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Morrocan Cigars

These are not cigars, but ground beef rolled up in fried dough. It must be pretty confusing to make actual cigars in Morroco, but it’s nice to know that varying cultures can independently invent the taquito. 4.7/5


Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Refried Bean Taquitos

I have only had taquitos a few times before going vegan. They are typically deep fried and filled with some sort of meat and cheese. But these ones are gluten free, baked, healthy, can be made oil free and of course vegan. 365 more words


not just drunk food

When I think of taquitos, the first thing that comes to mind is stumbling home from the bars in college and throwing a few frozen beef taquitos in the oven before falling into bed…I was quite the gourmand. 292 more words


A Very known and liked dish. Many ways to make it and all of them are yummy. Just depends on how you like it. you can have it as a runny dressing for tacos or you can have it chunky for dip. 238 more words


Los Amigos

There is this phenomenon that occurs at many SoCal taco shops called creamy guacamole. Or guacamole Americano. Or as I like to call it, green mayonnaise. 44 more words


Flautas De Pollo

I’ve spoken about Flautas before and how we can use almost anything to fill them with before we make them into those taquitos that we so love. 563 more words


Mi Ranchito Taco Shop

Outstanding order of rolled tacos recently from Mi Ranchito! Topped with a very tasty creamy guacamole Americano and a liberal amount of shredded cheese. All of it sitting on a bed of fresh looking, shredded iceberg lettuce. 95 more words