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Are these nanoparticles?

I’m being daft here.

This is a basic UK tesco cake. I used an microscope app on phone huwei camera. I saw these highlighted lights inside the jam bit of the cake. 21 more words


I've gone back to scripture

If you read most of my blogs you have noticed my interactions with angels of love, dark angels and government influences.

I’ve documenting everything off line in journals. 387 more words



Out of your mouth you are you. You have no idea what you have done.cam you agree you are with him? You are you. I did a meditation this morning took me two hours to relax and I used colour. 326 more words


Nanotechnology News – December 2019


Cultocracy introduction :

Actually three introductions this week , all related .

News this month tells us that the newly (s)elected UK government are due to create a defence research agency modeled on the infamous DARPA .

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Targeted Individuals


You probably guess what i think about this Michael-case in “Arman ja Suomen rikosmysteerit” TV-show. HOW ITS POSSIBLE THIS KINDA GUY (even FBI labeled him as serial killer) WAS RUNNING FREE IN HELSINKI and i was hunted by G4S, Securitas, Turvatiimi, and was there some cops involved too? 129 more words

UPSTAIRS FAMILY BEHAVIOUR... and something else

Taas helvetin hyvä esimerkki mitä tässä tapahtuu. Aiemmin kun olin netissä ehkä tunnin/kaksi niin yläkerrassa hiiren hiljaista vaikka olivat paikalla, kun suljin koneen/netin ja menin keittiöön, heti kuului askeleet keittiön päälle ja paukautus lattiaan, kuin heillä ei olisi mitään tekemistä kuin stalkkaus. 191 more words


Probably could happen in cable network of any other service provider.

1st of all internet manipulation, internet stalking; Someone can lower and speed up the connection suddenly and significantly, has nothing to do with computer/operating system. 166 more words