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Orange Bitey Thing!

A couple pictures of my Orange Bitey Thing / OBT / P.Murinus
He/she was the size of a dime, if that when I got it, now a decent size, I’d say bigger than a half dollar. 17 more words


3 days in the Amazon.

Heres a tip. Don’t leave all your planning until 2 hours before your bus leaves.

Having fully recovered from my bout of illness, we spent the day wandering around Cusco rather than planning what we would do after we got back from the Amazon. 1,411 more words


The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Ready for water-spout.

This tarantula will go to the Mother Goose playground. This is the second patina, after using the first for practice and experimenting. The black and green is much snappier, and I burned off some micro wire-wheels getting enough metal exposed for the black to react over the green. 101 more words


Lucy the Taratula!

Uh oh, is everything okay with our tarantula?

Don’t worry, she’s just getting ready to shed!

Tarantulas have a hard outer skeleton that

Doesn’t stretch, so they have to shed (or molt) 37 more words


Still no word from the hospital about getting the tests done.  Hopefully I hear from them soon!  Susan came by this morning, which was so nice to catch up with her! 402 more words