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In the Eye of the Beholder, or "I don't see what you see."

= in my eyes.

I’m sitting here slurping coffee, getting ready to feed a bunch of tarantulas in a short bit and I was musing about some reactions on faffbook in response arachnid galleries and posts…from people who obviously aren’t in the hobby. 653 more words

Arachnid Corner

Tarantula Bits #1

A new take on my old “last bits”.

I ranted like crazy about this on faffbook in a local group. Posting the 2-part rant here for posterity: 1,309 more words

Arachnid Corner

Tarantula Sling Husbandry - A Comprehensive Guide

I can remember getting my first two slings, a L. parahybana and a C. cyaneopubescens, several years ago. Although I had kept adult tarantulas before, these tiny little gals just seemed so tiny and fragile. 10,447 more words


How many pets is too many? 

A great way to introduce our new Animal Adventures blog is to discuss a question that is on many peoples minds. “how many animals is too many?” … 822 more words

Communal Project Part 4: Sling Buffets and Spider Piles

The Communal Project series will document my setup of a Moncentropus balfouri communal, starting with the planning and acquisition of both the enclosure and tarantulas and continuing through as they mature. 1,094 more words


Sleeping with Tarantulas

   It was pitch dark as we returned from a day of military maneuvers. This was a tactical exercise, so no lights were allowed. Days begin early in the military and all I wanted was to crawl into my pup tent and go to sleep. 449 more words

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