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The Women and Men in All of Us

Courtney Martin wrote a wonderful piece called “The Limitless Potential of Men to Transform Manhood” on the OnBeing blog this week.

As a man who suffered from issues of anger, addiction, entitlement and ignorance, in my recovery I found the greatest refuge in female figures like Tara Brach, an incredible healer named Charlotte Howorth and my mom. 180 more words

P is for . . . Pause

P is for so many things. Pam for starters. Without P, there would be no me, or at least no me as we currently know she. 466 more words

A To Z Challenge 2016

Resources from our group Monday 4th April

We had an interesting mindful practice group on Monday 4th April, looking at different aspects of avoiding the negative spiral.

We used the Yorlearning mindful toolkit section on avoiding the negative spiral, and talked about how each of us has our own ways of dealing with it, from visually writing all the negative points on a piece of paper and scrunching up, to staying with the negative thoughts and exploring it. 294 more words


It's #meditation, not #napping.

It’s #meditation, not #napping.
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Healing our Unworthiness by facing our inner Dragons

Healing difficult emotions and restoring Worthiness

Investigating my thoughts and feeling around the undercurrents of unworthiness, realizing I felt I didn’t deserve/wasn’t worth the good things/life lead me to search for Audios on Tara Brach’s website. 377 more words

Tara Brach

Seeing past the mask a free Audio by Tara Brach

Soul Recognition a free Audio by Tara Brach

In this post are a few notes I took when I listened to the audio.

You can download the audio below for free or listen to it online. 280 more words

Tara Brach

#SundaySelfReflection with Tara Brach

I thank Tara Brach for her beautiful and insightful wisdom in a video titled “Freedom from Fear-Based Beliefs” and making the video available on YouTube so I can listen to it whenever I need it. 202 more words