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Episode 2 - Jackie Brown

The guys watch Jackie Brown while drinking Soul Pleasure by Wild Acre and Lagunitas Sucks by, you guessed it, Lagunitas. Zac rants about people that stand still on moving walkways and the term ‘coasting beer’ is coined. 44 more words


My Six Degrees Idol

Why hello there, world.

That may not be the most professional way to open things, but I believe that blogs should feel a little more personal. 826 more words


Episode 1 - Four Rooms

The guys watch Four Rooms while drinking Local Buzz by Four Corners and Something Shady by Texas Ale Project. There’s a run in with an “oven” of witches and Richard discovers he’s a racist.


Inglourious Basterds

WFTB Score: 11/20

The plot: A band of gung-ho Jewish-American soldiers take the fight to Hitler’s Nazis in the occupied France of 1944. Tales of their brutal exploits reach the ears of Hitler, who has every right to be concerned: he’s due to attend the premiere of Goebbels’ latest propaganda piece, and it’s not just the ‘Basterds’ who want to sabotage the event. 1,129 more words

Film Reviews

New Music: Monty Psychs - Few Will Know (Prod. By Tarantino)

Chicago artist Monty Psychs hits us with his latest joint “Few Will Know” produced by Tarantino 7 more words

Pulp Fiction Reviewed by Thomas Neil

I don’t want to colour the rest of the review with this statement but I’d like to say that Pulp Fiction is a cinematic gem that certainly wouldn’t need a visit from Winston Wolf to fix. 1,160 more words


Brutte notizie la domenica mattina

Svegliarsi la domenica mattina e scoprire che forse non ci sarà mai una 4° stagione di From dusk till dawn.

Se avete visto i film con Trantino e Clooney allora sapete già di cosa parla la serie, anche perché la prima stagione ricalca praticamente il film a parte il finale. 140 more words