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Reptile Rangers

To finish off our fantastic first half-term, today we had some very interesting visitors!

The Reptile Rangers team brought in many fascinating creatures; Giant African Millipede, Blue Tongued Skink, Western Hog Nose, Boa Constrictor, Chilean Rose Tarantula, Bearded Dragon and a Hissing Cockroach. 102 more words

Key Stage 3

Tarantula Hunting

New Wilderness, New Exotic Creatures

One thing about moving to the Southwest, there sure are some amazing and gnarly looking bugs out here. The desert is not brown and dead like I imagined it would be before moving here. 792 more words


Tarantula Mating Season, Santa Barbara County

No photos on this blog have ever been staged, but in the interest of honesty I’d like to note that this tarantula, found walking a few yards away, was placed atop this branch in order to allow a better snapshot. 775 more words


7 Wierd Dishes From Around The World

Ever dreamt of eating tarantulas or raw octopus? Me, No!!! But if you have, then that dream can be fulfilled easily. Because these are actually eaten in different parts of the world? 377 more words


Poem of the Day

Ten Tarantulas

There are ten tarantulas

That live in a terrarium

Their names all start with ‘T’

There’s Tina, Tony and Tom Thumb.

Ted and Tilly (they’re the twins) 46 more words

Poem Of The Day

Avicularia juruensis "Yellow Banded Pinktoe" Husbandry Notes

While looking for a unique arboreal species, I noticed that Tanya at Fear Not Tarantulas had some Avicularia juruensis slings for sale.  Although I already had a couple of avics, including an… 1,230 more words


A Nasty Email (and Temperatures and Humidity Revisited)

Well, it was bound to happen.

After several years of writing for Tom’s Big Spiders, I finally received my first piece of nasty correspondence. Honestly, the streak had to end eventually, as to date, 100% of my interactions with other keepers has been completely positive. 3,346 more words