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A Creative Genius

Hannah is this beautiful tiny little woman who loves in Texas with her handsome Englishman husband.

Hannah runs a shop, Coffee Scribbles, on Etsy where she sells her amazing eclectic artwork. 334 more words


Smile review: All is forgiven Frank

Well, another week, another Doctor Who. After the fast paced frenzy of last week and the introduction of a great new companion, this week took a much slower pace with an episode that evoked Classic Who, in particular The Ark in Space and The Happiness Patrol. 801 more words


Pokemon Moon Comic 63: Crack in Time


Coincidentally, the new season of Doctor Who started last weekend! For a while now I’ve actually kicked around the idea of Pokemon Time Lords, basically Time Lords but they’re Pokemon, with the unique feature that upon regeneration they become entirely different Pokemon. 43 more words


Doctor Who S10 E02: 'Smile'

Imagine a time when everyone is happy, sounds pretty good, right? What if they were forced to be happy by penalty of death? That’s the future that The Doctor and Bill visit in this episode of… 824 more words


REVIEW: Doctor Who S10E02 - "Smile" (spoilers)

We’re back for another review of Doctor Who! As always, this review will not be spoiler free, so if you’ve yet to see Smile, then you should probably watch the episode first.  1,239 more words

Science Fiction

RECAP & REVIEW: Doctor Who - 'The Pilot' (Series 10, Episode 1)

So what happened?

After settling at St Luke’s University as a professor and his assistant, the TARDIS tucked away in the corner of his office with an ‘out of order’ sign on the door, The Doctor and Nardole see the potential in Bill Potts, a young woman who works in the canteen, and invite her to come and speak with them. 2,671 more words

Peter Capaldi

Man to build TARDIS by "smashing atoms inside bouncy castle"

A young physics wiz is set to make sci-fans’ ultimate dream a reality by building his very own Dr Who spaceship.

The TARDIS (standing for Time And Relative Directions In Space) is familiar to viewers worldwide as the 1960s police box which contains an enormous vessel capable of travelling through the wibbly wobbly vortex. 258 more words