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Spring has Sprung, Boston Edition

Hello there,

I hope your grandma, Maggie, and Borden are feeling better this week. Even though they all look adorable, it would be better if they were free from some of those maladies. 206 more words

The Nightmare : Where? What? When? . . . Homer, Shakespeare, Dr. Who

The glare. In front. Above. In your ears; on your skin. Radiation. Run! Run outside! Where? The corridor is here, it paces with each of your strides, just ahead of you. 902 more words


Doctor Who: Paradox Lost

The Short Version: In 1910, strange creatures are devouring the minds of Londoners. In 2789, an android over 1600 years old is pulled from the Thames – and so the Doctor, Amy, and Rory begin battle against the Squall, teaming up with one Professor Angelchrist along the way… 705 more words


5 for 5: Episodes Where the Producers Phoned It In

We could go on for hours, probably days about the great episodes of Doctor Who over the last 50+ years (hence our dedicated section to the finest episodes… 1,420 more words


Meet the Makers: Tampa Hackerspace

Now two years old, Tampa Hackerspace is one of the oldest Tampa Bay public workshops around and one of the biggest and most active.  Several of the makers around their booth, are also members, and developed their creations and projects at Tampa Hackerspace.   368 more words

Gulf Coast MakerCon

Voices from the Vortex


I’m Matthew Stuart Weitkamp, one of the two dudes from Gallifrey. This, “Voices from the Vortex”, is my podcast. It’s a Doctor Who themed podcast about two time lords who travel through time and space and broadcast their adventures. 72 more words