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A roach in a coach is still...food

Recent discussions I’ve had over what to feed exotics (specifically in my case, tarantulas) led to this post.

At first, almost every exotic pet animal owner (keeper) starts out with crickets. 1,633 more words

Arachnid Corner

If I Knew Then What I Know Now -Tarantulas FAQ

Or, the very basic information every new tarantula keeper needs to know.

Anyone who has followed my blog or YouTube page has likely heard me talk about the first tarantula I ever acquired. 3,399 more words


Tom Patterson - Dealer/Breeder Review (100% Positive!)

Possibly the best tarantula ordering experience I have ever had.

When people order tarantulas online, they generally go to the major vendors. Folks like Jamie’s Tarantulas… 1,171 more words


Johnny Cash Is Now The Namesake Of A Tarantula

Biologists, like all of us, are inspired and thrilled by art. But they, unlike the rest of us, occasionally discover new species of animals, and that allows them to pay odd tribute to the artists they love. 188 more words



Chris Hamilton, an animal lover and evolutionary biologist who also happens to have a Johnny Cash tattoo, was once afraid of spiders and decided to get a pet tarantula to dispel his fear. 633 more words

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New Year, new posts

I’ve been away a bit. Doing stuff, and work has taken a turn for the busier. As this is what I consider my “journal”, I’m not going to spend a bunch of time on the missed items, as most of it is boring day-to-day stuff. 596 more words