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Mid-Year Check-in Spread

We’re halfway through 2015 as of this posting (give or take a couple days. I actually lost the first 500 words of this post to a computer malfunction earlier in the week. 858 more words


Spread for Summer Solstice

deck: herbal tarot

This reading was drawn in preparation to make a clearing bath for thesummer solstice to assist me with moving into the energy of release and letting go. 81 more words


9 Card Spread for Re-Balancing


Here is a design for re-balancing your energies. The idea is that the cards indicate the current status of your energies at different focal points. After doing the spread, I suggest using the same format, but instead of asking about the current status, ask for a way to achieve the balance sought- ask “how should” instead of “how do”. 72 more words


Nutriments Spread

The Buddha taught that we have four nutriments–the literal and metaphorical food that feeds our existence and keeps it going. Ultimately, one who has attained nirvana is said to have “exhausted” all nutriments, have no food to give future existences. 1,488 more words


Deck Interview: Grounded In Conversation w/ The Herbal Tarot

Received the idea from the littleredtarot blog, I don’t know how it didn’t occur to me to be the first thing I do with a tarot deck. 551 more words


A UFO-Themed Tarot Spread

1 = Propulsion. What will serve as fuel on this journey?

2 = Hull. What will keep you safe from the ravages of the void? 24 more words

Something Old, Something New

Are you curious about your Big Day? Then you might find this wedding and marriage Tarot spread useful. But it is more than a Tarot spread; You can also use this same layout to cast a Tarot Spell – especially if you want to change any of the cards in the hand you were dealt! 557 more words