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Raising Awareness About the Tragic Assaults on Aaron Alexis, Myron May, and Miriam Carey: An Interview with Tyrone Dew

Posted also on The Everyday Concerned Citizen/Oct 2, 2015

It seems more than a little odd to be posting this important interview tonight, the night of yet another reported mass shooting, this time in a community college in Oregon. 3,567 more words

Covert Harassment

Meet the Real Inventor of the Apple IPOD Who's Invention was Stolen

Rainetta Jones had her Apple IPOD invention stolen and she was put into the Targeted Individual Program.  Hear her incredible story.

Targeted Individuals

14 Years After 9/11, Entire Neighborhoods and Communities in USA "Radicalized" by Fusion Centers/Intel Agencies Into "Community Policing" Ethical Individuals via Overt Surveillance, "Concealed Electronic Monitoring," and COINTELPRO--Stalking Activities

On the eve of the 14th anniversary of 9/11, I wanted to draw attention to what has transpired in this country today in terms of attacks on ethical individuals, community-minded and civic-minded citizens, people who speak out against corruption, activists for social and environmental justice, including animal rights activists, and journalists and writers who, unlike the muzzled minions in Corporate, Mainstream, and Establishment Media, have fearlessly kept us informed about what really is going on in America and the world, and who continue to speak out in the interests of truth, and in the hope that all of America will continue to awaken to the truth–not merely about 9/11, but about everything suppressed by mainstream media. 659 more words


They want me dead before September 17th, my birthday.

I’m really worn out from the attacks and it’s a struggle for me to publish anything.

The electronic attacks on my cardiovascular and respiratory system is getting much more severe and the fatigue is catching up with me. 167 more words

Targeted Individuals

Harsh Words. Pure, Raw, Unrelenquished Truth

In an ordinary, worn-out world that worships plastic, nature-killing things over heart-beating creation; that crowns flesh puppets with absurd, meaningless, made up titles which somehow give them the right to control our reality, redistribute our natural wealth and misuse our personal power with mind control, aerosol spraying, toxic heavy metal vaccinations … 214 more words

I See...And It Shall Set Me Free

Documentary on Zerzetzen: Spies, Lies, and Threats

Roderick Russel details in this documentary the horrific reality of covert harassment and overt surveillance — Zersetzen — being unleashed by secret agencies and Intelligence services in… 215 more words

Targeted Individuals