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The Light Grey Tarot

I stopped by the Light Grey Art Lab today to pick up a copy of the Light Grey Tarot deck. It’s one of the most exciting decks I’ve ever seen. 215 more words

Tarot Imagery

Prince Castracani Fibbia

Today’s image comes from Wikimedia: It’s a late 1860s painting of Prince Castracani Fibbia (1360-1419) with a deck of Tarot cards — tarocco bolognese —  23 more words

Tarot Imagery

Ash Wednesday and the Five of Pentacles

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the start of Lent: forty days of penance, reflection, and fasting. A lot of Christians will be walking around with smudges of ash on their foreheads — but otherwise, they’ll look like their usual selves. 647 more words

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A Snapshot of Tarot History

Here’s a snapshot of tarot times gone by — a style and beauty cover from a 1940 copy of McCall’s magazine, by photographer Nickolas Muray… 250 more words

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Have You Seen this Card? UPDATED with the Answer

Do you recognize this image?

It might look rare, antique, and obscure, but it’s a detail of an actual tarot card, from a commonly available deck that you can still buy for a reasonable price.  131 more words

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The Deck of a Lifetime

Last night, I dreamed about running into an old friend — a woman I knew 25 years ago. In the dream, she told me she was dying, but she needed my help to finish and release a tarot deck. 171 more words

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Happy Anniversary, Neptune!

Today marks the 165th anniversary of Neptune’s discovery in 1846. The beautiful blue planet was mathematically predicted long before it was spotted visually.

These days, Neptune has a prominent position in the study of tarot and astrology. 404 more words

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