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Targeting the GLUTES (or any muscle for that matter)

A lot of people ask me how to get a better butt. I will see girls at the gym squatting and what not and I always see a lot of errors in the form and movement. 314 more words

On marketing to different age groups

None of this will be relevant by the time you are reading this. Such is the nature of this ever changing world in which we live in.


Rubicon Buyside Programmatic Panel @Adweek Europe

Jay Sears on behalf of Rubicon had his annual buy side panel (previously Trading Desk Panel) in the church of RTB at Adweek. The panel discussed transparency, pricing and auditing, programmatic TV and more. 6 more words


Time to go back to basics

It’s easy to get distracted by new ideas and the latest technology or theories. Whether it be content marketing or keeping up with the latest social media trends. 431 more words


A review of environmental impact assessment frameworks for livestock production systems

This study, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, reviews the currently available tools for and approaches to assessing the environmental impacts of livestock production systems. 219 more words


PR Newswire’s Media Moves at: Thomson Reuters; Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and More...

PR Newswire’s research group makes thousands of updates to the  database of journalists and bloggers that underpins our Agility media targeting and distribution platform.  Below is a sampling of recent media moves and news from the research team. 738 more words

How to Use Facebook Organic Post Targeting

Wish your Facebook page had better engagement? Do want a way to get more post interaction without advertising? Using the Facebook Targeting for organic posts puts your updates in front of the people who are more likely to share, like or comment on them. 42 more words