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Small, medium, and large business owners are all trying to find the key to unlock the mystery of advertising.  When I used to call on businesses and suggest using xx media as their place to advertise, often I could hear their frustration before I finished my first sentence.  330 more words


Market Dissection

As brutal as it might sound: let’s dissect the market

it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the market you are operating in. 332 more words

Market Segmentation

March 11: Meetup 26 - Make your value propositions click with the customer

RSVP: http://ow.ly/L4lu309zQGr

How to to make your value propositions click with the customer

Hear this story, where Baba Sam would share from their past 25 years of combined work experience in Sales, & alliance functions, in the Indian IT Industry… 120 more words


NEWS PICK: What Fashion Brands Can Learn From The Tech Spirit

This article has an interesting take. While at FXF we constantly insist on the essential role of branding, this article offers an interesting angle to the question. 41 more words


What is a Social Media Manager?

You’ve been told to increase your audience you should hire a social media manager? But what does a social media manager do? Is is really worth the expense? 165 more words