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Top 10 Movies of the 1990's

I have never had a harder time deciding a top 10 list than this one. The 90’s were full of fantastic films, along with visual breakthroughs with CGI becoming more prevalent, as well as practical effects looking more real. 1,184 more words

My top 5 film directors

I once said that if you can find three things in your life which you are insanely passionate about and could talk about endlessly then you’re doing ok. 3,049 more words


A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

When i think of this film , it makes me smile as i am not sure what other reaction or sentiment can sum up the felling after watching this film from Iran. 201 more words

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is the story of two hitmen, Vincent and Joules, and a boxer named Butch. The story follows a day in the life of all three protagonists, shifting POV’s so as to capitalize on the amount of interesting and unique stories it can tell. 307 more words


Kill Bill Duology

Since I love the Kill Bill films so much, I thought they’d be the perfect films to write about for my first review.

Just to say – the storyline in this review is fairly detailed, so if you don’t want any spoilers, don’t read on! 876 more words

Personal Favourites


I’m an unrepentant dinosaur, as obsolete as back-stop on a cricket field.

I still own a VCR. 751 more words

Columns: Playing Solitaire With The Hermit Of The People

What if?

I wanted to build off the ideas which I presented in my last post on canon and why we care about it.

While canon certainly matters to us, it seems to have one exception in our minds… the what if? 299 more words