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Dark Goddess Tarot Spread

The Dark Goddess is known by different names among different cultures and traditions.

She is associated with the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess aspect, long revered as the bringer of death and rebirth. 470 more words


The Black Cat Spread

I had a crack at a Black Cat Spread in honour of Friday The 13th (except I drew it on the Saturday, because, hello, have you met me?) 823 more words


Tarot Spread - Interview with the Ego

The other day I decided I hadn’t done candle magic in a little while.

For those who don’t know, I am a huge fan of candle magic… 547 more words

Playing with a (New) Full Deck

A few weeks ago, after a lot of handling, a little humming and hawing, I purchased my first new Tarot deck in YEARS!  The beneficiary of my decision (other than our local Orangeville shop ‘ 280 more words

Tarot Spread - Financial Success: Creating a Better Relationship with Money

One of you recently reached out to me and asked to create a spread regarding money so here it is!

I have created quite a few spreads about the… 169 more words

Tarot Spread - Soulmate Reading

Sometimes we are blessed to have people enter our lives that we intuitively know are our soulmates.

They don’t always come in the form of a romantic relationship (and often don’t), but they are just as special to us as our romantic partners. 330 more words

King of Wands

Today’s tarot pull was on point… they usually are.

Past: Page of Cups / Present: Two of Swords / Future: King of Wands

A messenger… a difficult choice you’ve been running from and willfully blind to (to be solved by intellect)… mastery of passion… bending the world to YOUR will, not bending to it or the will of others… honor… victory… ineffectiveness of doubt or indecision… 875 more words