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Tara Brach: Awakening From the Trance of Unworthiness

Our most fundamental sense of well-being is derived from the conscious experience of belonging. Relatedness is essential to survival.
When we feel part of the whole, connected to our bodies, each other, and the living Earth, there is a sense of inherent rightness, of being wakeful and in love. 3,181 more words


Tara Talks: Waking Up Together - Tara Brach

Published on Dec 20, 2016

Tara Talks: Waking Up Together – Tara Brach

We’re really not in it alone; how a teenaged boy unknowingly averted a classmate’s suicidal plan through a simple gesture of kindness. 11 more words


Best guided meditations for beginners

I don’t really use guided meditations anymore. They get  little “interrupty” after a while. I am at that point now that in any troubling situation, my mind goes straight to mindfulness. 698 more words


Grief Revisited


I’ve been feeling it again lately.

On December 2nd, David’s birthday, I found myself crying. That’s unusual. Several birthdays have passed since his death and they haven’t caused such a reaction in me. 726 more words

Living From The Heart

Hearing Aids

I sorta see and hear things unnoticed by most.

Not like Jeanne d’Arc’s visions of the Archangel Michael telling her to save France. My experiences are much more corporeal. 510 more words

Midlife Crisis

Spiritual Reparenting from Tara Brach

I listened to this talk this morning by Tara Brach, psychologist and dharma teacher.  The guidance offered landed in many ways for me.

In this talk, Tara Brach speaks about the process of loving unconditionally and connecting as a way to healing both personally and as a way to be a healing presence for those around us.   96 more words


Tara Brach speaks on Letting Go – The Freedom of Awake Awareness

Published on Dec 4, 2016

Tara Brach speaks on Letting Go – The Freedom of Awake Awareness

We know we need to let go of harmful habits like obsessive worry, blame and over consuming to experience true well-being, yet much of the time we are stuck and judge ourselves for being out of control. 48 more words