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A Tarantula in Hand is worse than 2 in a bush.

I have a little commission to create the “Itsy bitsy spider” for a children’s playground at a private school in Kansas. The spider is about 3x life-size, and next will be outfitted in rock climbing gear. 30 more words

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Dinner time

My pet is not a very big eater at all, most of the time she just doesn’t seem interested at all. Then one day all of a sudden she gets real hungry and goes hunting. 120 more words

Quality Of Life

Some music moves you deep inside. You hear it and you think about someone or sometime or somewhere. This is Bob Schneider, who is a genius of sufficient magnitude that Texas should be forgiven any and all of her sins (and they are numerous) as long as he resides there. 84 more words


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The biggest driving factor for telecom operators is the ever increasing consumer demand for and faster data speeds from their mobile devices. This expansion of mobile usage presents a major growth opportunity to achieve greater revenue for telecom operators. 367 more words

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I am not a Tarantula

I just added this to my chapter “Ghost” in When Fear Comes Home to Love. “Ghost” is all about the archetype of Primal Fear – and ways I have learned to defuse it, through spiritual work and work with my patients and students¬† since 1988. 430 more words

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Tarantula Perfume

Tarantula Perfume

Attractive perfumes and scents exist in the natural life cycles.
One example is the tarantula spider female, which spreads pheromones
into the air in order to attract the male for reproduction. 107 more words