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What do spiders taste like?

People often ask me “What do spiders taste like”? Well, first thing is, like most foods: quality matters.

Spider tasting part 1: CHINA

There’s a famous place in Beijing near Wangfujin  Dajie(王府井)  called Donghuamen (东华门) night market, where you can find lots of strange and unusual food… some I bet you even didn’t know where edible. 811 more words


Tarantula bits #4

Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason to a tarantula sling dying. I lost my Tapinauchenius violaceus the other day. It was eating well, kept in a good enclosure and seemed to be thriving. 529 more words

Arachnid Corner

The long road to Kampot - and tarantulas too.

So, we waved goodbye to our lovely hosts at the homestay:

and back on the fun bus for the long ride to Kampot.  My gawd it was long too. 1,251 more words


An Interview With Jamie from Jamie's Tarantulas (Including a Sneak Peek at her Black Friday Sale)

Anyone who has read my blog knows that one of my favorite places to shop for Ts has been Jamie’s Tarantulas. Carrying an excellent and ever-changing selection of species, Jamie’s is also one of the few dealers where you can pick up a spider, an enclosure, and feeder insects all in one stop. 5,237 more words


Psalmopoeus cambridgei "The Trinidad Chevron" Husbandry Notes

When I first got heavy into the hobby, I was immediately attracted to tarantulas from the genus Poecilotheria. As a result, I skipped some of the “stepping stone” arboreal species that keepers usually start out with to prepare for these advanced Old World spiders. 851 more words


Postcard From The Ol' West

Hi! We’re having a delightful stay in the sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy (KNOCK IT OFF, DORMOUSE!) border town of Deming, New Mexico.

People come here to be where it’s warm in the winter and cheap all the time! 213 more words

Hauntings:Tales from Gold Canyon the First Collection



A Glass of Water


Finding Bigfoot

Tent Camping

Whispers in the Wind

Ghost Birds

Night of the Scorpions

The Closet

The Trail to the Left… 9 more words