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Riding two horses simultaneously

It is possible to ride two horses at the same time – provided that they are going in the same direction, and at the same pace. 74 more words


Vast majority of carbon reserves must stay in the ground to meet 1.5C target.

The current news about the PM and the Mayor of Montreal having meetings about pipelines – and the not public hearings into Kinder Morgan’s desire to exapnd the TransMountain pipeline – both miss the most important point. 712 more words


The Stimulator: Sink the Rich!

Dandelion Salad

stimulator on Jan 25, 2016

This week we examine the contradictory notion of “Anarcho-Capitalism” and dismantle this illogical concept by illustrating current examples of why free markets have nothing to do with freedom.

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Communique: Enbridge pipeline & valve site sabotaged – again

Original from SubMedia

We received a communique via email, claiming responsibility for a sabotage action against Enbridge’s “Line 9” tar sands pipeline. This would be mark the fourth time in less than two months that an… 300 more words

Sabotaging Pipelines is Reckless and Dangerous, but Not For Reasons You Might Expect

This article originally posted for Stop C-51: Toronto at www.stopc51to.org/blog

Syndicated with permission.

There’s an old adage: “Mess with a bull and you’ll get the horns.” I’ll expand that rustic logic with a further analogy: “Mess with a Canadian fossil fuel company and you’ll get the police state.”  December 7th, 2015 is a significant day in Canadian history. 774 more words

Utah Congressman Fighting to Save His Ancestral Drilling Lands from Native Americans

BLANDING — A prominent congressman from Utah is engaged in a desperate struggle with Native Americans to preserve the dwindling oil drilling lands of his ancestors—a struggle that hinges on one of the biggest public lands deals in U.S. 221 more words


Pick Me

a lot of folks want to blow this place up….real good…leaving a hole bigger than it already is

I just decided that if elected, I’m gonna send all the racists in this province to the states where they belong. 634 more words