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Taqiyya is necessary to hide the shame of Quranic Tenets


I have always wondered why Muslims are so supersensitive about any discussions on Islam that they constantly have to resort to telling lies (Taqiyya) about the tenets of Islam. 6,238 more words

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Jesse Dunstan Calls Muslims 'Conquerors' and Claims They Don't Belong in the West

Alt-right vlogger and radio host Jesse Dunstan mocked conservatives for feigning concern over the treatment of women and gays in repressive, majority Muslim countries in his latest episode of “Hihg Svenergy.” 309 more words


The History of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula During the Roman, Visigoth, and Islamic Eras

This video discusses Jewish life in the Peninsula during the Roman era, the Visigothic era, the Islamic era, and the era of the Christian kingdoms. The forced conversions of Jews under the Visigoths and Almohades is discussed. 40 more words


130 UK imams hailed for refusing to perform funeral prayers for jihadis, but Islam forbids funeral prayers for jihadis

Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, June 8, 2017:

The Muslim Council of Britain has gained worldwide headlines — and praise — for the announcement. Secretary of State Tillerson… 658 more words

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Great Sadiq

The Great Sadiq says: “Have no fear!”
(Sadiq’s the master of Taqiyya)


Palestinians: Abbas Immediately Breaks Promises to Trump

Hard on the heels of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’s assurances to US President Donald Trump that he is raising Palestinians on a “culture of peace,” he continues to glorify terrorists who have Jewish blood on their hands. 223 more words


The Manchester Bomber: Martyr or Murderer?

Crisis Magazine, by William Kirkpatrick, May 24 2017:

The most radical part of President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia was not the moment when he referred to… 1,850 more words

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