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"Target Individual" wins court case!!!

After a landmark court case, when a California Targeted Individual victim of a secret cell tower RF (radio frequency) based directed energy weapon, won her case in Joshua Tree Superior Court against her perpetrator ( 296 more words

Targeted Individuals

Are You Targeted? Is 'Targeted Individual' Misleading Terminology?

Cultocracy note :

The following article is taken from U.S. citizen Jeremy Radlaw’s now defunct site AreYouTargeted.com . Jeremy was doing a very good job of explaining the essence of the ‘programme’ & the technology that underpins it , too good a job in fact .

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The Family - Australian Cult , Intelligence Services & Assange

The Family‘ is a documentary on one of Australia’s most infamous cults , also known as ‘Santiniketan Park Association’ and the ‘Great White Brotherhood’ . 1,460 more words

Nanotechnology Research focused on Human Implants

A cursory read through nano technology science magazines reveals that the bulk of research is centered on technologies that can be used to ‘augment’ human capabilities . 999 more words

The Sentinels

Sentinel :

To watch over

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VIDEO -- Preparing for court cases! (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007)

via Stop 007
Jan 29, 2017

Dr Katherine Horton explains in detail how victims can prepare for the upcoming court cases against the intelligence agencies. 529 more words