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Oil – Will we run out?

By Andy May – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future” (old Danish proverb, sometimes attributed to Niels Bohr or Yogi Berra) 3,425 more words

Energy Policy

Belated publication update

2017 has arrived, and will hopefully give me more time to write things which are not my graduate thesis. That being said, I was able to churn out a couple of pieces: 45 more words

The Science of Science

I dream of a world where the truth is what shapes people’s politics, rather than politics shaping what people think is true. – Neil deGrasse Tyson… 776 more words


Tar Sands Oil From Canada Could Pose Threat To Bay Area Marine Life

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) —  A group of scientists say a lack of publicly available information about the chemicals used to mine fuel from tar sands could hamper efforts to safeguard marine habitats in the Bay Area and beyond in the event of a spill. 541 more words


Vancouver Sun Letter

For what is likely to be my last letter to the editor of 2016, see today’s Vancouver Sun (fourth letter from the top). The gist of my argument is that Kinder Morgan is bad. 22 more words


ACCESS DENIED: No Dakota Access Pipeline Under Lake Oahe

It may only be a temporary victory, but it is a victory. The Army Corps of Engineers has denied Dakota Access an easement to extend their crude oil pipeline under Lake Oahe in North Dakota. 377 more words

Health Issues

Pipe dreams

Canada’s sunny leader, Justin Trudeau, has spoken. This week he gave his government’s decision on three pipeline projects promoted by Alberta to get their fossil fuels to market. 849 more words