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A violência é algo terrível, claro, mas, parafraseando Michael Haneke, um bom filme tem que fazer o espectador querer olhar pra outro lugar, eu ainda iria mais longe, dizendo que apesar disso o filme tem que despertar a veia sádica do espectador, fazendo-o ter vontade de fechar os olhos, mas ao mesmo tempo fazendo com que ele não queira perder um segundo daquilo. 665 more words



Enjoy a tasty burger and fries with our screening of the iconic Pulp Fiction on Monday 22 June, at Chomp Grill, purveyors of burgers that are even tastier than Big Kahuna Burger.  341 more words


reintroducing // Bang Bang Romeo

It’s been a few weeks! I’ve had so much on that I really haven’t had time or any motivation to post anything. I’m currently in dissertation hell, finishing up other work, and nursing an infected eyelid. 309 more words


Krishnan Guru Murphy, Responsible Journalism and the Role of the Indie Journalist

Krishnan Guru Murphy prompts me to stand on my soapbox…

You may well remember Krishnan Guru Murphy as the Channel 4 anchor who made the headlines back in 2013 when he unimaginatively pushed Tarantino’s buttons and wound up getting his ‘butt shut down’ 1,152 more words


We Could Be Heroes #2: Alabama Worley (Fictional)

It’s hard to pick favourites when it comes to film, books and songs. I mean, there are so many amazing works out there, to pick just one as your champion is nigh on impossible. 728 more words

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Watch this supercut of Quentin Tarantino driving scenes

Re-shared from Road & Track, video source: Devour

Quentin Tarantino has his arsenal of trademark shots, led by the unmistakeable “trunk shot” taken from inside a car’s boot looking out. 24 more words


Q is for Quentin

One of the best movies ever! Gruesome yes!!! I mean I’ve said this before, but if Samuel L Jackson, everyone would listen to it.

Super gruesome films like Kill Bill Vol 2, how awesome is there!! 109 more words

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