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Tappin' it..

The Simpsons tapped out is a freemium game. Free to download and play, but with purchases that you can make in the game to enhance your gameplay. 328 more words

Self-Publishing Journal Entry #6

Dear Diary,

As expected I made every mistake there is to make while self-publishing a novel. After its “Hydra leak” on the 1st of January I went through the Kindle version and found no less than 25 translation, formatting, or just-plain-dunce errors that had to be fixed. 460 more words


Official Release - Tapped

I’m starting off the New Year with a bang!

Or … well … a mistaken “bang” on the 1st because in my NyQuil induced haze I accidentally “leaked” the novel online but we’re moving past that now. 274 more words


Publishing Debates

In January of 2011 my first book was published by Wings ePress, a small independent publishing house run by some very kind people. They put out a nice, professional book and I was over the moon about it. 440 more words

Self-Publishing Journal Entry #4 (I think?) -- AKA, "DANGIT, HYDRA!"

Dear Diary,

I spent New Years Eve sick on my couch. I did not have the joy of watching the infamous “potato drop” in my home town. 519 more words