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Kerupuk, Krupuk, Kroepoek (Shrimp Crackers)

Because of our, euphemistically put, shared history, kroepoek (Indonesian shrimp crackers, the Indonesian spelling is kerupuk or krupuk) is very common and very popular in the Netherlands. 782 more words


Pão de Queijo or Brazilian Cheese Bread

Pão de Queijo or Brazilian Cheese Bread

Or actually they should be called why-did-I-not-make-more-I-cant-stop-eating-these.

These are bite sized cheese balls that are crispy on the outside and cheesy and chewy on the inside. 479 more words

Good Food

Thin Crust Coconut Flour Pizza Base 

We adore experimenting with new plant based pizza bases! No two pizza bases are ever the same. We can decide upon different thicknesses, different oils, different flours, different seasonings, between crust or no crust – oh the decisions and choices are splendid! 286 more words


New on Food Republic: Pao de Queijo Burger Buns

What is pao de queijo? Well, it’s basically Brazilian cheese bread. But one of the interesting things about it is that it uses tapioca flour instead of regular flour, which means they just happen to be gluten-free (without that being their goal). 44 more words


basic homemade bread

This is my basic recipe for a gluten-free, sulfite-free homemade bread. The one in the photo had a mix of rice, tapioca and amaranth flour but I have also used other combinations: rice, sorghum and buckwheat, for instance, or rice, buckwheat and quinoa. 387 more words

Almond Meal

EASY Sourdough Chia English Muffins... YUM!

This is an excellent starter recipe, pun intended, for your sourdough starter! These are the easiest things I’ve ever baked, well, fried actually in very little oil. 284 more words


Vanilla Pudding Cake

This recipe started out as a horse of a different color. I was working on a banana cream pie and made a vanilla pudding base that wouldn’t set right. 307 more words