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Daily Prompt: Everyone Survives, Hee hee hee, I'm so funny.

I am quite humorless when it comes to real life.  That’s why I rarely watch comedy.  While the rest of the crowd is roaring with laughter at a joke, I’m the one in the back smiling but with a slightly furrowed brow as I look around thinking “I don’t get it” or “Why was that funny?” 306 more words

Directors to follow

Everyone that really like cinema have a favorite Director, sometimes is because of his style, his innovations, his balls and sometimes is just for the good choices of the script. 314 more words


happy birthday, Quentin Tarantino!

Found this while browsing through Facebook yesterday.

Oh, if only real life table conversations were half as interesting as ones from Tarantino’s films! (A girl can dream, right?)


Interview with a successful design studio SEVENTH. Интервью с успешной студией дизайна СЕВЕНС

Today we are delighted to present our interview with a successful interior design studio “Seventh” in Kiev, Ukraine. Yuri Yumashev, the founder of “Seventh”, shares his favourite projects, talks about challenging aspects of design for Murakami restaurant in London, and his inspirational places. 953 more words


Tarantino Shots

Karan Chandra makes a video tribute to the work of Quentin Tarantino with each of the shots that have been made in his movies, amazing job, enjoy!!