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A Robust Framework for generating Retirement Income

How much Income do you need in Retirement?

The focus is often on accumulated wealth e.g. how much do you need to save to retire on? 974 more words

Making Better Investment Decisions

Target Date Funds

In our fist blog we explain Target Date Funds. Click on the link as we describe these funds often found in retirement plans. They will be associated with a year like 2030 or 2040. 39 more words

Shortcomings of Target Date and Life Cycle Funds

Target Date Funds, also referred to as Glide Path Funds or Life Cycle Funds, reduce the equity allocation in favour of more conservative investments, fixed interest and cash, as the investor gets closer to retirement. 545 more words

Making Better Investment Decisions

Snapshots of TDF performance miss the big picture

If you came to my house, you’d see lots of freshly framed wedding photos. The pictures are very meaningful to my wife and me, reminding us of everything that happened on our wedding day just a couple of months ago. 1,442 more words


Target Date Funds: What's the Deal? (2 minute read)

As promised in Investing Basics 101, here is what you need to know about Target Date Funds:

Many 401(k) plans offer a target date fund as an investment choice. 135 more words


A tipping point for target-date funds

As of October 2017, Vanguard plan participants reached a critical (and encouraging!) tipping point. Half of all Vanguard participants are invested in a single target-date fund (TDF). 345 more words


Overweighting REITs in TDFs: Is it worth a leap of faith?

When was the last time you took a leap of faith? Maybe you slid down a giant waterslide, skied the double-black diamond trail, changed careers, or ate snails for dinner. 876 more words