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The RAIN of Self Compassion - Tara Brach

Published on May 25, 2016

Tara Talks: How to Practice the RAIN of Self Compassion – Tara Brach

When we bring the clear and kind presence of RAIN to our felt sense of unworthiness, we begin to discover a larger, more whole sense of our being.


Quote for Today: Tara Brach

In bullfighting there is an interesting parallel to the pause as a place of refuge and renewal. It is believed that in the midst of a fight, a bull can find his own particular area of safety in the arena. 89 more words

Quote For Today

Woodworth Meditation

Hey little brother, we got this.

Do you know who you are?  Son of a son of a sailor…

and I doubt Jimmy Buffett

minds me borrowing that line… 297 more words

Tara Talks: Healing Self-Doubt - Tara Brach

Published on May 10, 2016

Tara Talks: Healing Self-Doubt – Tara Brach

This short clip draws on an archetypal story from the life of the Buddha, and guides us in working with self-doubt.


Tara Talks: 1. Trusting our Awakening - Tara Brach 2. Awakening Through Conflict

Published on May 3, 2016

Tara Talks: Trusting our Awakening – Tara Brach

It can take many rounds of arriving in presence to fully trust the vastness and mystery and beauty of our true nature. 52 more words


The Women and Men in All of Us

Courtney Martin wrote a wonderful piece called “The Limitless Potential of Men to Transform Manhood” on the OnBeing blog this week.

As a man who suffered from issues of anger, addiction, entitlement and ignorance, in my recovery I found the greatest refuge in female figures like Tara Brach, an incredible healer named Charlotte Howorth and my mom. 180 more words

P is for . . . Pause

P is for so many things. Pam for starters. Without P, there would be no me, or at least no me as we currently know she. 466 more words

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