Ace of Cups - Rare and Powerful

Once in a deep blue moon I get the honour of reading the Ace of Cups as a response to the query if someone really loves them. 85 more words

Mita Bhan Writings

COTD 28.01.20 - Finding time...

28.01.20 – IX The Hermit – Finding Time

Today you are being asked to become more self-aware, to meditate in solitude and seek somewhere peaceful to escape the world…even if it’s only for 5 minutes.  75 more words


How To Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

Crystals and Tarot cards go together perfectly! Crystals can be used in many different ways to cleanse and enhance your Tarot readings. Here are some ideas: … 622 more words


Excerpt from 'Divina Poetica' - The Sun

As some of you may know, my book ‘Divina Poetica’ is available for purchase on Etsy. Here’s a poem from that book that I’m quite fond of!


COTD 27.01.20 - Coping mechanism...

27.01.20 – 5 of Wands – Coping Mechanism

Find a way today to calm the troubles that are rattling around inside you.  Inner peace is something we’d all love to have all the time, but unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to happen.  99 more words


Valentine's Day, The Lovers Tarot Card, Ram Dass, and Snakes in a Tree.

Uh, oh . . . Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The Lovers tarot card could almost be an emblem for it.

The Waite tarot deck portrays it as a pretty little scene from the Garden of Eden: a nude man and woman are posed in the foreground while an angel with flaming wings floats protectively overhead. 957 more words

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