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My personal meditation practice has thus far been one of ebbs and flows; in a definite ebb the past few weeks. One of my “recharging” strategies is a monthly meditation class at the yoga studio that I like so much. 307 more words



I’ve learned a lot while laying in bed off & on, fighting this cold, for over a week now. Each day, I soak in a mineral bath, listening to… 196 more words

My Artworks

Boy is this hard. I’ve never been forgiving. I’m a grudge holder. I prefer to just walk away & say “fuck you” than try to dig deep and figure why I’m hurt so badly and face it. 580 more words

From Dragons to Schmoos - Meeting Life with Compassionate Presence (02/25/2015)

Published on Mar 12, 2015
From Dragons to Schmoos – Meeting Life with Compassionate Presence (02/25/2015)
The trance of unworthiness is sustained by our aversion to the dragons – the difficult emotions and related behaviors that are a deeply conditioned part of the human experience. 68 more words


Sure Heart's Release (03/04/2015)

Published on Mar 12, 2015

Sure Heart’s Release (03/04/2015)

The pathway to our awaken heart includes deep recognition of our barriers to love, and as we open, the courage to express our love. 19 more words


Through The Eye of Someone Else

“Sometimes the easiest way to appreciate ourselves
is by looking through the eye of someone who loves us.”
~Tara Brach

(Feb. 28, 2015)

I carry a fair share of self doubt and lack of confidence around. 504 more words