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Good Morning Fellow Infidels Let's Look At Taqiyya.

Taqiyya The Art Of Muslim Deceit!

Right here we go as it is my birthday so i will keep this short and sweet,as i do not want to be thinking about these vermin all day as usual. 486 more words

Obama's Idiotic ISIS Policy

One picture to sum up Obama’s idiotic ISIS policy.

Recently the Obama administration was “crowing” loudly about its success in “vaporizing” a single, notoriously “vicious” 524 more words


Islam: A Brief Synopsis

Nice and concise:

On the evening of Friday November 13th 2015, Paris was shaken by a coordinated series of extremely brutal Islamic terror attacks that left at least 129 people dead and hundreds wounded.

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Islamic Spin Doctors Quickly offer Taqiyya in Wake of Paris Attacks

Even before all the victims were accounted for from the sickening, cowardly Islamic terror attacks in Paris this weekend, the usual Muslim apologists were leaping into the fray, offering nothing but half-truths and distracting taqiyya to obscure the fact that Mohammed would have happily sanctioned these attacks. 602 more words

ISIS or Refugees

In light of the fact that at least three of the terrorists in France have been identified as Syrian, we must ask if the Syrian refugees are fleeing from terror or if some of them are bringing the terror. – Dr. Brown

The Taqiyya Factor

American Thinker, by Carol Brown, Nov. 12, 2015:

Taqiyya is an Islamic doctrine that allows Muslims to deceive non-Muslims. As in lie to them. Dr. 861 more words

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