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Hungry Little Critters

I fed all of my tarantulas except for my lil baby Brachypelma vagans (Ninhursag) last name. And every single one of them ate by this morning. 250 more words

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Voracious Little Buggers

Man, Miwi my Tapinauchenius violaceus and Balthazaar, the Chaetoplema olivaceum, are such great eaters, it is magnificent. I fed them each a live cricket on 5/20/2016 and within an hour both had fully gobbled down their meal. 41 more words

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Spiders on a plane...

Two tarantulas on a Air Transat flight to Montreal caused massive panic  among the passengers,  followed by the inevitable claim of shock and suffering,  followed by a demand for a partial refund.

"Aggressive" Tarantulas Get Loose On Flight, Everybody Freaks Out

In the latest installment of our Arachnids On A Plane series* comes Spiders On A Plane: 2 Fast 2 Be In The Cabin. It’s the second occasion we’ve heard of spiders, specifically tarantulas, getting loose on a plane. 387 more words

Food Chronicles, Chronicled

Rajah (T. sp Colombia) did take the cricket the second time around at some point 5/18 late at night.

Both Miwi (T. violaceus) and Balthazaar (C. 80 more words

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Feeding Update!

Rajah never took to her mealworm, and I never fed a live one. I tried a live cricket 5/16 and she did not take it. I pulled it out and retried this morning before work. 90 more words

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Sadly a death occured

At some point during a three day stay at my boyfriends, I lost Falcon the second of two remaining Kochiana brunnipes of an initial three. They had both been fed on Friday night. 41 more words

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