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7 Keys to Success

When you are interested in trying clicker training one of the first questions is: what should I teach my horse? I suggest teaching a brand new behaviour which isn’t dangerous. 482 more words

Clicker Training

YC-Backed Answerbook Helps Retailers Automate Personalized Email Campaigns

A team of e-commerce vets is today launching a new service aimed at online retailers called Answerbook which allows companies to better target shoppers with highly personalized emails based on those customers’ website and email interactions as well as their purchase history. 684 more words


Why Choice-Based Advertising should be MUCH bigger than it is

The very second you start using the internet, your online-behavior is being tracked and used to present you tailored and customized advertisements. Affiliate links, banners, pop-ups showing you products that you… 511 more words

5 easy steps to maximize your SEO

If you are starting from scratch on Search Engine Optimization, start with the article What is SEO? Know the basics? Let’s get started!

SEO is a free (yes, free!) series of tactics to draw more prospective students to your website while they are researching the… 775 more words


What is SEO?

No, this is not the name of a sci-fi super women. S-E-O stands for Search Engine Optimization and, with the right strategy, can be a digital marketer’s best friend. 692 more words


Advanced Statistics, "Moneyball" and Ambitious Marketing Through Social Media

Ever since my early teens I’ve been a big basketball fan. I played football when I was young, but a playground accident (in which I broke both my arms at the same time) meant the full-contact nature of football was off the cards for an extended period of time. 2,539 more words

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