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Londonistan's Islamist Mayor Tells New York City to Get Used to Terrorism

London’s first Muslim mayor and best pals with the Muslim Brotherhood, Sadiq Khan, knows his taqiyya. Give vague lip service to law and order, tell people they need to get used to stuff like this, attack those trying to prevent future jihadists from entering the western nations, and never condemn terrorism. 434 more words

Collapse Of The West

Islam: Enemy of Christianity

Popularity does not concern me.  Truth does.  In a time when people are being told lies about a religio-political system which permits altering facts to cover its tracks, it is needful for me to write this as a warning.  1,855 more words

Iranian Ransom Payment

A rose by any other name….

Hillary is neck deep in this garbage, especially since she is trying to be the “third term” of Obama.  Both of them answer to George Soros and both of them are followers and devoted students of Saul Alinsky.   13 more words

Information Warfare: The #1 Lie – We Must Use Muslims to Lead the Fight Against ISIS – Understanding the Threat

In the “War on Terror” – or whatever it is being called this week – America’s leaders tell us the key to stopping ISIS or “radical Islamic terrorism” is to use the Muslim community here in the U.S. 403 more words