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Camp NaNo Day 6: How I went from Plotting to Pantsing to Plotsing in .2 seconds

My project was plotted out. Almost everything was planned with the exception of a few details. They weren’t anything major, so I wasn’t too worried about it. 1,305 more words

Camp Nano

She Came In Through the Bathroom Window Part I

My plan is simple: break in through the bathroom window. As sweat beads appear on my forehead, I reassure myself of the flawlessness of my plan, but as I walk around the white picket fence of my childhood American Dream Boat Barbie Dream House, it occurs to me… what if the new owners have realized that the lock on this window is broken… that this window let me in for years. 238 more words


Feminists clash over whether Rihanna's new video is empowering or misogynistic

At the stroke of midnight on Thursday, Rihanna launched the much anticipated video for her latest single, B—h Better Have My Money — and even some of her most loyal fans aren’t sure how they feel about it. 305 more words



Female fronted four piece Black Honey gives you a sweet taste of darkness with Tarantino inspired tunes that would make Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega dance their shoes off. 105 more words


Pulp Fiction

WFTB Score: 18/20

The plot: The intersecting lives of a couple of hoods, their intensely laid-back boss, his reckless wife, the washed-up boxer paid to lose a fight and possibly the most hapless robbers in history. 1,045 more words

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