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Trump's targeting of Toyota could set off trade frictions: analysts

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

The clash between US President-elect Donald Trump and Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation over the import of Mexico-manufactured cars into the US could herald wider trade frictions between Washington and Tokyo at a time when trade tensions between the US and China may also be rising, sources told The Business Times. 805 more words

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How to target the neck (at different force levels)

The neck is a dangerous target. With other places on the body you have to put in extra effort if you want to go to a higher level of force. 1,874 more words

Zodiac Marketing. Meet Zodiac Targeting

Every year marketers around the world find some way to use the zodiac into a marketing strategy. From zodiac inspired runway fashion, luxury designer watches, to… 160 more words


The National Championship Game already has an egregious missed targeting call

When it comes to officiating a National Championship Game you hope to see the best officials on the field for it. It seems that very early in the game the refs already missed a crucial targeting call. 115 more words


How to target the nose

The nose is a mundane “everybody punches the nose” target. Except that there are some creative things you can do with the nose. Unexpected things. Nasty, sneaky things… 872 more words

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How the best research panel in the world accurately predicts every election result #polling #MRX 

Forget for a moment the debate about whether the MBTI is a valid and reliable personality measurement tool. (I did my Bachelors thesis on it, and I studied psychometric theory as part of my PhD in experimental psychology so I can debate forever too.) Let’s focus instead on the MBTI because tests similar to it can be answered online and you can find out your result in a few minutes. 590 more words

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Bystanders' Guide to Stopping Harassment!

We all want to do what’s right and help people in trouble, but sometimes that seems like a big ask. If we see people experiencing harassment, what can we do? 939 more words

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