to feed and comfort the family during their grief. Even if the family doesn’t practice “ 723 more words


Summer Taphophile Melancholy

Summer Taphophile Melancholy

Shadows of shadows
Watching over me
Take their tasks
So seriously

Echoes of echoes
Listening to me
Rippling noises

Wheels within wheels… 37 more words


Preview #1 of a New Tour

Taphophile : Someone who is interested in funerals, gravestone art, epitaphs, and cemeteries. 1,573 more words

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