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Why Are Environmental Activists Being Murdered At A Record Rate? (Video)

(N.Morgan) This regime is becoming notorious for its State Sanctioned Assassinations. What is going on with all of these “deaths” among the Environmental Activists? 214 more words


Regime Targeting Individuals? G4T Response To FBI Domestic Terrorism Charges (Video)

(N.Morgan) Many Youtubers know who G4T is and have watched him and his friend, Badfinger on their adventures. Now, G$T has been charged with making terrorist threats to a a school. 246 more words


About targeted-individuals (Army Veterans)


This is probably the prime information site on gang stalking in the UK, and one of the best in the world. Perhaps because it is written by professional soldiers. 209 more words

Monarch Mind Control: Suspect In Kansas City Shooting Spree Was A Major FBI Informant In The 1980s (Video)

(N.Morgan) The shooting rampage that took place in Overland Park KS at the Jewish center, was done by someone who was a major FBI asset in the ’80′s! 470 more words

False Flag Ops

Opponents Of ‘Socialist Tyranny’ Seen As The Enemy By DHS & FEMA (Video)

(N.Morgan) Any citizen who disagrees with the Obama regime has now been labeled a terrorist. If one chooses to live and defend the Constitution, they have been deemed a danger to this country and made enemy #1. 201 more words


It’s Growing, Growing — Study Finds That 29% Of Americans Advocate For Armed Rebellion (Video)

(N.Morgan) As discontent grows in our country, the call for an armed rebellion is also growing and festering, in many Americans souls. The tyranny of losing our rights, our freedoms, our property, have reached a fevered pitch and is demanding revolt more daily. 484 more words


The Death of My Husband In 2004

This will be the only post on this subject. There were many chaotic events surrounding us and family members before his death. The first was involving law enforcement. 787 more words