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Travel Destination - Motivation | Grace Santorini

I wanna travel and go to so many places! My girlfriend motivates me a lot and this is the hotel that she recently showed me, and this place is just BEAUTIFUL! 126 more words


Material Motivation - A Couple Ring For My Girlfriend & I

I’ve been with my girlfriend for more than 4 years now. There are a lot of things that I wanna be able to give her, well, to us. 343 more words


New Year - New Targets

In my last post, I talked about updating your resume and cover letter – two of the three most critical documents for a job search. With absolutely no data to back me up, I will bet that 99% of job seekers (for professional jobs) have resumes and 75% regularly use cover letters. 612 more words

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015!

By all accounts, this looks to be a good year for the job hunter. The economy is growing and adding jobs. People are moving between jobs and creating opportunities. 429 more words

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Welcome to … The Holiday Zone

For those of you old enough to remember this – imagine some twinkling music in the background and Rod Serling’s voice saying …

“Job seeker, you’ve noticed something has changed – there are fewer openings – no one returns your calls – everyone seems distracted. 445 more words

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Can You Help Me?

In 1951, famed journalist Edward R. Murrow launched a radio program called This I Believe. The idea was to have people, both famous and not, write and then read essays about what they believed in. 465 more words

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Fall Back into a Focused Job Search

Summer is behind us, and the kids are back in school. As life settles into the fall routine, this is the time to get serious about ramping up your job search if you hope to be in a new job in 2015.  1,057 more words

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