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High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness

Cultocracy note :

This is an interesting & carefully researched article by US citizen Arlene Tyner . It is quite long , but stick with it & conduct further research into the issues raised yourselves .

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State Surveillance & Control

The British Mind Control Agent

The British Mind Control Agent

By C L Heywood (Copyright 2006)



FREE WILL: A TIs Greatest Asset, Oft Hardest to Employ

H. Michael Sweeney – proparanoid.wordpress.com

What you believe determines how you react under and are able to defend against targeting. That’s a key reason that targets are psychologically profiled before targeting even begins; the enemy needs to know what chains best to jerk. 4,031 more words

State Surveillance & Control

Motives for Mind Control : Part I

Allen Barker, June 13, 2001

This essay is the first in a series of three on mind control.  It discusses some of the motives for mind control and why it continues.  4,942 more words

US: Torture Without Borders

Author: Janet Phelan

An attorney with the State of California reports being gassed inside her home and taken to a hospital Emergency Room, following repeated incidents of electromagnetic attacks. 2,460 more words

State Surveillance & Control

VIDEO -- United Nations Assassins Target Rainetta Jones & Dr. Amanda Mary! - The LanceScurv Show

by LanceScurv
Jul 3, 2016

THIS JUST IN: Two United Nations Hitmen/Assassins manhandled Dr. Amanda Mary to silence her to never speak on the location of the microchip placed in the body of inventor Rainetta Jones! 167 more words