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A Word about Tarantula Bites

Feels Just Like a Bee Sting…If the Bee was 7″ Long!

When I decided that I was going to acquire some new tarantulas after keeping a G. 1,888 more words


Red in Tooth and Claw and Paralysis

Nature is not a friendly place.  Life is often nasty, brutish, and short, and death is no picnic either.  There are some truly sadistic ways animals have dreamed up to dispatch and consume each other.  321 more words

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Feel the need for an empathy workout? Think of one of the most horrifying creatures you can imagine--GIANT SPIDER!!! Got that? Good. Now try feeling sorry for it. Having trouble? Don't worry. My son the naturalist will help you get there. Read on.

An introduction

A shop window in the making… for lovers of tarantulas.

We welcome beginners and hobbyists, equally. Questions are encouraged. Photos are desirable (but not copyrighted ones without express permission from the owner). 213 more words


So I'm going to be a pet owner at last...

So after some research, I’m not getting a Tarantula. I’m getting TWO tarantulas and I’m seriously jazzed. All my life I have been an “Arachna-head”, probably due to an utter love affair with Charlotte’s Web when I was young. 697 more words


Friday Fictioneers - Tunnel of Terror

Thanks Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Stephen Baum for this week’s photo prompt.

Tunnel of Terror

As Ollie’s eyes adjusted to the dark he could just make out a large tank of leaves and twigs. 80 more words

Flash Fiction

The Best Small Tarantula Enclosures

Any time you bring home a new pet, it’s essential that you also bring home everything your new pet will need – food, cage/kennel, toys, etc. 363 more words


The miracle of life! Tarantula molting

Agnes molted! This was a very exciting time for us. A grad student in my lab and I sat, rapt with awe, for almost an hour as she slowly pulled free of her old skin (and old life!) and became a whole new spider.  194 more words