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Re-homing your reptile - UK

Due to their long lifespans, many people take on the commitment of owning a reptile but cannot foresee circumstances in the future which may mean they can no longer care for their beloved pet. 182 more words

Leopard Gecko

Spider Chat on Skype (No Sales)

I am fed up of being limited by what you can do with facebook messenger – either it lags or you are unable to establish a stable connection. 79 more words


fear relativity...

territorial tarantulas
traversing the terrain
terrified terry to tears
but not as much
as texting truckers
in tractor trailers
tailgating his toyota tacoma



Welcome to my tarantulas

In honor of my successful training at the Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, I would like to shove my own tarantulas in your face. 112 more words


The Bodyguard Spider and the Pet Frog

Some people like to keep tarantulas as pets. Others might prefer to keep frogs. What would you say about a tarantula that keeps a frog as its pet? 138 more words


The World Wide Web

How many times have you walked around a yard in the early morning, late afternoon or even in the middle of the day when all of a sudden you start flopping around like you have been afflicted with Saint Elmo’s Fire.  509 more words

How did the trapdoor spider cross the continents?

A Trapdoor spider found in only two places on earth likely travelled by raft from South Africa to South Australia millions of years ago.

Researchers from the  524 more words