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One size fits all

As good ideas catch on and become hugely popular—like target-date funds (TDFs)—they naturally attract a lot of attention and scrutiny. TDFs account for a growing share of 401(k) savings—a trend we don’t see abating anytime soon. 528 more words


Target date fund performance: A wide but shallow river

Target date funds are simple as a concept—funds with longer durations invest for long-term growth, while shorter duration funds seek less variability in performance to provide more stability and a little growth. 315 more words

Vanguard announces changes to target retirement and life strategy funds

On February 26, 2015  Vanguard  announced changes to its suites of target retirement and life strategy funds.

These low-cost,  broadly diversified indexed balanced funds are options in numerous employer-provided retirement plans, many 529 college savings plans, and  are a popular choice of individual investors, primarily for funding individual retirement accounts. 609 more words

Target Date Funds

When is change a good thing?

I’ve been thinking about change a lot lately. When I was growing up, my family moved a lot—by the time I landed in high school, I had attended four different schools in three different places. 746 more words

Portfolio Construction

Target-Date Funds Are Cruise Control Of Investing

Target-date, or life cycle, funds are the cruise control of investing. After you choose which fund to invest in, the fund does all the work for you. 495 more words


Coming Up: The 12th Annual ERISA update event

On November 6th, 2014, the ABC (ASPPA Benefits Council) of the Great Northwest (www.asppa.org/About/ABCs/Great-Northwest) will be hosting its 12th Annual ERISA update event. Program topics include new FINRA and SEC guidance, DOL audits, retirement income, fiduciary education, 408(b)(2) evaluations, and target date funds. 200 more words

4th reason to use investment loss in the oversight process

Diversification can fail during a crisis

Despite reducing volatility in a bull stock trend, the commodity and gold allocations in target-date funds may increase a fund’s loss during the next financial crisis. 81 more words

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