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Django Unchained

Pranav Kothiwal

Slavery, love, revenge and the Spaghetti Western culture don’t sound like things that can be united in a film but Quentin Tarantino’s unique style helps him in doing so. 1,746 more words


I was lecturing today upon the art of visualisation — getting from words on a page to images on a screen. I wanted to show the first talking scene from THE GRADUATE but I also thought “What the hell?” and showed the whole title sequence. 319 more words


Superman: Modern Day Socrates

In Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill vol.2, Bill has a very interesting monologue. Perhaps the most famous monologue in the entire two-part saga.

The essence: he slices through the very nature of Superman, and argues for the idea that  249 more words


Tarantino's 9

Which cult classic tops the list?

Quentin Tarantino, the eccentric director of some of Hollywood’s biggest ever blockbusters, is infamous in the film industry and is well documented to having a small, yet extremely impressive, resumé of films. 1,579 more words



A Tarantino fan I will not become all that easy. But, reviled as it may be by cinematographic experts and connoisseurs, his film Inglorious Bastards I consider a masterpiece. 626 more words


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please, pulp fiction, tarantino, pretty please, the wolf, the bonnie situation Gif for Fun at your Time


Quentin Tarantino Could Be Directing His Next Film Set In The 70's

Anytime Tarantino news surfaces on the interwebs, it’s something to explore. The man is a powerhouse as a writer and director and pure storyteller in general. 394 more words