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The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino

     Quoi de plus naturel que de débuter ce blog par une critique du dernier Tarantino, The Hateful Eight, lorsque l’on sait qu’il a remis au centre du cinéma le goût du spectacle ? 821 more words


Why True Romance is the most underrated Quentin Tarantino film

Quentin Tarantino is, rightfully, one of the most loved and respected writer/directors of the last couple of decades. Most of his films, such as Pulp Fiction… 936 more words


The Hateful Eight (2015) Blu-ray Review

Film 5/5

Tarantino’s latest film, “The Hateful Eight” is bloody brilliant (no pun intended). There is a hell of a lot to love here, and as much as I still liked Django Unchained more, in this film it’s clear that Q.T. 628 more words


Unforgettable films: Part Three

This is the third, and possibly last, in a short series of posts that are personal to me and to my own memories of unforgettable films. 2,013 more words


(1996) From Dusk Till Dawn

My obsession with Tarantino’s foot fetish has officially become unhealthy. From Dusk Till Dawn is fucking badass and I loved every minute of it.

I wanna get my only criticism out of the way and that’s that old horror movies audio (post 2k) fucking sucks and the dialogue is always so quiet while everything else is earth shatteringly loud. 181 more words

Body Horror

Kill Bill: Volume 3, ¿Tarantino continuará el proyecto?

Hemos esperado 12 años para ver una tercera parte

Por: Alejandra Ramírez

En 2004 vimos el final del viaje que emprendió La Novia, Beatrix Kiddo, después de haber buscado y asesinado a cada miembro del Escuadrón Asesino Víbora Letal en venganza por intentar matarla en el ensayo de su boda y, desde entonces, hemos esperado que Quentin Tarantino decida filmar la tercera parte de una historia que se grabó en la memoria del público y rindió homenaje a tantas otras icónicas películas, … 221 more words


Tarantino Happiness

Alright guys, for this post I’m bringing back the lyrics with a track from a new mixtape called “Bobby Tarantino” by rapper Logic. Track is titled “Deeper than Money” and I will be analyzing the first two verses. 285 more words