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“Hello, is this Dean Winchester?” Said a voice on the phone. It was three in the morning and dean was tired from a hard job the day before. 1,718 more words

Episode #037 – Furtive Tuesday 1

Having escaped the madness of Jeff’s games, our heroes (& Adric) arrive on a spaceship with flying footballs & a strangely garlicky odour! How good is the Doctor in a staring contest? 99 more words


Scarf Saga 3 - "The Visitation" plus Math is Fun!

I really enjoyed The Visitation. I was trying to put my finger on why I liked it so much, because the plot was nothing special. I think I liked it because it had a very familiar feel to it, with many standard Doctor Who scenarios such as: 615 more words

Doctor Who

Who'd Have Sonic?

Pretty self-explanatory. A list of every use of the sonic screwdriver in the original series of Doctor Who. Enjoy! 

Second Doctor

  • Fury From the Deep – Opening a pipeline inspection hatch.

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Dr Who

1. Rose

Note: It took me a while to get the format of what I wanted to talk about with my girl. For these first few blogs, I thought I’d ask her to write a review… 217 more words

Doctor Who

First Doctor comes back to Big Finish

We are getting very excited about seeing Peter Capaldi not only regenerate into Jodi Whittaker in the Christmas Day special of Doctor Who but also his meeting with the first Doctor. 132 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who - David Tennant

Yeah, he was great as Doctor Who, but I still prefer Matt Smith.  I think Tennant was lucky with his timing on the show.  He was in it when the writing was at the peek of excellence for New Who.   38 more words