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Letting Go – The Freedom of Awake Awareness with Tara Brach

Published on Mar 27, 2017

Letting Go – The Freedom of Awake Awareness (08/31/2106)

We know we need to let go of harmful habits like obsessive worry, blame and over consuming to experience true well-being, yet much of the time we are stuck and judge ourselves for being out of control. 48 more words



Foundations of Chinese Medicine is a first-year acupuncture class that teaches  the basics of Chinese Medical Theory. In it, we learn the theory behind the clinical application of such widely-used, cliche ideas as Yin/Yang and Qi, as well as other theoretical models like 5 Element theory; zang fu theory; Meridians, channels, and point categories; and now in our second semester, we are learning pathology and diagnosis. 371 more words


Is yoga your refuge?

Do you recognize this? A busy day at the office and anything this one colleague says irritates you, he always comes up with the same old arguments. 555 more words


Getting Off the Hamster-Wheel of "Never Enough" - with Tara Brach

Published on Feb 22, 2017

Getting Off the Hamster-Wheel of “Never Enough” – with Tara Brach (01/04/2017)

The first step is simply getting to know our habitual strategies for trying to feel better about ourselves. 15 more words


Thanks Tim Ferris & Co.

This podcast http://tim.blog/podcast/ has been my companion on many a journey to work. I discovered Tim Ferris through an interview he did with the amazing  212 more words

Meditate Like It's CrossFit 

I’ve been sitting on this post for over a year. I’ve rewritten it in my head dozens of times. I’ve taken it on a test drive with patients and myself. 2,312 more words

Tools Of Titans

Guided Meditation for Opening and Calming



A quick, simple and effective meditation led by Buddhist Clinical Psychologist Tara Brach.

With her calm, soothing voice Tara guided you in the process of quieting the mind, first by focusing on the breath, and then letting go of all effort, and just resting in what is.

Guided Meditation