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Reminder -- Animals are Included in Agenda 21's Depopulation Plan

The Agenda 21 description below will remind you that the world depopulation plan applies to animals as well as humans. The CNN article regarding the birds is below the Agenda 21 description. 280 more words

Targeted Individuals

This Smart Software Wouldn't Be So Smart to Use

We have to start looking at some of these “inventions”  for what they really are, which are well thought out plans to get you to volunteer your private information. 582 more words

Targeted Individuals

An advisory for healthcare professionals by Ben Colodzin Ph.D.

This letter is from Dr. Colodzin, a psychologist who understands what is happening to a selected few referred to as
targeted (tortured) individuals, or non-consensual biomedical, robotics, biotech (DNA, Genetic Modifications) research subjects. 1,540 more words

Civil Liberties And Human Rights Violations

Suspect in U.S. spy agency shooting linked to other incidents

This man displayed class voice 2 skull symptoms “voices in the head” which is often either misdiagnosed or covered up with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.  People experiencing this should research ways to shield so they NEVER act on the voices.  222 more words

Targeted Individuals

MUST WATCH -- EUCACH Melanie Vritschan: NSA is remotely assassinating me as it did Dr. Rauni Kilde

Alfred Lambremont Webre
Mar 6, 2015

EUCACH Melanie Vritschan: NSA is remotely assassinating me as it did Dr. Rauni Kilde


Dr. Robert Duncan Discusses Mind Control Tactics and Weapons

Dr. Robert Duncan has worked on weapons technologies for the dept of defense, the cia and the justice department.  While working on these weapons he was not told they would be used on the American population.  11 more words

Targeted Individuals

CALL TO ACTION: Targeted Individual Petition(s) to the International Criminal Court. Author~ John Finch

See original here~ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fZdyJJ4WxI1vpp0l4b2kmIBd-4kke9KJmRy_BKeagCo/edit?usp=sharing

Please send your petition, information and/or torture and abuse case summaries to them.


The more petitions, information and torture and abuse case summaries they receive the better. 1,404 more words

Targeted Individual