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Journal: Choisir

Moon waning crescent 25.1 days, Aries – Fire. Time 17:04, planet hours: Mars.

Choisir, in french it means choice or to choose. This word dominated my mind from time to time as I was learning the French language some time ago. 536 more words


US Evacuates Citizens From China after Directed Energy Weapon Attacks

The directed energy weapon attacks on ‘US diplomats’ in China has now escalated , initial reports suggested only one US employee had been targeted , this was blatantly untrue . 318 more words

Mind Control

I don't want to die like this 😭

I don’t want to leave this earth with a mind overrides with thoughts of child molesters, incest, my ex, racism, religious distortion, fear, shame, rape, demons, on replay. 180 more words

Kola Boof/Letter to Obama, 2016: "Illegal and Wholly Inhumane Stasi-Cointelpro-Like programs Being Executed by the U.S. Government to Target Individuals"

–Posted 6/6/2018

Kola Boof, Egyptian-Sudanese-American bestselling novelist, poet, television writer, whom I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing for over a year now, reports a saga of extrajudicial COINTELPRO surveillance, gang-stalking, and assault with anti-personnel electromagnetic neurotechnologies by the Deep State for years, in this powerful letter sent to President Barack Obama in 2016, which is re-posted here with permission.  1,604 more words

Waking Up

Cults , Brainwashing and Mind Control In The US

Cultocracy note :

 The basic premise of mind control has not changed much over the years ; sleep deprivation and isolation , irrational fears implanted in the mind to stifle critical thinking , these are all key points .

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