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The publication of Figment earlier this week marked a quietly profound moment in my writing career: it was the first time I’ve ever taken a story I’ve written and posted it online for the whole world to read. 998 more words

Existential Fiction

Sunday Hikes: The Boy Scout Trail

I went to Joshua Tree NP in November 2016 with my mom; we only spent a half a day, which only gave me a tiny taste of what the park has to offer! 800 more words

National Parks

Eight Legged Roommate 

My sister is living with my husband and I temporarily, but she wasn’t the only roommate we gained when she moved in. Her tarantula Irene Adler came as well. 60 more words

Strange Events

Invertebrate Taxonomy

Having temporarily given up on my Marine Biology essay, I’ve now started my essay for Evolution and Biodiversity. There are a huge number of things that we’re able to write about, and for me that’s a problem. 235 more words


how's it going?

My late grandfather, a prolific writer and documenter and traveler, once told me, “If you don’t know how to begin a project, find a yellow legal pad and start writing.” So here goes! 223 more words


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