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Monarch Mind Control: Suspect In Kansas City Shooting Spree Was A Major FBI Informant In The 1980s (Video)

(N.Morgan) The shooting rampage that took place in Overland Park KS at the Jewish center, was done by someone who was a major FBI asset in the ’80′s! 470 more words

False Flag Ops

Opponents Of ‘Socialist Tyranny’ Seen As The Enemy By DHS & FEMA (Video)

(N.Morgan) Any citizen who disagrees with the Obama regime has now been labeled a terrorist. If one chooses to live and defend the Constitution, they have been deemed a danger to this country and made enemy #1. 201 more words


It’s Growing, Growing — Study Finds That 29% Of Americans Advocate For Armed Rebellion (Video)

(N.Morgan) As discontent grows in our country, the call for an armed rebellion is also growing and festering, in many Americans souls. The tyranny of losing our rights, our freedoms, our property, have reached a fevered pitch and is demanding revolt more daily. 484 more words


Feds Desperate To Hide Harry Reid Link To Bundy Land Grab (Video)

(N.Morgan) In this latest turn of events in regards to the Bundy Ranch Stand Off, the Feds are now scrambling to cover Harry Reid’s butt, after it got exposed that he had some business interest in the ranch and the raid was motivated by him and his cronies. 184 more words


Just Released: Aaron Swartz’s Police Booking Video

(N.Morgan) The tragic and untimely death of Aaron Swartz left a hole with many of us who are active in sharing the truth with others and waking up as many people as we can. 214 more words


The Targeted Individual Program

From my own experience this is what I believe has been happening to me and others. Most likely something very similar to COINTELPRO and similar Projects and Sub-projects. 1,774 more words

Gang stalking - the new slavery?

What do the following have in common? Domestic abuse, trafficking, cults, confidence tricks, protection rackets, espionage recruitment, political indoctrination, gang stalking.

Control of the target/victim, and their total exploitation. 356 more words