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Tarot Talk: Creating My Own Tarot Spread

Eeeeeeeep! Lovelies, I can’t contain myself.

I’m so excited because I completed the Alternative Tarot Course last week and have been doing reading like crazy! One of the assignments for the course was to create your own Tarot spread for, well, anything and I really wanted to do one for writing, but the ones I had created weren’t working. 564 more words


Tarot course

Yes, but not mine, I haven’t any such thing going on (said with a smile). Not that I haven’t been thinking about it and started to work on what maybe, sometime, some day may become one. 769 more words


Your Most Valuable Relationship - A Valentine's Day Post and Spread

Many Blessings! Thank you for celebrating Valentine’s Day with me!

I believe that the most important relationship that you have, or ever will have, is with yourself. 1,142 more words


7 bodies Tarot spred

Today I received a very specific request from one client “Tarot Spread for 7 bodies”.  So I’ve decided to shortly write about this spread and give a sample of it as well. 1,810 more words


Telling Tales: Odin as the Hanged Man

Associating a story (whether myth, fairy tale or personal experience) with each Tarot card is a wonderful way to both remember the meaning of the card and also to add depth to your readings. 600 more words


Glass Ceiling Tarot Spread


The above link should leads to a PDF of a sample reading of my Glass Ceiling Spread. Since it’s a spread I devised myself, I thought it would be cool for people to see how I read it. 22 more words

Tarot Tuesdays

I saw this and I was wondering if it worked…. hmmmmmmmmm Maybe something to try a little later…