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Episode 40 - Bryan vs. The Spider: Part II

This week on part 2 of Bryan’s grounding, we introduce to you the first ever TLH drinking game. While listening to us discuss Tarantula and… 99 more words

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Food Chronicles, Chronicled

Rajah (T. sp Colombia) did take the cricket the second time around at some point 5/18 late at night.

Both Miwi (T. violaceus) and Balthazaar (C. 80 more words

Daily Lives

Psalmopoeus cambridgei - Trinidad Chevron

The Psalmopoeus cambridgei has to be one of the most beautiful tarantulas I have in my collection. I was given a small sling by a local breeder in the area who had managed to end up with about 250 of them. 320 more words


Feeding Update!

Rajah never took to her mealworm, and I never fed a live one. I tried a live cricket 5/16 and she did not take it. I pulled it out and retried this morning before work. 90 more words

Daily Lives

Sadly a death occured

At some point during a three day stay at my boyfriends, I lost Falcon the second of two remaining Kochiana brunnipes of an initial three. They had both been fed on Friday night. 41 more words

Daily Lives

Collection Overview

Here is the digital documentation of my current companions, including last molt dates, and recent feedings. Only Rajah is confirmed gender.

Rajah- Tapinauchenius sp Colombia. She arrived November 2015 (I can’t recall exact date) from  841 more words

Daily Lives

The O.B.T


You know this one don’t you? Most tarantula people do…..

Pterinochilus murinus a.k.a Orange Baboon Tarantula a.k.a Orange Bitey Thing

I had often wondered about owning this particular genus but with its reputation I decided to hold off on it for a while. 394 more words