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August 25th, 2019

As we drove to the airport to leave for our vacation I was being dissuaded from flying by the nameless voices they play. But that didn’t stop the torture group from sending me on my way. 636 more words

Gang Stalking

Target the healers

Are you a healer? A general one? A loving one? Stay in love now as more than ever. I’m passed caring about people calling me a healer but some call it targeted individuals. 731 more words


Learning Disabilities Caused By Torture

What This Is

This is a program that causes learning disabilities in victims.

Where It Is Done

It is done in all torture cases on victims. 526 more words

Gang Stalking

Learning About The Technology While A Victim

The torture group does in some cases want to teach a victim what they do. They use the victim’s ignorance against them and the time when they are teaching the victim to torture them. 965 more words

Gang Stalking


Climate might be changing but not many dares to talk about wireless frequencies everywhere, im sure other people can feel them out there at least in bigger finnish cities. 132 more words

Knowing The Victim And The Torture Group

What This Is

This is when the torture group creates an individual file on the victim for use in their torture.

How They Do It… 1,580 more words

Gang Stalking

Keeping A Victim On Edge

What It Is
This is when the torture group uses their technology to create an environment that swings violently up and down in varying levels of negative intensity. 796 more words

Gang Stalking