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Spreading The Joy || Tarot Reading 26/04/17

What is Joy to me? – The Moon.
In simple terms, the truth. Even if it hurt for a while or it’s something that I don’t really want to hear the truth to me will always be the best thing to get from myself and others. 489 more words


Tarot Spread: The Inverted Pyramid

Tarot reversals have many layers of meaning. But all the layers point in a single direction: internalization of energy.

Sometimes this can be good. Other times it can shake you up and say you are headed towards the wrong direction internally. 1,325 more words


Week Spread 4/24-4/30

Today I did a weekly spread to ask about how my finals week will go. This is a seven-card spread where each card corresponds to a day of the coming week. 449 more words

The Alternative Tarot Course

The Diary Tarot Spread

When I first started reading cards, the first question I asked querents was “how much info do you want – a Telegram, a Letter, or a Diary?”. 1,151 more words


Reading Myself as a Reader

Today, I did a six-card spread designed to provide insight into my journey as a tarot card reader. I can in no way take credit for this spread, I found it through Beth at littleredtarot.com; she calls it the… 762 more words

The Alternative Tarot Course

Torn Between Two Lovers Spread

As the title states, not everyone finds themselves in such a situation and to an outsider, it might seem like this is such a silly situation or the one in between to be lucky. 244 more words


The Spirals of Life Spread

In my Seeing the Wheels post I talked about using armillary spheres as a visual aid for the different Wheels in our lives. I also mentioned my epiphany of how the Wheels are actually all part of one giant spiral. 908 more words