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Easy Daily Card Spread

It’s so important to start your day off on the right foot. Taking a moment for yourself, gathering your thoughts and focusing your energy. For me, this means enjoying a cup of coffee while I read my cards for the day. 251 more words

Self Love & Soul Growth

Special Needs Metaphysics: IEP Tarot Spread

Last week I wrote about my sister’s difficult decision regarding which preschool to send her daughter to.  This week, I look at my family’s decision about my daughter’s educational needs. 541 more words


The Shadow Self Spread

If you’re seeing this kind of blurry as I am, check it out on flickr. 16 more words


Interaction. A view from a supernatural window -- part3 interpreting the result with example

Interaction:  A view from a supernatural window
-part1-–part 2–, –part 3–, -part 3 example- 

So, the example from this previous entry is now here, but oversimplified to give an idea how you work out this concept. 221 more words


The Minor Arcana

The remaining cards of the Rider-Waite deck are called the Minor Arcana. This section made up of of 56 cards used to represent the individual’s day to day existence and encounters. 510 more words


The Link Spread

This spread will describe the type of connection a querent has with a person. It can be used as a general assessment spread or romantic. 66 more words


Interaction. A view from a supernatural window. Part1

(First post in Occult-Concepts and tarot spreads. I forgot to put that this is for someone who does or does not want to use tarot/tools alike. 451 more words