Things you need to know about Chinese Auspicious Culture

Illustration by fengshuibeginner.com

Tracing Ancient Chinese Philosophy, In the principles of Taoism it uses “Yin and Yang” (陰陽) which are usually used to describe the nature of the interconnected and opposing forces in this world and how they build on each other. 465 more words

December 2020 Messages

Hey guys! I’ve finally finished all the December readings for each sign. These are not personal readings, they are GENERAL. Whatever energy comes out the strongest is who the messages are for. 54 more words


Tarot Readings

I have been doing tarot readings on youtube. The quality of the videos is not ideal given that I am working with my laptop’s webcam. The readings are helping me work through my social anxiety and prepare for job interviews. 47 more words

Energy Forecast for December 2020

2020 was rough for all of us, and 2021 is probably gonna follow with the same performance. However, we can still form those new year resolutions; now we just have to realize what’s essential and not what’s shallow. 905 more words

Tarot Cards

Meaningful symbols from a new Burns class format

In early October, Burns Library hosted our first hybrid class, Prof. Lisa Kessler’s Introduction to Digital Art, which normally meets synchronously online. Some local students volunteered to come in person and work with original format materials, and we paired them with other students working remotely with scans of the same materials. 1,128 more words

Tarot Rehab: How to live without Tarot Cards

Now that we have identified the dangers of divination, specifically Tarot, we will explore how to start living without Tarot. In other words, we will go through tips of ‘Tarot Rehab’ and how to rid our lives of this harmful practice. 595 more words


Beautiful Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland

Pictures by: Billy Cahill

This deck is one of the most revealing and creative decks out there!
I have incorporated this deck into my readings, but still have yet to learn each card. 79 more words

Billy Cahill