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Nanotechnology News - October 2019

5 Insane Quotes From Boris Johnson’s Bizarre UN Speech About Tech

“You may keep secrets from your friends, from your parents, your children, your doctor – even your personal trainer – but it takes real effort to conceal your thoughts from Google.” 7,477 more words

Gods voice through other people.

It’s so important to have loving people on your side when you are going through spiritual warfare.

I might not hear the voice of God because the dumb demon Entity voice won’t shut up about the same things. 227 more words


Thursday 31st October 2019 at 12:00 hrs we would like everyone who has been a victim or a follower of a trolling account to take part in a Troll Blackout for the duration of one week.

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People And Blogs

SUOMI-FINLAND ajojahtien maa

Sattui silmään Jessikka Aron haastattelu maikkarin aamu-TV:ssä, ensinnäkin hatunnosto ihmisille jotka vielä uskaltavat tutkia jotain tai kirjoittaa omista mielipiteistä omalla nimellään. Jotain tuttua ajojahdissa, seuraillaan sinne tänne, asuu sitten Helsingissä, Roissa tai Oulussa. 110 more words

Surviving The Torture Group

The Torture Group
The torture group does not care about the victim and the victim must learn this in the harshest ways; through abuse. The torture group, who shows aggressive sadistic behavior, will continue to harm the victim no matter what pain the victim displays. 2,639 more words

Gang Stalking

Sexual Torture And The Torture Group

People Who Participate And How

۰Victims who know about the torture
They will be fooled into thinking they have relationships with people they meet through the torture attacks, or whatever the torture group presents themselves as, and engage in “relationships” or be forced to suffer through bizarre recreations of rape using the torture technologies. 1,021 more words

Gang Stalking

Separating Self From Torture

What It Is
This is the victim’s connection to the identity the torture group creates for them during their torture. It is a distinct effect of the torture group’s efforts to make the victim believe they are a certain person even though the torture group lies about who the victim is and is trying to manipulate the victim. 1,048 more words

Gang Stalking