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Himalayan Salt

The Himalayas abound with salt deposits, charaterized visibly by their pink coloration. An interesting article  online gives the amounts of eighty-eight (88) elements in one sample.   596 more words


Ancient Aryan Mummies and Pyramids of China


Excerpt. …….. “The research, which the Chinese government has appeared to have delayed making public out of concerns of fueling Uighur Muslim separatism in its western-most Xinjiang region, is based on a cache of ancient dried-out corpses that have been found around the Tarim Basin in recent decades.” …… To read the article go to… 6 more words

Sacred Places

China has more shale gas than any other country. But getting it out of the ground could be disastrous

The Middle Kingdom is thought to have the world’s largest technically recoverable shale gas resources, as well as the third-biggest supply of recoverable shale oil—more than 30 trillion cubic meters (1,115 trillion cubic feet) of shale gas—nearly twice what the US claims. 412 more words