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Betrayal and Back-Stabbing: How Obama and Carter Empowered the Islamic Republic

As Barack Obama’s tenure comes to a close, political analysts are already drawing comparisons between the current administration and that of Jimmy Carter’s. Both proved to be exceedingly inept at dealing with emerging foreign crises, both were harshly and unfairly critical of Israel and both betrayed loyal allies, utilizing all methods available to undermine friends while propping up hostile foes. 362 more words


Shady Sheik Shady's lies and taqiyya

After Orlando and the Ramadan dinner with Malcolm Turnbull, the Shady Sheik was called out for saying nasty things about homosexuals in a video, so he issues a ‘media statement’ so full of crap you could grow tomatoes with it. 693 more words

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The Non-PC Reason Iran Lies to Obama and the West


Newly declassified State Department cables revealed that, in January 1979, sent a secret message to the Jimmy Carter White House. 638 more words

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Jury duty in America: shouldn't Muslims be automatically disqualified?

I had to report to the Tarrant County Criminal Justice Center on Monday. Let me count the fun and let me count the games…in THIS… 17 more words


The Concept of Taqiyya and its Impact on Iberian Jewry

The Islam conquest of Spain began in 711 CE and would extend over parts of the Iberian Peninsula through the end of the 15th century until King Ferdinand’s and Queen Isabella’s victory over the Kingdom of Granda. 1,331 more words


Trump supporters better people

For their society.


I want a Ghostbusters parody of SJWs hunting down white people.
One of the characters is called Django.

Meanwhile, in the Glorious U of K. 231 more words

What Britain’s Muslims Really Think… Is That Nothing Is Ever Their Fault

Breitbart, by James Delingpole, April 14, 2016:

In a Channel 4 documentary called What Britain’s Muslims Really Think, presenter Trevor Phillips presented survey evidence suggesting that large numbers of British Muslims don’t want to integrate and… 828 more words

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