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Game of Thrones: Faith of the Seven Tarot Spread

I have been wanting to create this spread for a very, very long time! I was intrigued by the Faith of the Seven in the world of Game of Thrones. 241 more words


Birthday Reading for My Year of The Lovers

Another birthday, another birthday tarot reading! My birthday was July 8th and it was fantastic. My sister came in from Philly and two friends from Boston came for a visit as well and we just lived it up. 1,785 more words

Storytelling tarot spread 

I’ve seen writing inspiration tarot spreads on pinterest and thought they were interesting. Then a while back a friend asked if I’d do one for her. 366 more words


The Prologue Spread: kickstart your creative project with this powerful tarot spread and SOAR!!!

For tarot readers, writers and other creative venturers–this spread doesn’t discriminate. With a focus on creating a powerful beginning and troubleshooting difficulties that will hinder your potential, this spread is designed to give you a powerful boost of momentum as you embark on creative adventures A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, after all! 121 more words


What are your support systems? A spread from the Full Moon in Capricorn.

The Full Moons have been hitting me hard lately. This one in Capricorn is vibing with Cancer in a way that transforms its usual concerns for structure into deeper ones about support. 312 more words


Hoe would Pokemon Go perform *rolleyes*

Just don’t take it literally. I just might be distorted because I really aint at the best state doing this. I am a bit lonely and was thinking about the Pokemon go news too much. 525 more words