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Reprieve: Leaked documents on UK's Artful Dodging in drone strike complicity

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For immediate release: Monday Dec 29, 2014

Leaked documents raise new questions over UK complicity in secret US drone strikes… 275 more words

Leaked CIA report reveals Obama ignored intelligence, escalated drone strikes

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For immediate release: Fri Dec 19, 2014

Obama escalated US drones despite CIA document arguing strikes ineffective and risky… 235 more words

Reprieve: UK's Theresa May claims ignorance of renditions

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For immediate release: Mon Dec 15th, 2014

Home Secretary’s comments on torture raise more questions than they answer

Commenting on the Home Secretary’s appearance before Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee today to answer questions about UK involvement in torture and rendition, in the wake of last week’s US Senate report, Donald Campbell from human rights charity Reprieve said: 180 more words

Reprieve: UK must pull head out of sand on US drone ops

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For immediate release: Thu Nov 27, 2014

Ex-GCHQ boss: UK must publish policy on US drone strikes

The former director of intelligence agency GCHQ has called on the British Government to publish its policy on sharing intelligence with the US which is used to target covert drone strikes. 407 more words

UK tries still harder to hide role in renditions

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For immediate release: Mon Nov 10, 2014

UK Govt attempts to push rendition case out of High Court

The High Court will tomorrow (Tues 11 November) consider whether a case concerning UK involvement in rendition and torture in Iraq and Afghanistan should be heard. 442 more words

Bereaved Yenemis join hands, hearts - form National Organization for Drone Victims #NODV

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For Immediate Release: Wed April 2, 2014

Bereaved Yemenis speak at launch of drone victims’ organisation

A group of people who have lost loved ones to US drone strikes in Yemen yesterday launched a national organisation, which will support affected communities and highlight the civilian impact of the “targeted killing” programme. 456 more words