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06 23 2020 Blog #157: More Gang Stalking Lying YouTube Bullies

They know NOTHING about me, & keep lying on me!

Liars & false accusers! Any training I would get for a vocation, you bastards would lie & say I never took such a course, anyway! 101 more words

06 21 2020 Blog #154: Other Targeted Individuals can ask for donations, but I can't.

I get thumbs down every time I post my CashApp or PayPal on my YouTube videos, but other #TargetedIndividuals don’t get that same treatment/or abuse. Do other Targeted Individuals have more rights than I do? 18 more words

06 21 2020 Blog #153: I have another troll harasser named Karen Shaw

More slander & lies. No WONDER no one is trying to help me! S, a perp stealing $102.60 from the money someone gave me means that it’s ME wasting money? 28 more words

How to win when outnumbered.

This is a testimony for how to win when the odds are stacked against you.

  • Hold your head high – Keeping the head held high will show your enemies you mean business…
  • 239 more words