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Where Prices Are About To Surge: Chinese Imports Targeted By Trump Tariffs

Yesterday, in “Here Comes The Main Event: Trade War With China, And What Is Section 301“, we wrote that Trump’s recently announced global steel and aluminum tariffs were just a (Section 232) preview of the (Section 301) main course: … 772 more words


Call to tighten junk food advert rules after obesity link sown - the Guardian

Surely, it’s no surprise that advertising makes children more likely to purchase junk food? This article in the Guardian misses the point. The food and drink giants, with effective lobbying, are very powerful in influencing… 115 more words


Rick's Role

I went to the heartland of PA two times, to stump for this guy, Rick Saccone,
While trying to make sure my 20-point edge against Hillary wouldn’t be blown. 223 more words

What Trump's Tariffs Mean

Look up tariffs on google right now and you will see about a hundred stories about how Trump’s recent declaration on tariffs are idiotic. Well, when you read a little deeper into these stories you realize they have little to no understanding to why you declare tariffs in the first place. 812 more words

Trump's trade war and the $470 billion hit to the global economy

A full-blown trade war could cost the global economy $470 billion, according to Bloomberg Economics.

The U. S. decision to slap tariffs on steel and aluminum… 143 more words

Canada's steel capital of Hamilton, Ont. rattled as Trump tariff threat looms

A temporary exemption from U.S. tariffs is little comfort to the Canadian steel city of Hamilton, coping with months of uncertainty as U.S. President… 686 more words