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Quick Take - The Company You Keep 2 (SOLY, Various Honig Scams, Jonathan Lebed!)

Well look who shows up as a buyer in the recent Soliton (SOLY) private placement? Peruse the recently filed S-1/A, and one will discover a not-so-mysterious entity called the… 174 more words


Vacation Update - Yes, they're obviously both scams (BSGM, SOLY)

Although BuyersStrike! HQ has been closed the last 10 days, and will remain closed for at least another week, thanks to vacation, to answer a rather enormous amount of… 210 more words

Bad Directors

The Company You Keep (SOLY, GOPH)

While researching the various low rent stock promoters hired to pump ridiculous Reg scAm stinker Soliton (SOLY), one can imagine the sheer joy at BuyersStrike HQ! 283 more words

Reverse Mergers

Soliton Covering Their Tracks? (SOLY)

Two weeks ago, on May 31st, we looked at SOLY‘s rather bizarre, undocumented, “clinical trial” for their RAP device.

In an obvious attempt to cover their tracks, on June 10th the company hastily registered a trial into the government’s… 256 more words


3 Month Twitter Jail Update (TWTR)

Three months since the ‘tards at Twitter put the @BuyersStrike account into a deep freeze for “teh hatez”. Here is evidence of your author’s evil: 80 more words


Quick Take - The Honest Crook (SOLY)

Ever wonder just who is being paid to tout Reg scAm turd Soliton (SOLY)? One of the websites pushing the stock is… 210 more words


Another day, another shameless PR stunt by Soliton (SOLY)

Walter Klemp and his klown krew are at it again this morning, with a new breathless press release from his Soliton (SOLY) Reg… 250 more words