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Loafing about

Hi everyone, how’s it going? I’m still pretty upset from all the craziness with the fires in and around my hometown last week. But today we are going to talk about bread. 450 more words


Pet Tarantulas

Hi jammers and welcome to Tuesday’s post! Today, I’m doing a post on the new Pet Tarantulas that have come back to Jamaa for the Night of the Phantoms! 164 more words

Animal Jam

If a Rocket Falls in the Forest...

It is widely disseminated that if you can take the science out of an SF story and still tell the story, it’s not truly SF. (For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll assume the same theory holds for fantasy.) I myself have believed for a long time that this is a valid, albeit somewhat simplistic, test. 368 more words

A Dark & Stormy Night - Anavilhanas

After a relaxing afternoon by the pool, it was time to explore. Well, actually no. Right after dinner it was time to take 343 pictures of the tarantula that crossed our evening path.  886 more words

Apparently Tarantula likes cinnamon

It’s been a rough week, you guys. There is so much going on right now, and I’ve been feeling super anxious. It helps to make my kitchen an absolute mess while I bake something delicious. 300 more words

Food Photography