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VIDEO -- Alex Hunter: MayDay! Halt Chemtrails and save Earth & humanity

by Alfred Lambremont Webre
May 3, 2016

Alex Hunter is a Vancouver activist known as “Captain Chemtrail” because of his command of the full range of the covert technology of chemtrails to terraform Earth and humanity into a remote controlled species commanded by a Controller Matrix and in turn by AI Artificial Intelligence. 38 more words


VIDEO -- Targeted Individuals are heard by the Presidential Commission on Bioethics, Amy Gutman

by unitedtis
Mar 12, 2011

28 February to 1 March, the Presidential Commission on Bioethics discusses non-consensual experiments on human beings in the past, and is confronted with today’s experiments on human beings. 107 more words


Psychotronic Torture & Control - An Introduction

By Cultocracy

The best way to understand electromagnetic waves is to think of an ocean’s waves . Some waves in the ocean are big , some are small , the size of the wave is called the amplitude . 1,704 more words

Mind Control

Rational Wiki 'TI' Section Response, Part 1

This will serve as a start to a response to Rational Wiki’s piece {which changes from time to time; it is a wiki} on so-called Targeted Individuals. 2,607 more words

Targeted Individuals Europe

Targeted individuals are real , this is a worldwide phenomenon which is spreading like a cancer in countries throughout the world . Shadow elements & cults are at the forefront of this form of terrorism , they have infiltrated governments & their affiliated security services across the globe . 124 more words

Targeted Individuals