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Magnetogenetically Modified


Magnetogenetics is a relatively new field of research , at least regarding published research . You can be sure that the technique has been studied for decades in the bowels of deep state laboratories and also tested in the field on unsuspecting ‘lab humans’ .

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Mind Control

Canada Pulls Diplomats Families From Cuba

An update on the Cuban directed energy weapon (D.E.W) attacks .

The attacks are now being deemed serious enough for the Canadian government to pull out the families of Canadian diplomats . 812 more words

Psychotronic Warfare

U.S. Government leak documents on mind-reading/mind control weapons

The original date of this live broadcast was on April 22, 2018.

Topics covered: Leaked documents details U.S. government mind control and mind reading technology, Facebook developing mind reading technology, targeted individuals, electromagnetic waves used to harass people and more. 72 more words

Alternative News

White Vans & Waffles

Just when I was thinking all was quiet on the Western front , a little too quiet .

White Vans

State Surveillance & Control

Targeted Individuals. Whistleblowers, TIs (Targeted Individuals), Gang-Stalking and the Deep State.

(1/6) Most TIs are whistleblowers, rights workers, or tried to just say “No” to corporate corruption and control of their personal or professional lives, according to their emails sent to Dupré and their web reports. 275 more words

American Renaissance

So, These Things Do Exist and They Are Bringing Beaucoup de Bucks: Googling "Directed Energy Weapons" March 28, 2018

A quick note to address the above picture. It was taken in the Mission District, San Francisco in February 2018 on a visit there. “Brighting” is when people following you turn on their brights. 730 more words



1. Last year, I read Robert Hayden’s “Middle Passage” for the first time. It juxtaposes the belief in a good and powerful God with the occurrence of slavery and puts emphasis on the “Jesus ships from Europe,” eventually from Spain specifically, also alluding to the fact that Jesus is a name that gives ode to Spanish conquest. 2,756 more words

God Is Evil