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Don't Fence Me In...


Welcome to the latest Tarot Blog Hop, wrangled by Joy Vernon. Now Joy always sets a tasty topic but this time she did leave me with enough rope to hang myself with several times over… or maybe it was that I signed up too early and was hoisted by my own petard… I’ve mentally written and deleted several posts. 811 more words

Exploring the Suit of the Swords: Ten of Swords Tarot Spread.

Exploring the Suit of the Swords: Ten of Swords Tarot Spread,

The Card Placements:

Card One. The Ten of Swords.

Card Two. This card represents the internal forces (or, Spiritual Forces, Karmic Forces, Ancestors, Higher Self, etc.) influencing your current state of mind. 627 more words


Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: My Version

This is a Tarot Spread based off of the original version of the Celtic Cross. I changed it up and made a spread that I felt resonated with me. 208 more words


Reality Check Tarot - Looking for Evidence in a Spread

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve been focussing on a particular area of my life the rest can get a bit neglected. This morning it dawned on me that my head was up my ass as I’ve been looking at work, and getting some writing done over the past few weeks, and I knew exactly which deck to turn to to pull it swiftly back out again. 1,053 more words


Yule Tarot Spread

Lately, I have been dabbling in tarot and learning how to interpret each card. Here, I have created a simple tarot spread that you can do quickly and easily.


Weekend Readings

Reading With The Robin Wood Tarot

Practice readings can be tough, and I might as well admit it, so can working with a new deck. … 1,089 more words

Rider Waite Smith

Spring Cleaning Spread

For this spread, I’ve used the “Spring Cleaning” spread from Little Red Tarot. It’s June and not spring anymore, but since summer is kind of a new beginning for me, I thought it would be appropriate. 725 more words