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The Difference between Non-lethal weapons and Gang stalking/V2K sounds

When looking for explanations of what is happening to us the only source of information is from other TI’s and the internet and most of the information is gained from unverified or sources with out authority. 68 more words

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

VIDEO -- Dr. Richard Alan Miller exposes Iona Miller as CIA "spin writer"

via Gnostic Media
Jun 17, 2015

Dr. Richard Alan Miller exposes ex-wife, Iona Miller as CIA “spin writer”.


VIDEO -- Richmond City Council ban spaced-based weapons

via EUCACH – European Coalition Against Covert Harassment
May 24, 2015

Richmond, California City Council which just passed a resolution “in support of the Space Preservation Act and the Space Preservation Treaty to permanently ban spaced-based weapons”. 14 more words


Metropolitan Police and Security forces Electronic survailance/Harassment Tools

The mainstream media finally caught on to the use of stingrays in UK by the security forces and Metropolitan police. Stingrays are not the only tools available to them. 420 more words

Metropolitan Police London

MUST WATCH -- Expose-Brussels Police falsify TI report; CBS reporting disinfo on Richmond CA mind control ban

by Alfred Lambremont Webre
June 5, 2015


VANCOUVER, BC – Dr. Edward Spencer MD, who testified before the Richmond CA City Council in its May 19, 2015 hearing and Resolution endorsing the Space Preservation Act and Treaty, and Melanie Vritschan of the European Coalition against Covert Harassment – EUCACH.ORG, discuss the implications of breakthroughs in deconstructing the Transhumanist Agenda to robotize and mind control humanity. 117 more words


220 Case Studies

I don’t know if she ever submitted this information to a journal, but this woman has interviewed 220 TIs. It has lots of useful information. 6 more words