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Taro Niehaus' 51.64 knot speed run video

Taro Niehaus breaking the African Speed Record on November 10 2011

Sebastien Cattelan improved to 52.6
Stefan Metzger set a new Namibian record of 51.36 knots which equals Hydroptere’s record, Anthony Chaffron improved to 42.92 despite being injured, and Humberto Torrinha improved the Angola record to 41.21. 30 more words


Congratulations Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2011

13 November 2011:
Mother nature had the final say today, and it only blew 30 knots with occasional gusts. Seb clocked the best speed of the day with 51.36 knots. 283 more words


Taro Niehaus - 51.64 knots - New South African record

Taro Niehaus of team Genetrix has set a new South African record of 51.64 knots, and Seb had 51.2. I’m not sure what Anders’s 500m average was, but he had another 50+ peak today (50.3 kts). 105 more words


Another 4 National Records tumble!

As expected, the wind was great when it finally got going (35-43), but the water level was too low by this time. The strip had to be closed as the WRSSC deemed it to be too shallow. 145 more words