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Mexico Again

Hopefully you don’t get your head chopped off and put on a pole. Was the general response when I said I was going backpacking in Mexico. 1,618 more words


Iskiate ... a natural EPO?

Is Cat What?

Well, if I’m honest, I’d never heard of it until a few days ago when I was reading Born To Run, the best-seller about the Tarahumara Mexican tribe. 304 more words


Atole de Pinole con Vainilla

It is not difficult to become hooked on pinole. It is not a food for those fearful of carbohydrates, but thankfully, I have never been one of those people. 293 more words



Ok. So can we just call the next week or two an intermission? Take a little break? It’s cold and slippery and dark and that’s just not my favorite running combination. 274 more words


Tarahumara through the heart

When I saw this woman in Tarahumara dress selling Tarahumara crafts at the Feria Maestro del Arte in Chapala, I knew there had to be a story here.  1,490 more words

If the Tarahumara run barefoot, then I should too

“I can’t prove this, but I believe when my runners train barefoot, they run faster and suffer fewer injuries.”   – Vin Lananna, Director of Track and Field  for the University of Oregon and seven-time NCAA coach of the Year… 442 more words


Why I Fight to be an Educated Latina

I came across a Facebook video posted by an old family friend tonight. The video shows a family who comes from the Tarahumara origin in northern Mexico. 420 more words