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Drone strike on Syria not authorized by Parliament kills two Brits: Reprieve comments.

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For immediate release: Monday Sep 07, 2015

UK drone strikes in Syria – Reprieve comment

Commenting on the announcement that a UK drone strike in Syria ordered without Parliamentary approval has killed two British citizens, Kat Craig, Legal Director of Reprieve’s Abuses in Counter-Terrorism team, said: 171 more words

Reprieve: UK needs to come clean on involvement in US strikes on Yemen, Pakistan

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For immediate release: Thu July 23, 2015

UK pilots embedded at US drone base responsible for Pakistan, Yemen strikes… 525 more words

Reprieve: PM must come clean on UK’s part in US secret drone war

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For immediate release: Mon July 13, 2015

PM must provide answers on UK’s part in US secret drone war… 153 more words

Reprieve: more evidence of UK/European role in US drone strikes

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For immediate release: Wed June 24, 2015

New documents yet more evidence of UK & European role in US drone strikes… 404 more words

Barack Obama

Reprieve: @WhiteHouse apologies for #drone civilian deaths are reserved for Westerners

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For immediate release: Thurs April 23, 2015

US drone killed two hostages: Reprieve comment

Commenting on today’s news that a US drone mistakenly killed two hostages, an Italian and an American, in a January strike, Reprieve US attorney Alka Pradhan, who represents other civilian victims of drone attacks, said: 170 more words

Reprieve: Leaked documents on UK's Artful Dodging in drone strike complicity

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For immediate release: Monday Dec 29, 2014

Leaked documents raise new questions over UK complicity in secret US drone strikes… 275 more words

Leaked CIA report reveals Obama ignored intelligence, escalated drone strikes

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For immediate release: Fri Dec 19, 2014

Obama escalated US drones despite CIA document arguing strikes ineffective and risky… 235 more words