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Enclosures part deux! How to build a house for a spider.

I’ve been asked a few times to write up how I build my smaller enclosures. I figured sure, why not?


To start with, the tools and materials needed: 1,183 more words

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Airport Security 23 March 2016

Sorry about disappearing for a couple days there.   I was traveling to and from California and got in pretty late.  I’ll do my best not to let it happen again.   707 more words


Hairy Tarantulas and Display Technology

Poecilotheria metallica-Wikipedia February 2016

Here is something fascinating, or perhaps fascinatingly terrifying — depending on your level of arachnophobia.

We ran across this article on tarantulas and how their unique hair structures, called nanostructures, create a brilliant blue color without using pigmentation.  113 more words


Hysterocrates gigas - "Cameroon Red Baboon"

A gorgeous, if a bit reclusive, baboon species.

Back in August of 2014, I ordered a couple .75-1″ Hysterocrates gigas slings from Jamie’s tarantulas. At this time, I had been acquiring several baboon species, and I had become fascinated with the… 752 more words


Spiders! In the bathtub!

According to several articles I’ve read on the Internet, it is fairly common for Kindergarten-aged children to develop intense fears that have no basis in reality. 555 more words


Enclosures are for keeping things inside.

Just a quick update on the Tarantula side of the zoo, as well as a walk through of the types of enclosures that I use. 558 more words

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