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Shut the Front Door!

My friends, there are things crawling around this world that freak me out to the point of feeling like I’m having an out of body experience. 827 more words


3D Spider Drawing

Ewwww…… A spider on my sketchbook…. Somebody save me.. lol.

Here is a quick 3D drawing of a Tarantula. For process steps visit https://www.facebook.com/PenPencilAndStories/posts/996043147169418

Lemme know how is it?

Sketchbook - Paintings

Nose to Nose with wildlife- house encounters

A few years ago it was a tarantula that Kudra spotted in Zihuatanejo, GRO, Mexico. It came out of nowhere and was outside our palapa. It only had seven legs, one lost in some (probably unimaginable to us) kind of battle… 668 more words

Donde Esta Kudra?

Pura Vida

So, Costa Rica, what’s it like?! In short it is incredible but that’s not fair; you need a bit more.

I’ve found myself in a little paradise called Playa Guiones which is literally on the border between jungle and beach. 728 more words


My photography brings me up close and personal with many creatures. Some benign, some deadly. We have an understanding, I don’t hurt them they don’t hurt me and we respect each others territory. 16 more words

The Old Man's Advice