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Cheese and Mustard Puffs

These are wonderful!

Delicate crispness on the outside and a slight goo to the inside, think Yorkshire pudding crossed with a cheese scone! Lovely with a bowl of soup but to be honest they are perfect straight out of the oven. 165 more words

Kid Friendly

Tapioca Recipes - Two ways to use 'goma de tapioca'

Gluten-free anything seems to be all the rage at the moment and quite regularly I get questions from people curious about tapioca flours and wondering what other gluten-free tapioca recipes I have. 729 more words

Easy Recipe

tapioca bread

Ever since I bought a bag of tapioca flour to make pearls used in the bubble tea, I have always wanted to bake Brazilian cheese bread. 278 more words


Steamed Pumpkin Kueh with Grated Coconut [05]

I have tried so many recipe to make pumpkin kueh from stiff texture to wobbly and I think this recipe is a keeper, though a bit difficult to handle.   223 more words


Hot cross buns

Who can resist a bit of baking?

I bought a gluten- and dairy-free hot cross bun last Easter, and was so disappointed! It was really dry and stodgy, and far too sweet…these are fluffy but a bit sticky in the middle, and not too sweet (although you could of course make them a bit sweeter if you wanted!). 181 more words


Protein Waffles (Grain-Free)

Simply put, waffles are awesome. I could (and do) eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Leftovers make great sandwich bread as well (especially when toasted)! 96 more words


Gluten Free Pizza Dough

Although Scott and I are not on gluten-free diets, in ordering out pizza with friends who are, I’ve noticed that there is a real difference between good and not-so-good crusts.  186 more words

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