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Why I Fight to be an Educated Latina

I came across a Facebook video posted by an old family friend tonight. The video shows a family who comes from the Tarahumara origin in northern Mexico. 420 more words

Chihuahua (the city, not a dog)

Chihuahua is mostly known for being the capital of the largest and richest Mexico’s state, Jaime’s hometown and one of key towns during the Mexico revolution. 278 more words


Welcome to the Patriarchy, Hope You Believe in Ghosts

As far as I can tell, all Thai people believe strongly in the existence of ghosts. Most businesses and many residences have “spirit houses” out front. 743 more words


Born to Run

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall, 4/5

It’s no wonder this entertaining tale is a bestseller that helped fuel the natural running craze–it has all the right ingredients: a mysterious Mexican tribe renowned for long-distance running ability, a legendary and equally mysterious American runner who gained their trust, superhuman athletes running ultramarathons in unbelievably punishing conditions, scientific evidence that natural running is…well…natural, and all told from an intoxicating “everyman” perspective that makes you feel that you too could learn to run forever. 235 more words

Book Reviews

After the Pueblo Revolt: Negotiating a New Life in the Land of the Tarahumara

In about 1684, Pedro II Duran y Chaves[1] and his extended family moved to the valley of Coyachic in the larger region inhabited by the Alta Tarahumara and other indigenous groups. 2,561 more words

Day 118: On the Tarahumara

Say to the average Joe Bloggs in the street the word Chihuahua, and you’re more than likely going to get a derisory response about ‘yappy toy dogs’ or something along those lines. 364 more words

Mind Over Muscle

Novel ideas about #running - Part 2

I struggled with part two of the “novel running series”, as the second set of books seemed to be a little less about the actual sport – but more about a journey thanks to the outdoors.  494 more words