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World Tarot Day Spread

Happy World Tarot Day! To celebrate, I created this little spread for you to try. If you like it, snap a photo and tag it with #RabbitMoonTarot 61 more words


Tarot Spread - Happy Anniversary!

During the week my best friends celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. I created a spread just for them and did a reading for them. It worked out well so I’m sharing with you too. 149 more words


The Moon Sign Significator Tarot Spread

To better understand the emotional connect you have with your beloved, it is worth looking at their astrological Moon Sign. The Moon rules our emotions (+ any psychic ability) and forms a very important part of our basic personality. 600 more words

Tarot Spread

This Week's Healing Fairy Alphabet Cards: What is Blocking Dreams Spread

L is for Ladybug card is all about making wishes come true. Here’s a fun activity to do. I picked a card from the deck to see what was helping me create what I wanted in my life right now career-wise. 116 more words

Fairy Deck

Tarot Card for the Week

The Hierophant (reversed)

Sometimes, you need to take a different road than others would choose for you. Or you need to apply a creative approach that might go against the norm when trying to solve a problem, even at certain costs. 136 more words


One year spread for general reading

  • general reading will be done based on which areas of your life you would like to get reading on such as career, finance, love?
  • court cards will not be included…
33 more words

Tarot Spread

One year Spread

  • write down a question
  • court cards will not be used

Card 1 : Past
Card 2 : Present
Card 3 : Future – next 30 days… 16 more words

Tarot Spread