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SBo sources

The SBo project does not host the sources of the packages that are built. It is an elegant approach to save space, but occasionally presents problems. 148 more words


Daten Archive und komprimieren per Linux Terminal

Beispiel archivieren

tar -cf <Archiv>.tar <Datei>

Beispiel archivieren und komprimieren mit Parameter -z

tar -czf <Archivname>.tar.gz <Dateien>

Komprimierte Archive besitzen meistens die Endung .tar.gz, häufig verwendet wird auch die Endung .tzg… 149 more words


HoneyNet Scan of the Month 15 | Linux Palvelimena

Linux Palvelimena kolmannen kotitehtävän ensimmäisessä osassa oli tarkoitus ratkaista HoneyNet Scan of the Month 15. Tuttuun tapaan käyttöjärjestelmänä on Xubuntu 13.10 64-bit versio joka pyörii VirtualBoxilla. 1,802 more words

using netcat to transfer files between servers

If you wish to avoid the overhead of the ssh encryption algorithm you can use netcat to transfer the files. Be warned, that this is plain text, so you should only use this on a trusted network (or with non-sensitive data). 75 more words


Dealing with Tar (tarball)

A “.tar” file is not a compressed files, it is a collection of files within a single file uncompressed. If the file is a .tar.gz (“tarball”) or “.tgz” file it is a collection of files that is compressed. 108 more words

Tarball (on-the-fly) coupled with the power of openssh

This little process will create a tarball from a specified directory, then transfer it via ssh and extract it on the fly.  The advantage of this method is the tarball is never needed to be created, transferred and then extracted. 43 more words


turning a series of tarballs into a series of git commits

I find that gitk, the git history browser, is immensely valuable for navigating code. I found myself wanting to navigate the history of code for which I only had the release tarballs. 163 more words