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3 Key Things to Learn About Your Target Customer | Business News Daily

If you’re starting a business, you’ve probably defined your “target customer.” You know their age, gender, location and perhaps even their income and education levels. But demographics alone won’t give you a complete picture of who’s buying your products. 76 more words

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People First, Sales Second: 5 Tips for Winning BIG at Networking Events!

I know, I know. You probably frowned at that title because it goes against everything you ever learned and loved about doing big business. But I assure you, it is the absolute truth and fuddling it is probably the reason your business isn’t where it needs to be. 1,091 more words

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My Online Trading Experience  

Happy New Year 2015

This time I want to share my experience in selling my handmade products on Trademe, which is similar to eBay. Prior to list my product on Trademe, I have checked the New Zealand Inland Revenue to ensure that my trading activity will be categorised as a hobby, not a commercial one. 1,547 more words

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Gen X as a Target Customer - Part Two | Lydia Mehit

Continuing our discussion of Generation X as our target consumer, we have gathered a variety of facts about our subjects and now need to use those facts to answer the following questions. 1,477 more words


Generation X as a Target Customer | Lydia Mehit

Many business owners think that EVERYONE is their customer, so they create a coupon, find a monthly delivery system (a coupon magazine or coupon mailer) and hope for the best.  733 more words

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Hooking your First Customer

Is your startup a customer virgin? These steps should help get things moving.

The majority of people don’t like selling, or don’t think of themselves as good salespeople so push selling down their list of priorities. 1,166 more words


Who are your CUSTOMERS?

  • Understand your customers..

     There is no doubt that customers are the main element to run your business. If you don’t get into your customers’ needs or ignores their requests, you might probably lose them. 343 more words