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Posions and toxins 

I never knew that people would spray and poison innocent individuals until it happened to me. This is done to make you sick, scared and look insane as I found out doctors are also involved in Perth. 178 more words

Targeted Individuals

Espionage & Brain-Computer Interfaces - Reverse Engineering The Technology

By Deep_Thoughtdeepthought.newsvine.com

First published in June 2015

Today’s article is an update to a very old article on the technology behind what is colloquially known as ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’. 3,705 more words

Silent Weapons - Estaban Santiago - What caused him to SNAP?

The original date of this broadcast was Jan 8, 2017.

The Ft. Lauderdale shooter, Estaban Santiago told the FBI that he was hearing voices in his head and the CIA forced him to watch ISIS videos according to NBC News. 30 more words

Alternative News


  • Thought surveillance. TI:s thoughts are read in real time.
  • Looking though Targeted Individuals eyes and seeing what the targeted individual sees. Knowing where the targeted individual directs attention.
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Cultocracy note :

I spent today surfing the web & as usual I got sidetracked . I spent quite a while looking at some of the sites & blogs that TI’s have set up , I have a deeply personal interest in the issues raised .

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Message from Dr. Robert Duncan and Todd Giffen: Subjects Needed for Research

Posted by request–please read, visit Todd Giffen’s website drrobertduncan.com for more information, please sign up for this study if you fit the criteria and would like to participate by sending a note to the email address provided below. 475 more words

Waking Up