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Motives for Mind Control : Part I

Allen Barker, June 13, 2001

This essay is the first in a series of three on mind control.  It discusses some of the motives for mind control and why it continues.  4,942 more words

US: Torture Without Borders

Author: Janet Phelan

An attorney with the State of California reports being gassed inside her home and taken to a hospital Emergency Room, following repeated incidents of electromagnetic attacks. 2,460 more words

State Surveillance & Control

VIDEO -- United Nations Assassins Target Rainetta Jones & Dr. Amanda Mary! - The LanceScurv Show

by LanceScurv
Jul 3, 2016

THIS JUST IN: Two United Nations Hitmen/Assassins manhandled Dr. Amanda Mary to silence her to never speak on the location of the microchip placed in the body of inventor Rainetta Jones! 167 more words


To the Academic Researcher of gang stalking, organized stalking, and group stalking

This is a blog attempting to assist the researcher of organized stalking, group stalking, cause stalking, etc.

Unlike many, many blogs out there, I ask the researcher to do their own critical thinking, and to create their own hypotheses- to test my conclusions against the conclusions of others in a scientific manner. 267 more words

Nano Implants - Neural Smartdust

By Cultocracy

People around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that governments & the military industrial complex have been conducting illegal human experimentation with nano technology . 478 more words

Psychotronic Warfare

Targeted Individuals - Alex Jones & Dr. John Hall

Alex Jones interviews Dr. John Hall author of A NEW BREED Satellite Terrorism in America, discussing ELF, Microwave, acoustic and electromagnetic weapons being developed and their documented use on American citizens. 18 more words