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An Introduction

Asalamualaikum Wa’Rahma T’ullahi Rabbarakatuhu

Greetings of peace through submission of our Sustainer to all of you.

We all sell our souls. We are worshipping something… 568 more words

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Hunting Of Migrating Birds Becomes Ban In Saudi:

With thousands of migratory birds flocking into the dominion from all parts of the globe for the duration of the wintry weather, the Saudi natural world Authority (SWA) is enforcing its ban on the hunting of birds to help prevent avian influenza. 522 more words


Travelling the Thorny Path

Umar ibn Khattab RA once asked Ibn Ka’ab RA the definition of taqwa. In reply Ibn Ka’ab RA asked, “Have you ever had to traverse a thorny path?”  Umar RA replied in the affirmative and  Ka’ab RA continued, “How do you do so?” 109 more words

Tazkyah Advices

Jihad al-Nafs – By Imam Nawawi (rah)

Imam Shafi`i said, may God have mercy on him:

“Only the sincere one (mukhlis) knows hypocrisy (riya’).” This means that it is impossible to know the reality of hypocrisy and see its hidden shades except for one who resolutely seeks sincerity. 829 more words


Takwa itu Adalah Sadar (Conscious)

Apa itu takwa?

Ada banyak jawaban untuk pertanyaan di atas. Ada yang bilang takwa adalah takut, menaati Allah, hingga berhati-hati atau menjaga diri dari hal-hal yang tidak disukai oleh Allah SWT. 633 more words