The Tower Number 16

A tower can be a place where you feel secure and happy. When the foundation is solid and their is strength in the walls. Then it will stay up. 155 more words

New Moon in Virgo - Organize your life

Happy New Moon in Virgo (Sep. 17th 2020, 11:00 GMT) !

Although we are almost at the end of Virgo Season we still have time to set Virgo intentions. 303 more words


As if sacrifice was meaningful end in itself; Your trial and error is error and error

A lot has happened and I’m not really sure what I talked about last. I’ll do my best to retrace.

My dad was hospitalized after his defibrillator shocked him three times. 738 more words

Make Time for Joy

On our sacred journey it is important to make time for joy, especially now. Many people have had a rough year and may have gone through loss of loved ones, their health, social lives, jobs, etc. 157 more words

Tuesdays With Tarot

Bacaan Tarot Mingguan, The Magician Reversed (14 September - 20 September 2020)

Kartu The Magician Posisi Terbalik | Dek Kartu : Pagan Otherworlds Tarot | Foto : Fredric Chia

Apa yang perlu saya ubah agar dapat mencapai tujuan saya?

156 more words

魔術師倒轉, 需要改變什麼才能實現目標?

魔術師倒轉 | 甲板牌 : Pagan Otherworlds Tarot | 照片 : Fredric Chia


您不確定是否擁有所需的一切,也不確定如何實現它。 如果您照顧好要表現的東西,那麼宇宙將找出方法。 保持直覺,注意機會的出現。 這些就像小麵包屑,將使您更接近目標。

如果您已經在實現自己的目標,這可能表明您正在努力尋求進步或成功。 您可能有一個主意,但不知道要採取什麼行動來體現它,或者您不清楚預期的結果,因此您的工作方向錯誤或沒有重點。


參考 : Brigit Esselmont