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Are you Living a Half Life?

I’m excited this morning — passionate; burning with the fire fueled by an integrating self; invigorated by choice and freedom; connected to all, one love, the Universe; deliciously excited for what the next moment brings. 374 more words

A Course In Miracles

Winds of Homecoming ~ How Intention Frees our Heart

Published on Jan 12, 2018

Tara Brach: Winds of Homecoming ~


The Buddha taught that we live our lives on the tip of intention, it is the seed of our future. 53 more words


Three Gateways to Peace and Freedom with Tara Brach

Published on Jan 8, 2018

Three Gateways to Peace and Freedom with Tara Brach (01/03/2018)

This talk explores the three archetypal refuges of truth, love and awareness. 34 more words


There was gratitude in 2017

I am grateful for my friends and family above all. But we all need all the help we can get so below are some people, places, and things I followed, listened to, read, visited, and watched in 2017, and probably will continue to in 2018, because they improved the quality of my life… 617 more words

In Which I Have Traveled the Night (End of 2017 Reflection)

I have wanted to write about this year for a while now. Seeing everyone’s end of the year reflections starting to emerge has only compounded this desire. 500 more words

Your True Voice

Dear sisters, I’m feeling deeply grateful for the powerful and heartfelt connection I experienced tonight. 💃

Practicing a ‘yes’ to our experience in this moment, to the sense of our own being, truly allowing life to be just as it is, and allowing me to be just as I am. 160 more words

Standing still to let our roots grow stronger and connect to our hearts more deeply.

Feeling grateful for another wonderful evening in sisterhood! Rooting ourselves on mother earth, welcoming each other with a hand massage, saying ‘yes’ to life, meditation in movement, singing and sharing from the heart. 69 more words