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Tarantula Impaction Revisited

Tarantula Fecal Impaction Revisited

Back in September of 2014, I lost a seemingly healthy juvenile H. villosella a couple months after its most recent molt. Said specimen seemed to experience no difficulties during the shedding process, and after a hardening period, resumed eating as normal. 2,838 more words


When Goliath Knocks

Part I:

Misadventures of Remote Exploration

At some point during the summer of 2008, I found myself at a remote biodiversity research station located deep within the dense jungles of the Amazon Rainforest. 2,959 more words


Pets I Have Known Over the Course of my Life

“Of all those that we come to know

the ones we know the best

are those to whom we show our heart

and into whose a glimpse we’re blessed.

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First blog post

Hi! as a Mum of a very crazy (i’m proud of it!) household, and a mum who suffers from chronic pain and anxiety, i felt the need to have a space to share some of the antics, some of the bad days and good days and just generally somewhere i can write this part of my journey down on. 1,352 more words



A little diorama I made for Stripes, a baby (1/2″ diameter) Mexican red knee tarantula…

” BMTarantulas”
Brachypelma smithi spiderling, a wooden match, balsa wood, acrylic paint, ink… 24 more words


The Tarantula Who Saved My Life

Disclaimer: The following post contains photographs of a spider, and a possibly distressing photograph of myself in intensive care, at death’s door. I don’t know how to hide them, and so I thought I ought to warn you. 708 more words