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I took Anti-depressants 💊

So I took some antidepressants and I feel ….. LESS happy if I really explore all my feels. I feel less happy, more….. Dry? Is the best way to maybe describe it. 107 more words

Targeted Individual - Torture & Terrorism

Cultocracy note :

A Google search using the term “targeted individual” gives 273,000 results , therefore the actual number of targeted individuals (TI’s) must run into the millions , possibly 100’s of millions , maybe even more .

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Man & machine will be melded into One within 20yrs – IBM expert

Cultocracy note :

Increasing evidence that the controllers have a vision of the future that does not include ourselves , or at the best , part of ourselves .

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Schiz to  Anxiety 😩

I’ve noticed the more the demon turns down in “volume/intensity”, the more I feel the false sense of anxiety or tiredness seen as depression.

Not that I need anxiety, its already painful to walk, breathe,my head is pounding non stop all day, my body is trembling in this strange way like chills but its not cold, I pee like im pregnant, and I can’t control anything happens to my mind and body. 15 more words

Burlingame, Highway Patrol, Fire Truck, Transit, One Vehicle With Lights and Siren Going North While Cal Fire is Leaving Town 

Wow! Busy day for law enforcement, Flack, Fire Fighters. The fires are just about out, but all but Cal Fire was going north. Interesting.

I saw a refrigerator sitting at the curb with a free sign on it. 344 more words

Gang Stalking

Trigger Warning: ⚠ #MeToo

So everyone is on this sexual violence outcry which is important. Women and men are speaking up. This is great, from harassment to any form of sexual violence not being afraid to speak up is important. 505 more words

Dragons Blood + Linkin Park 🐍

So last night I lit some dragons blood inscense to just to chill out.

So the demon started doing like some gregorian catholic “ahhhhhh” music. … 222 more words