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[LISTEN] FACE YOUR FEAR FRIDAY: Murph Hates Tarantulas

What’s the best way to introduce Steve and Nina’s new Producer, Murph, to the Morning Show? Well, we think it would be to have an over-sized hairy TARANTULA crawl all over him to break his fear of tarantulas. 118 more words


Rehousing a Burrowing Tarantula - Video

My Hysterocrates gigas gets a new home

Back in late August, I purchased two 1″ H. gigas slings  from Jamie’s Tarantulas . I placed these adorable little guys in tall Ziploc Twist “n Lock containers, and they quickly burrowed all the way to the bottom where they spent most of the next seven months. 256 more words


Chilobrachys guangxiensis - "The Chinese Faun"

Not just another big brown tarantula

I generally put a lot of thought into the each species of tarantula I buy. Like many hobbyists, I have a long wish list of animals that I have thoroughly researched with the anticipation that I will one day acquire them. 1,028 more words


Andy gets whooped by a tarantula

I´d just had my shower, wrapped a towel around my waist and made my way towards my bedroom to dry more thoroughly and with more space to do so. 560 more words


9 + 7 = Hmm

To maintain some form of steady income flow, I have recently taken on an extra job tutoring a struggling, whom-I-suspect-to-be-ADHD 7th-grader.  Just helping with general homework, studying and such.   815 more words

Hibernating Pet Tarantulas Stolen From Crawlspace Of House

AUSTELL, Ga. (CBS Atlanta/AP) – A metro Atlanta man told police that a spider thief snuck into a crawlspace under his home and stole five of his 18 pet tarantulas. 213 more words