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Hibernating Pet Tarantulas Stolen From Crawlspace Of House

AUSTELL, Ga. (CBS Atlanta/AP) – A metro Atlanta man told police that a spider thief snuck into a crawlspace under his home and stole five of his 18 pet tarantulas. 213 more words


Tarantula Rehousing Tips ... With Videos!

Nothing gets the old heart pumping quite like a rehousing!

With many of my tarantulas outgrowing their current enclosures, I’ve been doing a lot of rehousing as of late. 1,530 more words


This llama don't want no drama

Have you ever noticed that no matter what you do or say, Somehow, someone can get all up in your shit in a matter of seconds, without really knowing what the hell is going on in YOUR life. 650 more words

Tarantulas, Maslow, and Living with Intention

I’ve been going through a strange state of self-growth as of late. One that feels different, more challenging, and…I can’t really explain it. It feels entirely new. 763 more words


Tarantula Feeding - What, when, and how much to feed

Now that I’ve got a tarantula, how do I go about feeding it?

Whether you have a dog, a cat, a hamster, or a pot-bellied pig, if you’re a pet owner, you’ve become accustomed to certain standards of care for your wards.  3,134 more words


Theraphosa stirmi (The Burgundy Goliath Bird Eater)

One of the true “birdeaters”.

Although there are hundreds of species of tarantulas currently available in the hobby, nothing seems to get folks more interested (or horrified) than talk about 12″ spiders. 1,892 more words


An Evening with Tarantulas in the Peruvian Amazon

This past July, we stayed at the beautiful, fantastical Treehouse Lodge in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.  There are many treehouse bungalows to choose from there… and Andrew, in the true spirit of adventure, secured for us the very highest treehouse, 67 feet off the ground.   890 more words