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FISA Abuse, Gang-Stalking, Whistle-Blower

FISA abuses: Whistleblowers, TIs (Targeted Individuals), Gang Stalking and deep state surveillance of Targeted Individuals. TI, Surveillance – https://t.co/nVscoUe9tO


VIDEO -- Church of AI Godmother Superior Sophia : Way of the Future

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Dec 4, 2017

Confess your sins to the machine and all will be forgiven. But then it already knew what you were thinking and going to do before you even did it, so what’s the point? 197 more words


Healing Arts 🌿

Ok so healing arts is a really flaky topic for me. For instance Akashic records. And I am being frank here I went to an “Akashic Record Reader” because the entity kept saying “your a child molester” and then then saying your not then saying I’m paying for my father and then all this crazy shit. 682 more words

Deep State Whistleblower Cody Snodgres Reveals the Targeting of Americans with Mind Control, Microwave, Psychic Energy Weapons

–Ramola D/Posted 1/12/2018

Report #40: Cody Snodgres – Deep State & Mind Control, Psychic, Psychotronic, & Microwave Weapons, Targeting

In an impromptu conversation on Jan 11, Black Ops operator, geophysicist with degrees in Mathematics and Physics, and Oklahoma City Bombing whistleblower… 510 more words

Waking Up

What's Real?

So there are these flat discs I see with a dark purple, blue or black center and jelly like ripple. Looks like a huge human cell in 3D. 197 more words

Explained: Neural networks

Cultocracy note :

Neural networks have been around since the 1940’s , research was restricted by the limited computing power that was available at the time .

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State Surveillance & Control

Help For Targeted Individuals



  Cathy Meadows, M. A., Clinical Psychology

Consultant/Expert Witness for

Victims of Bullying, Whistle-blower Retaliation, and

 Covert Harassment and Surveillance


Professional Consultations for People Experiencing… 799 more words

Covert Surveillance