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A tipping point for target-date funds

As of October 2017, Vanguard plan participants reached a critical (and encouraging!) tipping point. Half of all Vanguard participants are invested in a single target-date fund (TDF). 345 more words


Overweighting REITs in TDFs: Is it worth a leap of faith?

When was the last time you took a leap of faith? Maybe you slid down a giant waterslide, skied the double-black diamond trail, changed careers, or ate snails for dinner. 876 more words


What Color is the Sky? A Book Celebration (and review)

“It’s a wonderful thing to behold when you see someone take control of their finances AND their life.” – Finley

I finished my 2nd read of “ 843 more words

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Investors Cause Yield Curve to Invert

After the Fed made the yield curve look flatter, investors can make the yield curve look inverted. The strong demand for long-term US government bonds may cause the yield curve to invert. 1,636 more words


The biggest risk to target-date funds isn't what you'd expect

Interest rates have had a bumpy ride lately, that’s for sure. After hovering for years at historically low levels, 10-year U.S. Treasury yields started climbing in late 2016 and have been trying to hold onto upward momentum since—however haltingly. 1,352 more words


Target Date Funds—Does One Size Really Fit All?

If you have ever opened a brokerage account with an advisor, you know the first step is gathering information to determine the risk profile and appropriate investment allocation for the individual. 403 more words

Chocolate-covered target-date funds?

Do you like chocolate? How about bacon? Most people will say they enjoy these treats from time to time.

But, have you ever eaten chocolate-covered bacon? 897 more words