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Canada's tar sands: unburnable carbon

Canada’s tar sands, located mostly in the province of Alberta, represent some of the world’s largest proven oil reserves. The billions of barrels of commercially recoverable bitumen lie beneath near pristine boreal forests, covering thousands of square kilometres. 1,094 more words

United States


Are you concerned about the environment? Do you care about it, but find yourself short on time to learn about important concepts and issues? If so, click to follow this… 499 more words

Keystone XL Pipeline

'Oh, my aching Earth'

I’m always amazed by those who worry about passing the nation’s debt on to their offspring but don’t think twice about ensuring those offspring have an earth to live on in the first place. 289 more words


The death throes of Alberta tar sands?

The dangerous and destructive Alberta tar sands project may be in jeopardy economically because of falling oil prices, the Washington Spectator reported.

An end to the project would be good news, but the desperate struggles of the dying industry to survive by any means necessary could cause even more damage before it disappears. 405 more words


March 3rd, 2010: Protest at RBS about its bankrolling of tar sands projects

“On March 3rd, the Royal Bank of Canada will hold its annual general meeting of shareholders’ at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It’s the one time every year that the bank’s top executives, board and other decision makers gather in the same place to hear from shareholders.

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Great Lakes Pipeline Dwarfs Keystone XL

As much of the world celebrates the veto of the notorious Keystone XL pipeline, an even larger project is already underway in the Great Lakes region. 745 more words