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Tarantula Egg-Sucking Leech

Standing ankle deep in one of my favorite late-fall fishing holes, I stared into a mess of a fly box – similar to how one stares at a nearly empty kitchen cupboard looking for a late night snack. 543 more words

Egg-Sucking Leech

Tarantula bits #8

There comes a “first time” for stuff in every hobby. Breeding is one of these things in the exotic pet side of things. While it is not for every hobbyist, once the itch needs to be scratched, it’s only a matter of time. 506 more words

Arachnid Corner

Cyriocosmus sellatus

Hello, it has been a very long time, i know. So here is just a quick post about my newer tarantula to, hopefully, get me back into writing posts. 327 more words


The Best Stale Doughnuts Ever!

Wade and Troy had a difficult time getting the getaway skateboard quietly into the back pantry of the 24-hour diner where there was the best stale doughnuts ever. 54 more words


The Spider and the Wasp By Alexander Petrunkevitch

The intention of this piece was the describe the interesting relationship between a tarantula and a wasp. Petrunkevitch goes into great detail about the appearance and behavior of the tarantula to try and allow the audience to better understand this fascinating relationship. 1,188 more words


I Love Blue Species...

Todays blog entry was due yesterday, but better late than never! Here is some information about my Singapore Blue Tarantula (Lampropelma violaceopes). 307 more words