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The miracle of life! Tarantula molting

Agnes molted! This was a very exciting time for us. A grad student in my lab and I sat, rapt with awe, for almost an hour as she slowly pulled free of her old skin (and old life!) and became a whole new spider.  194 more words


Tarantula Care Sheets - An (Un)necessary Evil

We’ve all done it.

While perusing a tarantula site, you come across a new species that totally catches your eye, but whose care and husbandry you are unfamiliar with. 1,220 more words


Quick and Easy DIY Tarantula Enclosure - Arboreal

A simple, attractive, and stackable arboreal enclosure.

Having spent the last year burying and repurposing just about every conceivable container for use as tarantula cages, I’ve finally settled on a few sizes and styles that I plan to use from this point on. 958 more words


And Here Come the Tarantulas

So you think your town’s got troubles?

The town of Maningrida in Northwest Territory, Australia, has been invaded by 25,000 “diving tarantulas” that can live underwater, bite you real bad, and make you quite sick ( … 147 more words


Over 25,000 F*cking Spiders Have Invaded This Australian Town

This isn’t the title of Netflix’s next horror thriller, this is (unfortunately) real life.

Maningrida, a small town in northern Australia has been overrun by thousands of hungry tarantula spiders. 110 more words

Updates on our Arthropod pets

I’ve posted about some of the delightful arthropod pets that live in my office before, but we’ve had some adorable additions that I thought I would share. 99 more words


Grammostola iheringi (Entre Rios)

A gorgeous “grammy” with plenty of spunk.

About a year ago, I was perusing various topics on a tarantula message board when I came across a spider I had never seen or heard of before. 725 more words