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Connecting Tarot with Music: The Sun

I wish I had a story about The Sun card, but truth is it’s always seemed to good to be true. There is something of a temporary happiness to it, that I never can quite take it seriously. 361 more words


Staying Grounded

This is part four of the series on self-care through the Minor Arcana, with tips and prompts to increase your sense of well-being and personal growth. 469 more words


Connecting Tarot with Music: The Hanged Man

When I first discovered The Hanged Man (card 12), I was delighted immediately and enthralled with his mystery. I wanted to know him, to learn his wisdom. 551 more words


Connecting Tarot with Music: The Hermit

I see The Hermit as the ultimate introvert. I don’t associate this card with loneliness at all, instead I associate it with the joy of being totally comfortable with yourself in solitude, therefore present to the moment and able to perceive the messages from the Divine. 466 more words


Connecting Tarot with Music: Strength

I wasn’t sure what song to choose for number 8 of the Major Arcana, Strength in most decks, until I was driving in my car today and the song below came on the radio. 389 more words


Connecting Tarot With Music: The Magician

I didn’t know what song to choose for the Magician, so I waited to write. So many songs went through my mind, none of them quite right. 282 more words


Exercise #3 + Tarot Worksheet #4 Working with the Four Elements in the Minor Arcana


Earth. Air. Fire. Water. The four elements play crucial roles in the symbolic construction and interpretation of tarot, especially in the minor arcana where each suit is represented by a specific elemental affinity.

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