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How to structure your writing

Certain people who shall remain nameless have made way too much money presuming to teach the “right” way to structure a story, particularly screenplays, but the truth is that there is no magic formula to structuring a script. 824 more words


10 Feelings That Are Way Too Real For People Who Simultaneously Love And Hate Tarantino Films

Gentleman, you had my curiosity, now you have my attention. I’m curious what makes you curious.

1. You are amazed at all that glorified violence. 212 more words


Pulp Appeal: Pulp Fiction

Time to address the elephant in the room. It’s been quietly sitting in the corner for the last seven months, but today it is begging me for attention. 633 more words

Pulp Appeal

Tarantino On Star Trek


Quentin Tarantino On Star Trek And How He Would Direct A Star Trek Movie

He riffs n how frustrated he was that they changed Khan to a caucasian. 1,467 more words

Star Trek

Jackie Brown (1997)

Jackie Brown is Tarantino’s third film and is inspired by 70’s gangster/blacksplotation films.

Tarantino’s always been hit or miss for me. I love Inglorious Bastards, but I’m not a huge Pulp Fiction fan… 340 more words


Portfolio: Queen Of Spades (Full Production)

The brief for this song was ‘Tarantino Tex-Mex’ so we went for surf style twangy stratocasters and atmospheric vocal ambience – aiming to give a cinematic feel to the production. 52 more words

Good Time

‘Good Time’: Bank robbery goes all right, brothers’ luck runs out immediately after

By Tom Meek 
Thursday, August 24, 2017

It’s “Rain Man” meets “Eddie Coyle” in this up-in-your-chest New York City heist flick. 967 more words