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Here Are Four Times When It's OK to Go Off Message

It’s common for public relations clients to have a specific idea of exactly what topics they want to cover and which outlet they hope to be featured in, and they are often skeptical when presented with anything outside of that blueprint. 657 more words

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How Coca-Cola is using smartphone data to personalise in-store ads

It’s not such a far-fetched notion. Recently, Coca-Cola started using Google technologies to target consumers in US grocery stores. While this example from Coke appears to be a first, it’s clear that tracking physical consumers is becoming a pressing concern for the retail industry as a whole.  71 more words


How Awesome Content Targeting creates a contextual map of kids content (VIDEO)

Last month, we revealed Awesome Content Targeting (ACT), the latest generation of our content analysis engine. It caused a bit of a stir. ACT uses a range of machine learning techniques to build a deep, contextual understanding of the universe of kids content beyond anything that’s been available before. 58 more words


Jimbo Fisher confirms that a Florida State starter will be suspended against Alabama

Well, no one is probably going to be happy about this one.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher confirmed on Tuesday that starting defensive back Trey Marshall will miss the first half of the season-opener against Alabama due to suspension. 166 more words

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How to fish for your new followers on Social media

Whenever people ask me “How can I make my social media accounts successful?”, my immediate response is all about storytelling and don’t even dare to talk about buying followers… 294 more words



Sometimes, the hallmark of a truly bad setting is it making the heroes weak or their enemies strong, often inadvertedly. So, revisiting an old “classic”, I found it was even worst in that regard than I previously knew. 1,061 more words